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The next day.

" Wow, this looks great! " Ashley said as she and David walked into the school gym.

" Yeah, the decorating committee did a great job "

" Do you want to dance? "

" Um, maybe later. Come on I'll introduce you to my friends " David said pulling her away from the dance floor.

" Ok " Ashley said brightly. Not picking up on David's nervous avoidence.


" So, do you want to dance now? " Ashley asked putting her punch cup down on the table.

" Um, sure " David said, failing to come up with an excuse.

" You're actually gonna dance? " Stacey, one of David's friends asked.

" Yeah, why not? " David said nonchantly. Ashley glanced at him wondering what was going on.

" Wow, Great! " Stacey said happily. " Hey, Justin! " She said calling her date over " David's gonna dance! " "

" Woah, good for you man! " Justin said clapping David on the shoulder.

" Yeah, No Biggie. Come on Ash " he said extending a hand to her.

" Can I ask what that was about? " She asked as they walked out on to the dance floor.

" Oh, Nothing much.. I used to dance but haven't in awhile. "

" You used to dance? Why didn't you tell me? "

" Oh, I wasn't that good "

The song started playing and they took their places


" Not that good?!?! " Ashley exlaimed as they walked off the dance floor. " You're the best dancer I've dance with in AGES! Why'd you stop? "

David glanced at the floor and she sense his uneasiness.

" Oh, you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to "

" I don't! " David snapped.

" Ok, " Ashley said with a forced smile and determined not to cry, everything had been so great a few minutes ago. But now... " Hey, there's Trent and his date. Lets go say hi " She said. Anything for an excuse to get away from this situation!

5: angry?

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