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" So... what's going on with you and David? " Mary-Kate asked as the two tidied their room.

" What do you mean? " Ashley asked with a knowing smile.

" You know " Mary-Kate said smiling too.

" He's so great! " Ashley said falling back on the bed and smiling. " I think I'm in love! " She said with a laugh.

" So... has he asked you out? "

" Well, we've hung out together a lot and gone to a few movies. But no official date " She said with a frown.

Just then the phone rang.

" I'll get it " Ashley said and jumped off the bed. She looked around the room. " Um, where is it? "

Mary-Kate pointed to a pile of clothes on the dresser " Under those "

" Thanks " Ashley dug thru the clothes till she got to the phone " Wow, this tidy up is majorly overdue! " She picked up the reciever " Hello?... oh, hi David! "

Mary-Kate perked up when she heard that name. She listened intently while folding some clothes.

" Tomorrow night? ... I'd love to!... Ok, great! See you then! " Ashley calmy hung up the phone, turned around and screamed.

" What!? What!? "

" Could you kindly repeat your previous question " Ashley said with a smile.

" EEEE! " Mary-Kate screamed. " He asked you out!!! "

" Yup " Ashley said as the two jumped up and down together " He invited me to the school dance tomorrow.

" Wow! You'll probably be the only sophomore there. It's the senior Dance after all "

" You're right " Ashley said suddenly nervous. She turned to Mary-Kate " WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!?? "

4: the dance

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