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Mary-Kate noticed David watching Ashey.

'Well so much for that' she thought sadly. She was however happy for her sister. " Come on Ash " She said aloud. Ashley glanced over at her then the two went upstairs to their room.

" He is sooooo cute! " Asley squealed when the door was closed. Mary-Kate joined in and they jumped up and down together. Sounding and behaving like teenies at a Hanson concert.

" Did you see him look at me? " Ashley asked when they finally calmed down a little.

" Yup! I think he likes you! " Mary-Kate said with a smile, and the two started to scream again.

There was a knock at the door and Trent stuck his head in " Could you keep it down a little? I'm trying to watch Sylvester and Tweety! "

" Sorry " They said then collapsed on the floor laughing.


A couple of weeks later.

" So.... " David said trying to sound casual " Are your sisters here? " He asked while Trent got them sodas.

" Mary-Kate's out with a friend or something. " Trent answered. " Ashley's here. Probably dancing "

" She dances? "

" Yeah. " Trent glanced over at David and handed him a soda " Why all the interest in my little sister? "

" Oh, no reason " David said avoiding eye contact.

" Oh, WoW! " Trent said laughing " You like her! "

" Well, yeah " David said taking a sip of his soda.

Trent glanced at him, suddenly serious " Well, she's dated worse. " He clapped a hand on David's shoulder " You're got my blessing! "

" Um, ... thanks " David said slightly sarcastically.

" The dance rooms down there if you wanna go say hey " Trent said then walked into the lounge to wath his daily screening of... none other then Sylvester and Tweety.

David walked to the door of the room Trent had pointed out. The familiary notes of the song 'If Only' by Hanson wafted from the room. Ashley was there dancing and obviously enjoying herself. David watched as she completed one last turn and the son finished.

He started clapping. Ashley spun around to face him " Oh, ... Hi David " She said surprised.

" Hi, Wow you're a great dancer. Do you compete? "

" Sometimes, I can't at the moment "

" Why not? " David asked though he was pretty sure he knew the answer.

" My dance partner moved away. "

" Oh, Bummer " David said. He wondered if maybe he should tell her about his 'save the last dance' type past. He decided against it. After all it wasn't relevent.

" Yeah " Ashley said. She glanced at the grouns as an akward silence surrounded them. " So, how did you and Trent meet? " She eventually asked.

" Oh, we have one of the same classes at school "

" Cool " Ashley said. She shuffled her feet. Why was she always tongue-tied around cute boys?

Just then there was a crashing sound from the lounge. They raced in to see what it was. They found Trent sitting on the sofa. Mouth open, eyes wide. The TV was on the floor in pieces.

" What happened? "

" I was tossing the basketball around and... " Trent pointed to the tv. He glanced over at them in shock.

" Man, you are in SO much trouble! " Ashley said seriously.

Trent finally snapped out of his daze. He glanced from the tv to Ashley then back. " And I didn't even get to see the end of Sylvester and Tweety " He said sadly, burying his head in his hands.
David and Ashley glanced at each other then burst out laughing.

3: A date?

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