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Chapter 1: The Winter Olympics

Ashley and Mary-Kate sat watching the Winter Olympics.

" That's what we should do! " Ashley said suddenly.

" What!? " Mary-Kate looked around the room wondering what on earth her twin was talking about.

" A Sport Brand! "

" Sport?! "

" Yeah! Imagine it. Mary-Kate and Ashley Basketballs, Baseballs, & Tennis Rackets!... " She kept a straight face for a few more miliseconds then burst out laughing.

" Funny " Mary-Kate said sarcastically. Embarassed for having taken her twin seriously. " I'm gonna make some popcorn. Want some? " She asked walking toward the Kitchen.

" Sure " Ashley said " I'll put the Video on " She got up to do that.

Mary-kate came back with the PopCorn and the two settled in to watch the chick flick.


2 hours later

" That was so sad! " Ashley said wiping tears from her eyes.

" I Know!! " Mary-Kate sobbed.

The two put their arms around each other and cried.

" And these are my... emotional sisters " A voice said and laughed. The girls looked up to see their older brother Trent standing in the doorway with a VERY cute boy they're never seen before.

They quickly grabbed tissues and dried their faces.

" Hi " They said in unison

" Ashley... Mary-Kate, this is my friend David " Trent introduced them

" Hi David! " They said in unison. Then glared at each other. A cute boy turns up at their house and not only do they look hideous from crying but they kept sounding like little kids!!!

" Hi Girls " David said.

" Are you guys finished with the tv? " Trent asked. Then not waiting for a response grabbed the remote from Ashleys hand.

" Sure " Mary-Kate said.

Ashley suddenly found herself tongue-tied. She glanced over at David ' Wonder how he and Trent met ' She thought ' He looks a lot more... ' she glanced over at Trent who was now watching Sylvester and Tweety. ' mature ' she finished. She looked down at her hands. Then felt someone watching her. She glanced back over at David who quickly glanced away. ' Interesting ' She thought with a smile.

2: a crush?

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