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After the party

"Ill miss u so much!"chloe and riley said to all their friends

They both went up and kissed there boyfriends goodbye

Riley walked over to larry "Ill miss you larry"riley said she stood up one her tipy toes and gave larry a quick little kiss on the cheek

His face brightened as if a god had kissed him

"Bye everyone we promise to write you all!!!"they said as they climbed into the carlson car

The girls closed the door they sighed as they drove away,they would miss them so much



Their alarms went off early morning at 5am

As both girls reached over to hit the snooze button

Macy stood in front of the door

"Nuh uh girls" Macy scolded "We are leaving the house in exactly 53 minutes, you have to time for more sleep!"

"Ugh!" Riley whined

"All right, all right" Chloe went along.


"Manuelo, I am going to miss you soo much!" Chloe said in tears

"Yeah, you AND your cooking!" Riley added as she went up for a hug.

"I baked you some of my special cookies" Manuelo replied cheerfully "About 4 dozen"

"Thanks" Riley and Chloe sniffed

"Now don't be sad girls, life goes on, you don't need me" Manuelo started "You got each other, and you are all grown up now"

The girls quickly give him one more hug, then step into the car.

"Bye bye girls" Manuelo waved

As the car drove down the street, Manuelo went inside. Riley and Chloe got comfortable they knew it would be a long trip.

"Now girls you have ur cellphones to use in case of an emergency?"jake said

"Uh huh"they said

"And you have your stationary so u can write us everyday?"macy said

The girls smiled and giggled "Everyday mom?"chloe said

"Well at least every week?"she said


"Well try to come visit you every month and you can come home on all the holidays"jake said

"Do u have your cameras?"macy said

"Cameras?"riley said "Why?"

"So you can take pictures of all ur new friends"

"Oh i forgot mine"riley said

"Dont worry i got mine"chloe said

"She probley got the whole room"jake said teasing her Chloe and riley didnt know how to pack light

They had about 8 suit cases,but they were gonna be here for who knows how long so they needed everything

"Will we be out for summer?"chloe asked

"Um yes you get about 2 months off"macy replied

That was good at least it wasnt an all year round boarding school that would stink!

Finally everyone in the car got quiet,macy and jake turned on oldies music so riley drifted off to sleep,chloe decided this would be a good time to write in her new dairy heres what she wrote:


Dear Diary,

This is my first entree im so excited were going to boarding school i hope to make tons of new friends,but im still really bumbed about leaving every one back in malibu,especially leon.Hey maybe he can get his dad to bring him to visit!!! That would be awsome. I wonder if riley and i will be roomies,i hope so,sine we packed all our stuff together and weve never been apart,but if we were i guess it'd be ok,maybe we could still be room by room that way we could still share clothes:-p,well rileys asleep and it looks like a good idea we still have about three more hours to go,

Bye, Chloe

She closed her diary and drifted off to sleep


"Mom are we there yet?" Riley asked sleepily as she rubbed her eyes.

"Almost" Macy replied

"How much is almost" Chloe ased as she quickly sat up.

"About 10 minutes" Jake answered.

As the Carlson's car drove up the school drive way the girls were speechless.

The school was huge! Above the large doors lay a sign saying Welcome to Madam Marshall's school for girls.

"Wow! It's amazing!" Riley said

Suddenly the main doors opened and out came a short and rather large woman.

"Good Morning Girls" The woman said

"Hey" Riley replied.

Macy nudged her

"Good Morning" Riley said.

"Good Morning" Chloe repeated

"I will give you a tour and then we can talk in my office" The woman said.

"Sounds great" Chloe said

"Oh sorry, how rude of me, my name is Ms Debbson" The lady added.

A struck of horror appeared on Macy's face as she swallowed hard.

Chapter 10