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Talking on the way to neptunes net..

"I'm really going to miss you!" Chloe said to Leon sadly.

"Me too, but you can email me anytime!" Leon said cheerfully.

"Wow, are you sure neptunes net is open?" Riley asked as she looked hard into the windows.

"Sure it is, they must just have the blinds closed" Ryan lied

"Yeah I guess" Riley replied suspiciously (sp?)

"Ladies first" Leon said as he opened the door and made his hand lead the way inside

"Thank you" Chloe replied

Both girls step inside "What's going on?" Chloe worried

Leon flipped a switch

"SURPRISE!!!"everyone yelled

Chloe and riley stood there in shock for about a minute as all there friends came up to meet them

During the party....

"Make sure you call me as soon as you get their" Kim said to Riley (Kim is their friend)

"Will do!" Riley replied

"This party is awesome!" Chloe told Leon as they danced to the song so little time.

A slow song is played....

Chloe and Leon get closer and start to slow dance

"Riley Riley Riley!" Larry called out of breath

"Hey Larry, I didn't think you would show" Riley sounded surprised

"Larry..not Riley's last day here..I think not!" Larry replied

Riley laughed, Larry was soo funny, and sometimes very cute!

"Would"Larry started

"Hey baby, would you like to dance?" Ryan asked.

"Sure" Riley answered as the couple started to dance

Larry frowned as he walked away

"My only chance, and I blew it!" Larry sulked "I am never going to see her again!"

Chloe saw that Larry was upset as he walked out of neptunes net and cried on the front porch.

"Larry whats wrong?"chloe said

"Oh er um nothing"larry said wiping away a tear

Chloe walked back inside and whispered something to riley,riley nodded and chloe walked away

"Larry?"riley said tapping his shoulder "Would you dance with me?"

He smiled and grabbed her hand as they walked out to the dance floor and danced to a slow song

Chapter 9