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Later on downstairs eating breakfast.....

"Mom, this is delicious!" Riley complimented

"Yeah..I'm really going to miss your cooking!" Chloe added.

"My cooking?! Macy asked "Manuelo is the chef, not me!"

"Girls, no matter how much you su-ck up, you still hsve to go to boarding school" Jake confessed

"Well their goes our plan" Riley muttered

Ding Dong

"Well that must be the boys later!"riley said running to the door

"Hey weres our hugs?"jake said

"You said su.cking up didnt work!"chloe said then ran after riley

Riley opened the door with chloe "LEON!"chloe squeeled "I didnt think i'd get to see you before we left"

"Hey ryan!"riley said (ryan is a guy riley is dating)

The 4 walked down the rode to the beach

"Lets stop here"leon said

"Um ok"chloe said

All 4 kids stopped and sat on the white sandy beach

All of a sudden leon and ryan stood up and took out something from their pockets then sat down again

"Aw leon how sweet u shouldnt have"chloe said the boys handed the girls a same box

Riley and chloe gave ryan and leon a little kiss

"Well are you gonna open them?"ryan asked

"OF COURSE!"riley said out of all the carlsons riley loved presents most

"A charm bracelet!"riley said "Look chloe!"

"Yeah i got one too!"chloe said she hugged leon and then they kissed

Riley just hugged ryan they werent that close to were they liked to kiss in public

"Ok enough of this mushy stuff let go get somethng to eat at neptunes net"ryan said

The girls didnt know but at neptunes net lay a big surprise ryan and leon had secretly gathered riley and choes friends and familey togethere for a big surprise going away party boy would they be surprised!

Chapter 8