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Chloe picks up the phone...

"yeah about the waxing...hey is someone on the phone?" Manuelo called out, as he was on the phone.

"Whoops!" Chloe giggled as she hung up.

"I am going to say goodbye to all my friends, on

aim" Riley announced "Oh me too!" chloe added

Riley and Chloe type away

"Yawn, guess I better go to bed!" Riley figured "We have a long day ahead of us"

Riley and Chloe jump in their beds and flick off the lights.

Chloe sits up.

"Riley...what happens if we don't meet any new friends" Chloe worried.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine" Riley assured

"Oh okay.." Chloe answered as she fell back to sleep.

"Girls get up"macy said it was early saturday morning the girls were leaving on sunday so macy decided today they should spend time with their friends


"Mom its staurday...."chloe said putting the pillow over her head

"Well jake"macy said to jake who had recently moved back in with the carlsons "Guess you better put those presents away until the girls wake up"

"PRESENTS!"the girls both sat up a giggled

Macy handed chloe hers and jake gave riley hers each girl had two boxes a big one and a little one

Riley got threw her big one first "Oh wow mom its that skirt i wanted!"riley jumped out of bed and hugged her parents then watched chloe open hers

"EEEE!"Chloe squeeled "Those new leather boots they just came out with!"

Both girls opened the last to presents together the each got a dairy,rileys a pastel blue chloes a pastel pink.

The girls thanked their parents one more time and then they left

"Oh by the way girls hurry and get dressed theres two boys coming by around 10 who want to take you out"macy said stinking her head back threw the door

"Boys!" Chloe squeled

Chloe ran to the shower before Riley even had a chance.

"Mom, who is it?" Riley asked

"I guess you'll just have to wait and find out!" Macy answered.

"Augh" Riley replied, as she hated surprises.

Chapter 7