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Back home

Riley and chloe open the door to see jake and macy on the couch snuggled together watching the news,everything was great now that their parents were back together,too bad they had to bring such bad news

"Hi mom hi dad"the girls said in unison and took off for the stairs


Manny came threw and said "They can read u like a book"then left

"Girls whats wrong?"Macy said

"Well...I'm having some problems in school.." Chloe started

"Problems..Chloe, your great at school!" Macy replied.

"I know..but this weeks I havn't I don't know what's the matter." Ashley went on.

"Me too...well it hasn't just been this week.." Riley confessed.

"Today she even got detention!" Chloe blurted. Riley nudged her and gave the evil eye.

"It's those boys..they are wrecking your concentration!" Jake blamed.

"I was afraid of doing this...but girls....I think it's time for boarding school" Macy sighed

Riley fainted to those dreadful words, as Chloe ran upstairs.

Jake and Macy looked at each other "Ill take Chloe you take riley"macy said as she headed up the stairs Macy opened the door to see chloe on her bad crying into a pillow

"Chloe were doing this for your own good"macy said

Chloe sat up and just starred out the window "Its not fair i cant leave all my friends and leon"

"Honey it will be for your own good,your spending too much time with leon and need to get more focusts!"

"But..why do I have to go.." Chloe whined."Why can't you just ground me"

"Because grounding doesn't teach you anything" Macy replied.

Chloe gave macy the puppy look

"You never knew this but when I was your age, I was WILD, and I MEAN wild! My mom sent me off to a all girls boarding school, and I shaped up" Macy confessed.

Chloe looked shocked

"I am sure you will thank me when you have changed, you know I love you!" Macy said as she gave Chloe a hug.

macy sits up

"Well I guess I better back!" Chloe said rather excited


"Riley..."jake said then splashed water in her face

"CHLOE QUIT I-!"Riley said "Oh sorry dad" 'Second time today!'riley thought

"Riley you know y were sending u to boardschool dont you?"jake said

"Yeah i guess i under stand"riley said"Now if u dont mind im gonna go to my room"

She ran up the stairs and almost knocked macy over

"I cant believe mom and dad are making us go!"riley said slamming the door to chloes and rileys room

"Well its not to bad"chloe said "We'll make tons of friends"

"Yeah but arent u sad to leave leon?"riley said

Leon?Chloe hadnt thought of him she should call him Chloe reached for the phone

Chapter 6