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After school on the way home

"Bye leon ill call you later"chloe said to him as he got a ride with his dad who was taking him on a trip to who knows where

Chloe was in a daze tring to think of how to explain about her grades

"Chloe Chloeee"riley said waving a hand infront of her face

"Oh sorry where have you been larry,leon,and i wited forever until larry had to go and leon just left,its been 30 minutes"chloe said putting her hands on her hips

"I was in de-deten-detension"riley said as her and chloe started walking

Chloe burst out laughing"you in detension riley thats hard to believe"

"I know i got in mondo trouble today and i dont feel like explaining you can her the whole story when i tell mom and dad"riley said

"Well im gonna be in trouble to i got 3 D's and a C this week"chloe said she pulled out her lipgloss and started putting in on over and over again,a bad nervous habit she had

Riley started gritting her teeth together a bad habit that she had when she got nervous

The two girls walked the rest of the way home in silence

Chapter 5