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At lunch

"Hey chloe whats wrong?"leon said as he walked up seeing the huge frown on her face

"Um nothing"she said rather quickly,as she put the paper she had been holding behind her back"Where have you been?"

"Principals office"

"What did u do?"chloe said

"Nothing he just wanted to ask a question"leon said getting up and walking behind chloe "I'll just go get my lunch"He said lieng he snuck up behind chloe and stole her paper she had been hiding

"Hey give that back!"chloe yelled

"OWCH you got a D"he said sitting back down across from chloe

"Yes i got a D,is that so bad,hey i thought you were going to get ur lunch"chloe said sarcasticly while tring to change the subject

"Did u forget i always bring my lunch?"leon said

"Oh yeah"

"So what about that D?"leon said

"Its no big deal ok?"chloe said "Its just my 3rd one this week"she said whispering

"3RD ONE!"LEon said"Whats up with that u hardly ever make Anything but a's,what did ur parents say"

"I-i havent told them yet"she starred at the ground

Chapter 4