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on the way to school.......

"...So what did you do last night?" Leon wondered.

"OH, just the usual, doing homework, and pigging out in front of the tv" Chloe revealed.

Why did I say that? chloe thought as she kicked herself.

"Cool!" Leon added.


"Riley..hurry up, if you don't leave in the next 30 seconds you are going to be late!" Macy called up the stairs.

"Coming" riley replied as she jumped down the stairs, and ran out the door.

riley rushed back in and grabbed her lunch.

"Whoops" she said as she dashed back to the door.

"Happens everyday" Macy grinned to herself, as she watched manulo cook breakfast

Riley looked down at her watch 7:55,she was gonne be late she started jogging as fast as she could,the fact that her backpack was falling off and she had a piece of toast stuck in her mouth didnt even phase her

*In The Hall Way*

"Hey Chloe isnt that your sister"leon said pointing to riley as she flew by "Riley are you ok?"chloe said feeling rileys head

"Yeah im fine where is everyone im already late for class,guess everyone else is too"

Chloe looked down at her watch "Its just not 8:00 we dont have to be in here for another 5 minutes"

"WHAT?"riley said looking at her watch "your clock must be wrong its 8:15"

Chloe just laughed and went back out to leon leaving riley totally confused

Chapter 3

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