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"Riley come on get up!"chloe said

"AHHH!"Riley screamed as a rush of water went over her face "Alright alright im up!"

Chloe laughed she loved driving her sister crazy like this

"Thanks to you i dont have to take a shower!"riley stomped off into their large walk in closet to find something to wear

Chloe turned and glided down the stairs,she was floating on air today leon was coming by to walk with her to school just the two of them together She wore her favorite outfit,a bluejean skirt just above the knees,with a quarter length shirt with a cloud print all over it,encluding her sporty high top shoes.

"Morning mom"chloe said

"Morning chloe ur up early usually its riley down first"

"Todays different mom"chloe said

"Yes,Leon is coming by"Manny said walking in who had overheard previous conversations

"Ohhh"chloes mother macy said then went back to sipping her coffee and reading the morning paper

Ding Dong Ding

"That must be leon bye mom by manello!"chloe called as she picked up her purse and backpack then went to the door to meet leon

Chapter 2

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