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Written by Kat. Inspired by Enrique Iglesias: Hero

In too Deep

There are times when you feel you're about to hit rock bottom. When you feel your entire world is crashing down around you. When there's nothing left for you to do.

Nothing to do, but hide.

Nothing to do, but stop caring.

So you fall into despair. So you hit rock bottom. And as you're sitting there in that hopeless pit, there seems to be no way out.

And then out of the darkness comes...

Your hero

Let me be your hero

Mary-Kate walked along the bridge, the picture of depression. Her eyes were downcast, her hands shoved in her pockets, and her feet kicking at any stones or trash in her way. None of the passerbys, few as there were, for it was a quiet road and late at night, noticed her. She was just another teen walking along the side of the road, late at night. So the dejected teen just kept walking.

Eventually she reached the center of the bridge. She casually walked to the railing and leaned against it, her eyes upon the murky blackish-blue water below. The color seemed to match the mood that was lately her permanent companion. The day was a cold winter day, and the water no doubt would be freezing, but yet it somehow looked inviting.

She glanced around nervously, but no one was in sight. The road was silent. Licking her lips nervously she wiped her hands on her jeans then climbed up onto the railing. She balanced precariously on the railing, one hand holding on to a phone pole, the other just dangling out over nothing.

She closed her eyes and swallowed, all she had to do was let go...

"Don't do it!" A voice called from behind her.

Mary-Kate's eyes opened with a start and she turned to see who had called to her, almost losing her balance in the process. She grabbed a hold of the phone pole with two hands and glanced back at the boy standing behind her.

"Just leave me alone" She said quietly, wishing he'd just disappear, she didn't feel like explaining herself to anyone. She turned back to the edge of the bridge.

"I can't do that sorry. Please let me help you" He said gently, taking a step towards her.

Mary-Kate didn't answer, she just kept looking out over the water. He wasn't sure if she'd heard him or not. All he knew was that he had to stop her. He quickly sized her up and correctly guessed her to be pretty stubborn. Figuring it was all it could do he ran over to her and before she could realized what was going on, grabbed her and pulled her off the railing, and back to solid ground.

"Let go of me you jerk!" She yelled hitting at him till he let her go.

"I'm sorry" He said putting his hands up in defense "But I couldn't let you do that"

"Fine!" She yelled. She turned and started walking away.

"Wait!" He called running after her "Please. I meant what I said. I wanna help you. Please let me"

She turned and looked at him, obviously confused. She was surprised someone cared enough to show any form of concern. Like, from someone elses mouth the word tumbled out "Ok" It was a tentative response but a response none the less.

The boy smiled and took her hand "I'm Jordan" he said with a smile.

Would you Dance

"So. Maybe it's a personal question but why were you going to jump?" Jordan asked Mary-Kate. The two were seated at a quiet table in one of the few restaurants that was still open at that time of night.

"It's kind of a long story" Mary-Kate said quietly, playing with the tablecloth and avoiding eye-contact.

"I've got time" Jordan said gently. He sunk down in his seat a bit so he could look in Mary-Kate's eyes.

She bit her lip and looked into his eyes, then opened her mouth. And the whole sad, tragic story slipped out.

Mary-Kate's parents had died in a car accident when she was only 6 years old. Other then her twin sister, she had no immediate family and so the two young children were put into foster care. They were kept together at first, but, then one tragic day when they were 8 they were sent to new foster homes. Homes being the plural. Mary-Kate hadn't seen her sister since that day, and had since gone to so many different foster homes, in such a short time, she had no way of finding anything resembling a home. If that wasn't bad enough, at the age of 15 she ended up in a home that was the worst imaginable.

Her foster 'family' resented her, and obviously only had her for the small amount the government paid up. It was like some movie, Annie maybe, only Mary-Kate hadn't found her 'Oliver' and it seemed like the 2 years till she was legally an adult, were centuries away.

Her life seemed hopeless, so she had wanted to end it.

Jordan didn't know what to say, his life wasn't perfect either, but compared to hers it seemed like a walk in the park. "I'm sorry" was all he managed to say.

Mary-Kate just forced a smile.

A song started playing and Jordan noticed some couples getting up to dance. He glanced from them to Mary-Kate who was folding and unfolding her hands, looking around the room sadly.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked holding his hand out to her.

Mary-Kate looked at him as though he were crazy "W-What?" She asked surprised.

"Come on. It'll be fun" He said smiling. 'And you need distracting' he thought to himself.

She still looked unsure but took the offered hand. "Ok" She breathed.

They danced for what seemed forever, and though he wasn't totally sure Jordan thought he saw Mary-Kate smile. She had a beautiful smile. And he made it his personal goal to see that smile again.

Would you cry?

Hand shaking, Mary-Kate dialed in the number she'd come to know by heart over the last couple of weeks. The phone rung and she waited impatiently, tapping her feet and saying constantly "Come on, come on. Answer already!" It seemed like forever by finally someone picked up the phone.

"Jordan?" She asked quietly. "Can you meet me at the park. I really need to talk to you"


"That brat of a child destroyed my Essay! And I spent hours working on it! I don't have time to rewrite it" Mary-Kate told Jordan as they sat on the park bench "I hate this" She said sadly. "If I fail another test my foster parents will go crazy. Bad grades for me means a bad name for them. It's so not fair!"

Jordan didn't know what to say, Mary-Kate was obviously really upset. He thought for a moment "Mary-Kate?" He began "I've never seen you cry, why is that?"

She just shrugged "I used to all the time. But not anymore, crying doesn't help anything" She said angrily.

"Are you sure? It would at least make you feel better" he said gently.

Mary-Kate just looked at him for a moment. Thinking it over. Then all the emotions and worries and frustrations of the last couple of years, bubble to the surface and she began to cry. The first step.

Hold me in your arms Tonight

Mary-Kate sobbed brokenheartedly. Jordan reached out and pulled her into his arms, just holding her while she cried.

Mary-Kate probably woke the world record for tears that night, she cried for hours. But unlike the times when she was younger, she didn't feel alone this time.

Would you laugh?

Like the seasons, time flew by, but Jordan was no closer to his goal of seeing Mary-Kate's smile.

He went by her house one day, after a lot or arguing with her foster 'father' she was able to come out with him. They wondered around the town for some time without saying anything.

"Why so quiet?" He finally asked her.

"Just thinking" She said looking at the ground.

They were silent again after that.

"Hey" Jordan said with a smile, giving her a little nudge "See that?" He asked pointing across the street to a carnival "Wanna go?"

Mary-Kate glanced at it then shrugged "I guess"


A hundred rides, and tons of junk food later the two were walking through the 'hall of mirrors', one of those rooms you walk through with all the distorted mirrors.

Jordan was making a face at a mirror and moving around to see how weird it would make him look, first he was stretched out to be ten foot tall then the next he was one foot. He was so lost in the mirror that he didn't noticed Mary-Kate watching him.

That was until he heard her laugh. Actually laugh! It was a beautiful, musical laugh and he was sure it was the most beautiful laugh he'd ever heard.

He spun around and hugged her suddenly. She laughed again and pulled back "Are you ok?" She asked a smile playing on her lips.

"I've always wanted to hear you laugh" he said with a smile.

Mary-Kate just smiled all the more.

Would you run away?

"You stupid waste of space!" Mary-Kate's Stepfather must have found her report card cause he was going balistic.

Jordan ran up the drive and into the house, where he found Mary-Kate cowering behind the sofa as her stepfather screamed his head off. Jordan ran over to her, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her toward the door.

"Where do you think you're going?!" The angry man screamed, but Jordan just ignored him.

The raced outside to where Jordan's car was waiting. Jordan opened Mary-Kate's door and pushed her in, he then raced to his side of the car, jumped in and sped down the road. He glanced in the rear vision mirror and saw Jordan's father waving his fist at them angrily.

Jordan pulled the car to the side of the road once they were a couple of blocks from her house "Are you ok?" Jordan asked turning to Mary-Kate.

She just shook her head, tears pulling in her eyes. Jordan pulled her into his arms as she cried "I hate it there! I hate him! I don't wanna go back!" She sobbed.

Jordan patted her back smoothingly, his mind racing away. What could he do?

"Maybe you don't have to" He said pulling back gently and tipping her chin up so she would look at him.

She sniffed and wiped her eyes on her sleeve "What do you mean?" She asked, hope appearing in her eyes.

"I'm 18, a legal adult. I have a car. And some money, everything we need?"

Mary-Kate looked at him skeptically "You mean run away?"

He nodded

It was Crazy, Mary-Kate knew that. No matter where they went the government would eventually track her down. But who knew how long 'eventually' would be. Even if it was only a week, it would be worth it.

She wiped away the last of her tears and smiled "Let's do it!" She said with a grin.


The two traveled for days until they reached a nice little town. They decided to stay there until they decided where they wanted to go.

Would you tremble, if I touched your lips?

"Hey girl" Jordan walked up behind Mary-Kate.

She turned from where she'd been looking out over the lake near the town "Hey" She said with a smile.

He stood beside her and looked out at the lake "It's beautiful" He said

"I know. They don't have anything like this in the city. Everything seems so much nicer here" She glanced over at him "Why are you smiling so much?"

"I've got a surprise for you" He said happily.

"Oooh!" Mary-Kate jumped up and down excitedly. Jordan loved seeing her so happy "What is it? What is it?"

He shook his head "Nope, you'll have to wait and see" He said with a teasing smile.

"You're so cruel!" Mary-Kate said with a mock pout.

Jordan just grinned "Come here" He said pulling her towards him.

Mary-Kate looked at him uncertainly as he pulled her into his arms. He brushed a strand of hair away from her face, leaned down and gently kissed her.

I will stand by you Forever

Mary-Kate was out of breath when Jordan pulled back. But, she didn't regret the kiss one bit. She smiled and leaned her head against his chest, feeling totally content and safe.

"I love you" Jordan whispered into her ear as he stroked her hair "I promise I'll stand by your side and be here for you, for as long as my life lasts"

Would you die for the one you love?

Mary-Kate awoke early the next morning. She got dressed and walked down the hall, to Jordan's Motel Room. She knocked on the door and after a minute opened it and walked in.

"Jordan?" She whispered.

A quick glance told her he wasn't there, but there was a note on the bed.

Hey Beautiful,
Sorry, I'm not here right now. But remember that surprise I told you about? Well, only a few more hourse to wait! I'm going to get it right now.
I love you!

Mary-Kate smiled and walked back to her room.


Mary-Kate had been sitting on her bed reading when there was a knock on the door. Mary-Kate got up and walked over to it, her heart plummeted when she saw the police man standing there. They'd found her so quickly?

"You're Mary-Kate Olsen?" He asked her a sad expression on her face.

She nodded and gulped.

The policemen turned and motioned to someone behind her. Mary-Kate glanced behind him to see almost a mirror reflection of herself standing there. Her jaw dropped "A-Ashley?" She stuttered.

Ashley nodded and ran over to her.

The two sisters threw their arms around each other and hugged, tears streaming down both their faces.

"I missed you so much!" Mary-Kate sobbed.

"I missed you too!" Ashley cried.

It was a truly happy moment, but one that was sadly equelly sad, As Mary-Kate was soon about to discover.

Mary-Kate finally pulled back and glanced at the policemen, then at Ashley. She noticed how sad both their faces looked "What's wrong?" She asked going very pale.

Ashley took a deep breath "Jordan somehow managed to find me, I don't know how he did it, but he did. He explained to my foster parents and they let me come and visit you today. So he came and picked me up.." She stopped then, fighting back tears.

Mary-Kate didn't know what her sister was going to say but she felt her whole world was falling down around her.

"On the way back a.. a truck suddenly swerved in front of us" She looked at the ground "It hit the car, on Jordans side" She stopped not being able to go on.

The policemen stepped forward "I'm sorry, but he died on impact"

Mary-Kate shook her head and backed up slowly. "N-No" She whispered.

The two just looked back at her sadly.

Realizing it was no joke, Mary-Kate collapsed on the ground crying.

Have I lost my mind?

The days following were some of the hardest in her life. The sole fact that she had Ashley was on the only thing that kept her sane. But, she was once again balancing on the edge of that pit of despair.

Her life seemed hopeless once again.

She was sitting in her room, one night. She had the light off and she was on the floor looking at the wall. The darkness was no comfort but instead it seemed to be some foreboding hand clutching at her and pulling her closer and closer to the pit.

She grabbed on to the only rope she could see, the only thing to pull her away from the edge.

"God" She whispered into the darkness. "If you really exist, PLEASE help me. I need help"

Save my soul tonight

Like a fathers arms, an indescribable love and feeling of hope surrounded Mary-Kate. She was no longer sitting in a dark room, she was being lifted up into a beautiful bright light, and being pulled into the arms of my heavenly father who loved her more then anyone else could.

I can be your hero

My life was no longer desolate, and when I left my room later that night, I had a new sound sense of peace and happiness. I miss Jordan of course, I always would and I'll always love him. But, I can survive without him, he had been my hero. He saved my life.

But that didn't mean my life had to end with his, I had another hero and this one was eternal


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