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Scene 26: The duel
After school

Ashley waits for Mary-Kate, but she hasn't shown up yet. She sits on the school steps, when AJ sits next to her.

"Hey Juliet." He jokes, but she doesn't smile.

"What's wrong Ashley?" He asked.

"My... My mom has cancer." She said starting to cry again.

"Oh Ashley I'm so sorry." He said hugging her. She cries in his arms. Now Dustin walks up.

"What is going on here?" Dustin asked Ashley.

She doesn't answer. Meanwhile Dave pulls up to the school looking for Ashley.

"Chill man. I was only helping my friend here. Someone you don't even care about." AJ said.

Dustin's face turns red and he puts his fists up. Ashley snaps out of her funk and stands up.

"Dustin don't!" She yelled.

"Stay out of this b*tch!" He yelled.

At this point Dave spots Ashley. He sees two guys and gets out of the car concerned. Ashley unaware of her father yells back at Dustin.

"What did you call me?! You jerk I never want to see you again!" She yells.

"I don't think so! You're my girlfriend, and your going to stay my girlfriend!" he yells.

Dave now starts running to the steps.

"NO!" Ashley yelled.

Dustin slaps Ashley and she flies to the floor, but before AJ could hit Dustin, Dave runs up the steps furious. He grabs Dustin by the collar and holds him up against the wall. All of the anger and pain from what has been happening the last few weeks has come out.

"You little punk. You better make sure you stay away from my daughter, or your going to get a rude awakening." He said pulling his collar tighter. " If I ever catching you hitting my daughter or anyone else for that matter, look out!" He yelled and dropped Dustin to the floor.

"You know what Mr. Philips. I don't think Mr. Peter's approves of his employees messing with the students." Dustin said.

"Yeah. Well right now, I'm a father, not a teacher." He said and rushed to Ashley.

He helped her from the ground.

"Sweetie. Are you okay?" He asked.

She held her arm, which she fell on.

"I think it's broke." She said.

Dave pointed to Dustin.

"You're lucky were not pressing charges." He said and helped Ashley to the car.

When they were gone, AJ Pounded Dustin to the ground and left him there in pain.

Scene 27: The last good-bye
Tina's hospital room

After Dave brought Ashley home from the hospital with a broken arm, he went to visit his wife. He sat by her bed and held her hand.

"Tina I love you." He said.

"I love you too." She whispered.

He looked at his wife and saw the most beautiful woman ever. Dave noticed Tina was breathing differently. He let go of her hand and called the doctor in. As the doctor arrived, they watched her last breath, her last bit of air she would breathe on earth.

"No." Dave whispered.

He ran to her and grabbed her hand.

"No." He cried.

The doctor put his hand on Dave's shoulder. Dave turned around and cried in his arms.

Scene 28: Up in heaven
Family room

The Philip's children were gathered in the family room watching 'Friends.' Ashley and Mary-Kate sat with each other, while Cali laid with Kirsten and Matthew sat in the recliner.

"When is daddy coming home?" Cali asked.

"Soon." Kirsten said getting worried. He was suppose to come home an hour ago.

"Ashley move your arm. I can't see." Matthew complained.

"Matthew shut-up. My arm wouldn't be broken if you wouldn't have opened your big mouth." Ashley yelled.

"Knock it off you two!" Kirsten yelled.

Matthew stuck his tongue out at Ashley and she rolled her eyes.

"Mary-Kate did you finish your homework?" Kirsten asked.

"No." Mary-Kate said soft-spoken.

Ashley sat up.

"Want me to help you with it?" She asked.

"That's okay." Mary-Kate said.

Before anyone could say anymore, they heard the front door open. They all got off the couch to see their very late father. Kirsten walked in to see her father first, followed by the rest. He dropped his jacket out of his hands and a tear fell from his face.

"She's gone." He whispered.

Tears fell from everyone's faces as they formed a huddle of hugs. They clinged on each other for support and cried the night away as if they was no tomorrow. The Philips's life has changed drastically and with a mother gone, would life go on?


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