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Scene 10: Muscle Man

Dave walks past Matthew's room to see him flexing his 'muscles' in the mirror. He silently laughs and walks in.

"Hey muscle man shouldn't you be sleeping?" he asked.

Matthew gets embarrassed.

"Funny dad." He said sarcastically.

"Hey bud. I just wanted to say good night." Dave said hugging him.

"Night dad." He said and climbed into bed. Dave shut the light and left.

Scene 11: Peace

Dave meets Tina in the hallway outside Cali's door. She smiles.

"She fell right asleep. I guess kindergarten wore her out." Tina said.

Dave smiles. Kirsten enters up the stairs with an apple.

"Kirsten, do you want me to make you something?" Tina said.

Kirsten shook her head and walked in her room.

"Love you sweetie." Dave called.

"What's wrong with her?" Dave asked.

"Her and Ben had a fight." Tina told him.

Dave shook his head.

"Okay. So what do you need to tell me. Cause honey you've been worrying me." Dave said.

"Not here." Tina said leading him to their room.

Scene 12: The News
Dave and Tina's room

Dave walked in to find a suitcase.

"What's this?" Dave asked.

"Sit down." Tina said.

"Honey tell me what's going on." Dave said sitting down.

"I've... I've been diagnosed with lung cancer. Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital, to stay, until I die." Tina said.

"But you don't smoke Tina. Their wrong. The doctors are wrong." Dave said as tears poured out of his eyes.

Tina hugged him.

"Their not wrong. I've had numerous tests and second opinions. Dave I only have two weeks to live. The doctors gave me medication, but it's not working. Dave promise me you will take care of our children." Tina started.

She took out letters and handed them to Dave.

"Give these to kids when I pass on." Tina said.

Dave started to sob. This felt like a dream. His world was perfect. Now it was being turned upside down. He hugged his wife and cried in her arms.

"Now we've talk about what to do if something happens to one of us, use that plan." Tina said.

"How can you be so strong. I can't accept this Tina. I need you, the kids need you, this family needs you. Tina don't leave me!" Dave cried.

"I've had a little longer time to think about this. And you will always have me. Right here." Tina said putting her hand on his heart.

Dave sobbed into Tina's arms chocking on his tears. They talked that whole night about what to do and how to handle this.

Scene 13: School Time
Bottom of the stairs

"Let's go!" Kirsten yelled wanting to leave.

Matthew enters with a dirty shirt on. Kirsten sighs.

"Matthew go change, and hurry." She yelled. Sometimes she felt like a mother to her brother and sisters. And little did she know, she would have to now.

Ashley passes Matthew on the steps.

"Don't think I will forgive you." She said nastily.

"What did Matthew do?" Kirsten asked.

"He told Dustin that I have a kissing scene in the play with AJ." Ashley said upset again.

"Your ex." Kirsten said smirking.

"Why are you laughing?" Ashley asked.

"Because you're getting upset over nothing. If Dustin can't deal with you acting, maybe he's not the right boyfriend for you." Kirsten said.

Ashley thought about what Kirsten said on her way to the car. Mary-Kate comes down the stairs carrying Cali. She puts her down at the bottom and Cali runs to the car.

"Don't forget to bring home your books today MK." Kirsten said.

"I know." Mary-Kate said and left.

Kirsten calls up the stairs.

"Matthew let's go!" She yells.

Dave took off of work to go to the hospital with his wife. Big break for Dustin. He told his kids to come home right after school, so he could tell them about his wife.

Scene 14: Where's Ashley?
After school in parking lot

Kirsten waits in the car for her sisters. She turns on the radio and starts sighing. Mary-Kate laughed as she got in the car.

"Where's Ashley?" Kirsten asked.

"She had to talk to Dustin for a sec." Mary-Kate said still giggling.

"What part of fast does she not understand?" Kirsten asked.

Mary-Kate shrugged.

"Do you have all your books you need to study?" Kirsten asked.

"Yes mom." Mary-Kate said sarcastically.

Kirsten hit her playfully. She laughed.

"Don't you have some music to mess up?" She said laughing.

She turned up the radio and started singing. Mary-Kate laughed and so did Kirsten. At this point Ben walks up to the car and knocks on the window. Kirsten lowers the music and opens the window. Mary-Kate listens carefully.

"Hey. You wanted to talk?" Ben asked.

"Yeah." Kirsten said. She turned to Mary-Kate.

"Go find Ashley." She told her.

"But I can't hear as well in the school." Mary-Kate said smiling.

Kirsten pointed out. Mary-Kate left and Ben got in. He tried to kiss Kirsten but she stopped him.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I think we should break up." Kirsten said.

The scene leaves with a look of shock on Ben.

Scene 15: The fight
School Hall

Dustin and Ashley have been having an argument for the past three minutes.

"Dustin don't get so upset. It's a kiss. No big deal." Ashley said.

"Yeah well AJ is going to wish he didn't kiss you." Dustin said.

"What are you talking about? It's not like he kissed me to tick you off, it's written in the script. You can't just cut it out! It's Romeo and Juliet!" Ashley yelled.

"I think you should drop out of the play!" Dustin yelled.

Ashley couldn't take it anymore. She slammed her locker and left. She ran into Mary-Kate around the hall.

"Hey we've been waiting for you." Mary-Kate said.

"I'm coming." Ashley said.

"Don't be sad. Come on." Mary-Kate said taking her hand and leaving.

Scene 16: Matthew's fault

Ashley and Mary-Kate start walking to the car. They see Ben get out crying.

"Guess she broke up with him." Mary-Kate said.Ashley nodded. When they got to the car Kirsten was in a bad mood.

"Ash. What took you so long? Dad wanted us home right after school." Kirsten said.

Ashley didn't answer.

"What's wrong Ash?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Dustin!" Ashley said mad. "And you know whose fault it is? Matthew's" Ashley yelled.

"Matthew's?" Mary-Kate said.

"Yes. If he would have never brought up the whole kissing scene, this would have never happened." Ashley said.

"Yeah well life is an unfair world, so deal with it." Kirsten snarled.

Ashley pouted and Mary-Kate laughed.

Scene 17: Recap

The rest of the Philips' day was miserable. The kids found out about their mom, and didn't take it very well. A week goes by. Kirsten stays at home and takes care of the kids, while Dave spends his days in the hospital
with his wife as Tina dies.

Scene 18: Nightmare
Sunday night (2am)

Ashley begins to toss and turn in her sleep. Her nightmare starts.

"No! Stop! Mom! Mommy!" Ashley yells jumping up.

Mary-Kate wakes up.

"Ash?" She asked.

Ashley begins to cry. Mary-Kate sits next to Ashley and hugs her as she cries. It has been happening every night this week since they found out about their mom.

"Ash. It's okay, it was only a dream. Shhhhh." Mary-Kate said.

"It wasn't a dream. Mom is going to die!" Ashley cried.

Mary-Kate felt like crying too, but she didn't. She couldn't let Ashley or anyone else see that she was sad. She got up.

"Do you want me to get you some water?" Mary-Kate asked.

"No I'll get it." Ashley said.

Mary-Kate nodded and went back to sleep. Ashley headed down stairs.

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