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Scene 6: Wipe out/Flip out
Front of the school

Dave pulls up to the school singing the beach boys. He turns it off when Mary-Kate gets in the van. He could tell she had been crying and something was wrong. He put the car in park.

"Sweetie what's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing." Mary-Kate mumbled.

Dave shook his head. "Honey I could tell something is bothering you." Dave said.

Mary-Kate sighed.

"I'm suspended from the soccer team." Mary-Kate declared.

"What! Why?" Dave asked confused.

John Ross was a good friend of his. He didn't understand why John would suspend his daughter from the team.

"Some of my grades dropped." Mary-Kate said.

Dave sighed in disbelief.

"You grades dropped. Mary-Kate I don't know what to say to you right now. Scouts were suppose to come to these games to see you for that matter! I mean come on you should have tried harder." Dave yelled furious.

Mary-Kate started to cry. Dave pulled away from the school feeling awful of what he just said to Mary-Kate.

Scene 7: Kissy Kissy

Everyone was seated at the table except Kirsten, Mary-Kate, and Dave.

"So Ash. How many times did you practice that kissing scene with AJ?" Matthew asked smiling. He knew this would embarrass his sister. Ashley shot him a dirty look.

"What kissing scene? You didn't say anything about a kissing scene!" Dustin said standing up.

"It's nothing Dustin, really." Ashley told, trying to convince him.

"Well if it's nothing why didn't you tell me about it?!" Dustin yelled and headed to the door.

"Dustin wait!" Ashley yelled, but it was to late.

You could hear the screech of his tire as he pulled out. Ashley turned to Matthew.

"I hate you!" she yelled and ran upstairs crying.

"Ashley! It was only a joke!" Matthew yelled up the stairs feeling bad. He turned to his mother.

"It was only a joke." He said.

"Well maybe so, but Ashley nor Dustin saw it as that. I think you should go apologize to her." Tina said holding her head.

"I will. Later." Matthew promised. He wanted to give his sister a few minutes to calm down.

Dave and Mary-Kate pull up. They walk in and Mary-Kate runs up to her room.

Dave watches her feeling horrible.

"But MK! I thought you were going to help me practice." Matthew calls up the stairs.

Dave looks to him.

"Matthew honey go take a shower." Tina said. "And take Cali upstairs and give her a bath." Tina directed.

"I don't want a boy to give me a bath!" Cali pouted.

"Then ask Ashley." Dave told her.

"No. Ashley's upset. Wait upstairs for me okay." Tina said.

"What's Ashley upset about?" Dave asked.

"You know what Dave, why don't you go ask her. You expect me to handle all the problems around here, cook, clean, and be mother and wife. I could use a little help. I mean what would happen if I wasn't round? You wouldn't be able to handle the kids." Tina said.

" Where is this coming from. Are you saying you want a divorce?" Dave asked.

"Of course not! I love you. I Well let's not talk about this now. Okay. What happened with Mary-Kate?" Tina asked changing the subject.

Inside she wanted to tell her husband her problem, but she could yet, not now.

"Well I didn't exactly help MK out with her problem. I forced her to tell me and I winded up sounded like my father when he use to yell at me. Mary-Kate got suspended from the soccer team." Dave said.

"What? Why?" Tina asked.

"Her grades dropped. And instead of me talking to her about it, I flipped out." Dave said.

Tina kissed her husband.

"Why don't you go talk to her about it." Tina said.

"okay. Then will you tell me what's going on with you?" he asked.

She tried to smile. "Yes." She said.

Scene 8: A sister, A friend
Mary-Kate and Ashley's room

Mary-Kate slams her door shut and lies on her bed crying. Ashley who had been in the bathroom hears her and goes in their room. She sits next to Mary-Kate on her bed and rubs her back sisterly.

"Mary-Kate What's wrong?" She asked.

Mary-Kate sits up.

"Dad flipped out on me because I was suspended from the soccer team for bad grades." Mary-Kate said threw tears.

"What! Mary-Kate!" Ashley said.

"Great now you're mad to." Mary-Kate said.

"No. I'm not mad, just.. Look I'm sure dad didn't mean what he said. He was probably mad about something else and took it out on you." Ashley said."But what am I going to do? I only have 2 weeks to bring up my grades or I'm off the team." Mary-Kate said.

"Well I'll help you and so will everyone else. You just need better studying habits, or better you need to study." Ashley said laughing recalling Mary-Kate has never even opened her History book.

Mary-Kate smiled too. She felt a little better about her situation.

Scene 9: make up time
Mary-Kate and Ashley's room

It is now 9 o'clock at the Philips. Dave knocks on their door and walks in. The girls look up.

"Hey Ash, Can I talk to Mary-Kate for a minute?" Dave asked.

"Yeah sure dad." Ashley said not moving.

"Alone Hun." Dave said.

"Oh." Ashley said laughing and left.

Dave smiled and sat next to Mary-Kate on her bed.

"Listen sweetie. I'm sorry about what happened at the car. I didn't mean to flip out on you. I should have talked to you about it instead of yelling at you." Dave said.

Mary-Kate stared at her father waiting to hear what he would say next.

"So what classes are you having trouble in?" Dave asked.

"I don't know. I didn't even know I was having trouble. I've just been so busy, I haven't had time to think about studying." Mary-Kate said.

"Well I've thought about your situation and starting tomorrow I think you should start getting weekly progress reports. That way we can see what classes you are having trouble in." Dave said.

"Okay." Mary-Kate said smiling. She thought this was a good idea.

"And each night will study a little and I'll start being more involved with your school work, rather than your sports work." Dave said.

"Well. Can't you be both?" Mary-Kate asked sweetly.

Dave smiled.

"Sure. And listen honey, I'm sorry about yelling and don't worry I know you are going to pull your grades up and be back with the team in no tome." Dave said.

"Thanks dd." She said.

Mary-Kate got under the covers and Tina walks in at this point. Dave kisses her on the forehead and leaves. Ashley enters and gets in bed. Tina kisses the girls good night.

"I love you girls." Tina said.

"I love you to." Ashley said.

"Love you mom." Mary-Kate said.

"Promise you will you always. Even if I can't be there for you." Tina

"Sure mom." Ashley said thinking her mom was being weird.

"No I me it. I made everyone else promise me." Tina said.

"I promise mom." Mary-Kate said.

"I promise to." Ashley said.

Tina kissed the girls one last time and left. Ashley turned to

"What was with that?" she asked.

Mary-Kate shrugs and goes to sleep. Dave walks in once again and sits on Ashley's bed.

"We need to talk." Dave said.

"About what?" Ashley asked.

He turned on her lamp and handed her a paper. She didn't even have to read it.

"Oh about that." She started.

"SO you knew about this. See before I was mad, now I'm disappointed. I guess I have to put an F on this now." Dave said.

"Dad! You can't do that!" Ashley yelled.

"Why would you even give someone your paper, you're a, your time spent doing it? Ashley what has gotten into you. Ever since you've been dating this Dustin character, you've changed." Dave said.

"It's called growing up dad!" Ashley yelled.

Dave put his hands up.

"You know what. We're both tired and cranky so lets... lets just discuss this in the morning. Okay" Dave said.

Ashley rolled her eyes and turned over. Dave held his hands on his face.

'Great. One twin who forgave me, and now the other one hates me.' He thought and left.

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