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Written by: Laura
Chapter 1

“Everyone was in mere shock the day the boat hit the deck in 1904” Mr. Garsdale told his History class. ‘I can’t believe I’m listening to him teach us nothing but waffle’ Mary-Kate thought but she was in there anyway.

“For generations and generations the story has been passed down but not one story holds every ounce of truth,” he told us. Ashley couldn’t tell whether he was actually telling the truth or making the whole story up in his fantasy world but she was listening anyway.


The bell for next lesson rung and people from all different classes barged out of their classrooms and people in all different years made their way to their next lesson except for Ashley. She had frozen the second James had walked passed her and had didn’t move till he was gone. James was MEGA cute and was Ashley’s major crush. She had never really spoken to him much but he did smile at her occasionally. Mary-Kate didn’t care much about boys, I mean she did like them and has had her fair share of boys in her time but she cared much more about her schoolwork and her education. Unlike Mary-Kate, Ashley was fashion fanatic and boy crazy.

Ashley had moved and was on her way to her next lesson when some girl walked right into her knocking all of Ashley’s books she had been carrying on the floor. “Watch It” Ashley shouted the girl didn’t say anything but kept on walking. “Well sorry to you too” Ashley muttered to herself as she picked her fallen books up. Mary-Kate was also making her way to her next lesson; she was daydreaming about the day she had passed and finished her finals when she walked right into some cute boy who was standing at his locker. “I’m so sorry” Mary-Kate said looking up at the very cute lad “Oh no you can not have a crush not when you have your finals” Mary-Kate muttered,

“What did you say sorry?” the boy said,

“OH nothing” Mary-Kate replied,

“Hi I’m Jordan,” he said to Mary-Kate holding his hand out to shake,

“Hi I’m Mary-Kate, Are you new?” Mary-Kate asked as she shook his hand,

“Yes I moved here from the UK two days ago and I started school today”

“Wow so this is a change for you I guess”

“Yes a big one, have you been to the UK”

“Yes I have been with my sister Ashley twice”

“Oh well I have a lesson to go to so I’ll see you around”

“Bye” Mary-Kate said as she carried onto her next lesson. ‘I can not have a crush, he can’t be cute not now’ Mary-Kate thought. She was worrying at how cute Jordan was and how close he finals where. She got to her next lesson and noticed that Jordan was in this class too. “Hi, I didn’t think I would see you so soon” Mary-Kate said as Jordan walked into the class,

“No nether did I” he replied as he went to find a seat.

“Who’s that?” my friend Kyra said who was sitting next to me,

“The lad I bumped in to before” Mary-Kate replied,

“He is sooo cute”

“Tell me about it”.

Chapter 2

Mary-Kate’s teacher Miss. Walkman came into her classroom and started the lesson. “OK this week we will be starting a new English project,” she told us,

“Great just what I needed” Mary-Kate muttered,

“Do you have something to share Mary-Kate?” the teacher asked her,

“No, no I’m fine” Mary-Kate replied worriedly.

“Ok so as I was saying,” she said as she turned away from Mary-Kate “You will each have a partner and will be doing this project as a team” she said as she handed out a leaflet which had all our work information on it. “I have a list of partners, so once you know who your partner is find a seat next to them and discuss your topic. So Kyra and Jamie”

“Great see you later” Kyra said to Mary-Kate as she moved seats next to Jamie,

“Carla and Greg, Mary-Kate and Jordan”. Mary-Kate stood up and moved next to Jordan who sitting on his own at the other side of the room. “Don’t you know anyone in this class?” I asked him,

“No not really I haven’t had much time to make many friends” he said looking kind of upset. Mary-Kate couldn’t help herself and had to say,

“You can hang around with me if you want. There’s quite a large group of us including boys so you won’t be alone” Mary-Kate said,

“Really, you and the others wouldn’t mind?” he asked,

“No not at all it would be fun,” Mary-Kate said,

“Cool, so what are we going to do for our project” he asked,

“Well what do we have to?”

“Pick a country and find lots of information about it really”

“Oh so why don’t we do the UK”

“Yes that would be fun”. So this was it Jordan the mega cute new guy was not only Mary-Kate’s English Partner but also Mary-Kate’s new friend, perfect.

Ashley was in a geography lesson who too where starting Projects,

“We will be doing Farming Enquiry’s” Mr. Riddles said, “You will all have a partner and will be doing this together”. ‘Great’ Ashley thought ‘the last time we had partners in a project she got stuck with the class geek hopefully her luck would change this time’.

“Marie and Josh, Leila and Charlie, Ashley and James” the teacher said carrying on telling everyone their partners. Me be with James Ashley thought this is great really great but she had hardly ever spoken to him she get her words all muddled up. Though no matter how much she worried about it she would have to be his partner. She stood up and went to sit next to James. “Hi” James said,

“HI” Ashley said sitting down,

“So what we going to do?” James asked,

“I’m not really sure I have never heard of a Farming Enquiry before” Ashley said,

“No me either” James said “Oh well we’ll figure it out somehow”. This was great, Ashley was speaking to James and she never got tongue tied so far so good.

Chapter 3

“So what did you do today?” Ashley asked Mary-Kate. They had finished school and now back home in their bedroom.

“Well got English Partners with the new cute lad from England” Mary-Kate told her smiling,

“Really well I got partners with James in Geography” Ashley said also smiling,

“Really, so how did it go?” Mary-Kate asked Ashley,

“Fine I never got tongue tied once, my tummy was doing 20 flips every second but my speech was fine”

“Good, Luckily he can’t see inside your stomach then”. Ashley and Mary-Kate talked about their partners and how cute they where for most of the night.

“Ashley Phone” Carrie, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s mum called up the stairs. Ashley ran down stairs to the phone thinking it would be Riley or Leila her friends. She was surprised to find that on the other end was actually James,

“Hi Ash it’s James”

“Oh Hi”

“I thought that well you might want to come the cinema tomorrow night seems it’s Friday we could discuss our project and that”

“Yes that would be cool”

“OK I’ll see you tomorrow in school”

“Bye”. Ashley ran up the stairs and started skipping into her room. A little feeling inside told Ashley that even though they where going to the cinemas to discuss their project he was kind of asking her out on a date. “What’s up with you” Mary-Kate asked her sister,

“That was James, we’re going the cinemas tomorrow” Ashley said as she bounced on her bed,

“What really, he asked you out on a date?”

“Well he didn’t say the word ‘date’ he said we where going to discuss our project but not may people discuss their projects at a cinemas”

“I guess your right, so what are you going to wear”

“I don’t know”. Every time Ashley went on a date she’d wore a dress but this time she couldn’t. Ashley didn’t know for sure if it was a date so she would have to wear something nice but casual. Mary-Kate had gone downstairs but Ashley was still looking for something to wear. “Nice but Casual, Nice but Casual” Ashley muttered to herself as she rummaged through her wardrobe. She found dresses, skirts, top and trousers that would suit the date but couldn’t decide for sure.

Chapter 4

It was dinnertime at school on Friday, Ashley and Mary-Kate where eating their lunch with Kyra, Leila, Riley, Jordan, David and James, who had decided to join them. “So what we going to do tonight?” David said,

“I though we where going for dinner” Kyra shouted at him,

“Oh, oh yes sorry” David replied. Kyra and David are going out no one ever knows why because they always argue but love each other too much. “Hey Mary-Kate there’s that girl” Ashley said “The one that knocked into me yesterday”,

“Have you spoken to her again?” Mary-Kate said,

“Oh, That’s Linda she’s in my class” James said,

“Do you speak to her?” Ashley asked,

“Sometimes” James replied,

“Well I wouldn’t she barged right into me yesterday, knocked all my book on the floor and never said sorry” Ashley said,

“She has a little temper,” James said looking over at her

“A little” Mary-Kate replied. James shrugged his shoulders when Linda actually started to walk over. “Hi James how’s things?” she asked James,

“I’m fine” James replied,

“Who are these?” she said staring over at James’s new friends,

“Oh their my new friends, I’m Ashley’s geography partner and decided to have lunch with them” James replied smiling at her. Something inside Mary-Kate made her feel that the relationship from Linda towards James wasn’t good for Ashley.

“You’re mixing with the wrong sort,” Linda said as she walked away,

“Mixing with the wrong sort she has a cheek,” Mary-Kate said angrily. Ashley’s happy face turned to a frown, “Hey what’s up?” Leila said to Ashley,

“Oh nothing I’m fine” Ashley said trying to force a smile. Mary-Kate left the table and walked over to Linda. “Excuse me I don’t know what your problem is but what did you mean by wrong sort” Mary-Kate asked her,

“Well I know James and I know that the wrong sort for him is you” she replied,

“Me” Mary-Kate said looking surprised,

“Not just you, you and your little friends. Your problem is you think your all ‘that’ because you and sister are these famous actresses and your life is this perfect little story”.

That hit Mary-Kate hard no one had ever said that to her before. Mary-Kate and Ashley where actresses but where normal people as well there job didn’t mix with how her and her sister lived their lives. “Well James likes us or he wouldn’t sit for dinner with us and even though me and my sister are actresses are job never mixes with our life” Mary-Kate said really upset,

“Whatever” she replied and walked away from her. Mary-Kate went back to their table and sat down. People where trying to ask her what happened but she couldn’t open her mouth. She never said another word to anyone all dinnertime, she was so upset.