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The transport rocked again and everyone who was standing was sent to the floor. A circuit board overloaded and sent out sparks.

The pilot came on the radio to the back of the ship. “Approaching Colossus, everyone get ready.”

The transport ship landed and everyone ran out. Brett carried Mary-Kate to a stretcher with one of the medical teams.

“You give her the best care or so help me I will make you pay.” Brett said.

“You’ll have to mess with me too!” Ashley said. “And you DON’T want to mess with me.”

Brett turned to Ashley. “We’ll be back soon.”

Ashley smiled and Brett ran off to join the rest of the team. They had all gotten in their fighters and were getting ready to launch.

“Alright Team,” Brett said. “In Ashley’s absence, I am now leader of the team. Kat and Heath, you two are a team. Don’t leave each other’s wing. Amy, you’re with me.”

“Roger that.” Kat said.

The team screamed out of the flight deck and out into space. They both separated into their teams and flew off.

“If you need help, don’t be a stranger.” Kat said. “Come on Heath, let’s show them who they are messing with!”

Kat spotted a group of bombers and headed for them. She charged them head on for them.

“Let’s play chicken.” Heath said.

The bombers weren’t changing course to avoid Kat and Heath. They both opened fire on the bombers with guns and missiles. Two bombers were disabled while the other two were destroyed.

“We win.” Kat said.

Amy and Brett were having their own fun. They were taking on fighters and the fighters had friends. There were too many to handle.

“Kat?” Brett said over the radio.

“Yes?” Kat said.

“Could you possibly assist Amy and me over here? These guys are playing dirty and trying to swarm us.” Brett said.

“I think I can manage that.” Kat said.

She and Heath headed for Brett and Amy. When she saw the amount of shivan fighters flying around them, she was surprised.

“Let’s give them something else to shoot at.” Heath said as he opened fire.

Mary-Kate was being rushed to sickbay as fast as possible. Ashley was running right beside Mary-Kate’s stretcher, never letting go of her sister’s hand.

“Hang in there Mary-Kate.” Ashley said as they arrived in sickbay.

The doctor immediately stopped what she was doing and ran to examine Mary-Kate.

“What happened?” The doctor said immediately as she examined.

“She was hit…” Ashley said, close to crying. “She was hit by the monster while saving me and… and got slammed into a wall.” Ashley sobbed.

“Nurse!” The doctor called.

“Yes doctor?” The nurse said

“Take some X-Rays and a brain scan immediately!” The doctor ordered.

“Yes Doctor.” The nurse said and left.

“Don’t worry.” The doctor said to Ashley. “We’ll do everything we can to save your sister.”

Commander Jen came rushing in and went straight to Ashley. “I heard what happened. How is she?”

Ashley sobbed and Jen gave her a hug. Ashley really needed the hug right now and her friends were out defending the ship. Everything was happening so fast and it was too much to take it. Everything that happened in the past few weeks was catching up to her.
Ashley’s head started spinning and her vision was going blurry. It was hard for her to keep her balance and had to hang onto Jen to keep it. Her legs started to feel weak and she started to fall to the floor.

“Ashley?” She heard Jen’s distant voice echo. “It’s ok Ashley, I’ve got you.”

Ashley’s world went dark.

Amy’s ship was rocked by another blast of gunfire. They have been taking a beating, but were managing to stay alive.

“Everyone stick together.” Brett yelled over the radio. “Brett to Commander Jen.”

“Jen here.” Her voice crackling over the radio.

“We could use some support out here. Things aren’t going so good.” Brett said.

“I’m not on the bridge right now.” She said.

“Then where the heck are you?!” Brett said.

“I’m in sickbay. I came to check on Mary-Kate and Ashley passed out in my arms.” Jen said.

“Perfect…” Brett muttered. “Jen, we need you back on the bridge now! Get us some support! We’re losing people out here!”

“On my way.” Jen said.

One of the Colossus’ fighters passed in front of Brett and was destroyed by a missile seconds later.

“This is nuts!” Kat said.

“What can we do?” Heath asked.

“We should be getting fire support soon.” Brett said. “All we have to do is stay alive.”

“… and I thought it was going to be complicated.” Kat said sarcastically.

“KAT! Watch your back!” Amy yelled.

Kat looked back to see a shivan fighter on her tail. She tried to out manoeuvre it, but couldn’t make it. She heard a long beep in her cockpit.

“He’s locked on!” She yelled.

“KAT!” Brett yelled. He turned and charged at the attacking ship. “Don’t you dare fire on her!”

Brett got a lock and let his missiles fly as soon as he got the lock tone. The shivan ship launched the missile before being destroyed. It flew right towards Kat.

“NO!” Amy yelled.

Seconds before impacting Kat’s ship, Heath’s ship flew in the missile’s path and was hit by the missile. Heath’s ship rocked violently and spun out of control.

“HEATH!” Kat yelled in horror.

Chapter 8

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