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Kat was firing at the monster and it wasn’t even flinching. All she could do was continue to fire.

“What’s that?” Mary-Kate said.

She looked at the far end of the fighter bay and could see three people running. They were going as fast as they could, while firing at the monsters.

“They’re not going to make it!” Mary-Kate said.

“Like heck they aren’t.” Kat said as she jumped out and ran to distract the monsters. “Hey ugly!” She said as she fired at the monster that was threatening the incoming team.

It worked and the monster was now more interested in Kat. She kept firing and the monster charged her, letting out a mighty roar.

Kat ran back into the base and everyone started firing at the monster to keep it away.

The team that was running across the floor had made it to the base. They jumped in and caught their breaths.

“Ashley?” Mary-Kate said as she hugged her sister tightly. “I’m so glad you’re alive! When the radio gave out…”

“Don’t worry Mary-Kate, I’m fine.” Ashley said. “For now.”

“Where’s Brett? Is he ok?” Mary-Kate said, looking around.

“He’s right over there.” Ashley motioned to Brett who was standing beside Amy and Kat, firing at the monsters.

“Brett!” She said.

Brett turned around and smiled. Mary-Kate ran and hugged him and before she knew it, she kissed him.

It took a moment before she took a step back. She looked at Brett, who was a little shocked. She blushed a bright shade of red, but was concealed by the poor lighting.

“Brett… I…” She said, trying to find the words.

He stepped up to her, “Don’t worry about it.” He said and he kissed her on the check. “We’ll talk about it later.”

Mary-Kate felt a little relieved and returned to Ashley. Ashley was smirking and looking at Mary-Kate.

“Don’t you say anything.” Mary-Kate glared.

The whole team came over and huddled. “So what’s the plan?” Heath said.

“Bigger guns!” Brett said.

“We don’t have any.” Ashley said.

“I wonder why…” Brett said, looking at Kat and Mary-Kate. He and Heath wanted to bring them, but the girls didn’t let them.

“What if we concentrated ALL our firepower on the heads of one monster at a time?” Amy suggested.

“How will that help?” Kat asked.

“Think of it like a blowtorch and a piece of metal.” Amy said. “If you have a broad flame, the metal will only slowly get warmer and bend. But, if you have a concentrated flame, the metal will heat much faster and eventually cut.”

“I don’t know what you just said, but I’m for it.” Ashley said.

“Sounds good to me.” Mary-Kate agreed.

“Let’s do it.” Brett said.

Ashley yelled out to everyone. “Alright listen up! We’re going to concentrate all our firepower on that monster in front of us! Keep firing until I tell you to stop. If you see another monster coming at us, only two or three people shoot at it while the rest continue on the other monster’s head. On my command!”

Everyone got ready and into position. They all aimed their weapons at the monster’s head like Ashley said.

“FIRE!” Ashley yelled.

A wall of bullets launched at the monster flew and hit their target dead on. The monster howled in pain before succumbing to the onslaught. It fell to the ground with a giant crash.

Everyone cheered at the defeat of on of the monsters. The other two looked frightened by seeing their companion bite the dust and backed off.

“This is our chance!” Kat yelled. “Run for the exit!”

Every soldier ran towards the exit just down the fighter bay. They fired at the monsters who were becoming a little more daring than before. They charged the large group in a last ditch effort.

“Ashley! Look out!” Mary-Kate yelled as she saw a monster heading for Ashley. Mary-Kate ran and pushed Ashley out of harm’s way. She wasn’t fast enough to get herself out of the way and was struck by one of the monsters.

“MARY-KATE!” Ashley yelled in horror as he sister was thrown violently against the wall.

“NO!” Brett yelled as he charged the monster. He took his gun and began thrashing the monster’s chest. He turned his gun around and fired point blank range at the chest. The monster howled and ran away.

“Mary-Kate! Can you hear me?” Ashley said very worried.

“We’ve got to get out of here!” Amy said.

Brett came and picked up Mary-Kate. She didn’t look well at all. He ran out the exit and towards the transport ship.

As they turned to go down the final hall to reach the ship, they saw two smaller monsters standing between them and the ship.

“Oh great!” Heath says.

“That’s it. Now I’m very mad.” Brett said. “Take Mary-Kate.”

Ashley took Mary-Kate and lay her down on the floor.

Brett took a sharp piece of metal that was laying on the floor. Amy and Kat did the same.

“You want a piece of me?” Brett roared. “You got it!”

The three ran and yelled at the three monsters and took a few swings at them with the sharp metal. The monsters shrieked and tried to bite their attackers. When they saw that they couldn’t win, they began to run away.

“Oh no you don’t!” Brett roared. He chased after the monsters and kept slashing at them. One of the monsters fell while the other escaped.

“Brett! That’s enough!” Kat yelled.

Brett took his piece and slammed it into the body of the fallen monster before running back to the ship. He knelt by Mary-Kate, along side Ashley.

“Let’s go!” Amy ordered.

The ship rocked and left the alien carrier. They headed back towards the Colossus. Ashley immediately got on the radio and called the ship.

“This is Ashley to Colossus,” She yelled, “We have critically wounded here. Get those medical teams ready for incoming!” She turned to the pilot of the transport. “Can’t this tub go any faster!”

Kat came in and took Ashley by the shoulders. “Come on Ashley, everything’s going to be ok.”

Ashley broke into tears and hugged Kat. “What if it isn’t ok? What if I lose Mary-Kate?”

“You can’t think like that Ashley.” Kat said softly. “Mary-Kate’s a strong woman and she will make it.”

Ashley nodded and went to see Mary-Kate. Brett was kneeling by her, very worried. He looked up to Ashley. She went over and they both hugged for comfort and hope.

The transport rocked again and the group could hear the pilot on the radio. “Mayday! Mayday! Colossus, we are under attack!”

“Acknowledged! We’re scrambling more fighters.” Commander Jen said.

“Once I get back, I’m going to fight!” Ashley said. She was madder than she’s ever been.

“No,” Amy said. “You have to stay with Mary-Kate. We’ll take care of those shivans.”

Kat, Brett and Heath nodded.

“We’ll show them not to mess with us.” Kat said.

Chapter 7

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