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“Get ready kids, we’re landing.” The pilot said.

“Let’s hope this mission goes better than the last one.” Ashley said to Brett. He nodded and looked at the doors.

They opened and the teams rushed out and made sure everything was safe and secure before splitting up. They looked around and were surprised by what they saw. There was nothing anywhere except for consoles short circuiting and wires hanging out of the ceiling. It was a little hazy and very hot in the ship.

“Oh man!” Amy said, “feels like a sauna in here.”
“Alright teams! I want this to go easy and without a hitch. Stay out of trouble and if you run into something suspicious or a bad situation, call for backup.” Ashley said. “Move out!”

“Mary-Kate,” Brett said.

“Yeah?” Mary-Kate said.

“I just wanted to wish you good luck.” He said smiling.

“Same to you.” She said.

“Come on Brett!” Amy yelled.

“Yeah, I’m coming!” Brett said.

Kat, Heath and Mary-Kate were slowly walking through the halls. They were examining how all the consoles were destroyed and sometimes ripped out of the wall. It looked very much like the Colossus did after the last attack. Nothing was recognisable.

“This is too weird.” Mary-Kate said.

“What do you think happened?” Kat asked.

“Look at this!” Heath said as he stood beside the wall. He motioned to the claw marks and the holes in the wall made by gunfire and… something else.

“Kat to Ashley.” Kat said on her radio.

“Ashley here.” Ashley’s voice crackled over the radio.

“We’ve found something pretty interesting over here.” Kat said.

“Claw marks?” Ashley said, taking a wild guess.

“How did you know?” Kat asked.

“We see them too. Looks like some major fighting went on in here. Any ideas what could have done this?” Ashley said.

“Not a clue.” Kat said. “But I don’t know if I want to find out.”

“Agreed. Stay…al….ful…” Ashley’s voice was getting cut off.

“Ashley?” Kat said, “Ashley you’re breaking up!”

Mary-Kate spun around to face Kat. “What’s wrong? Is everything alright?” She asked frantically.

“It’s probably her radio is malfunctioning.” Kat said.

“Try Brett or Amy’s radio.” Heath said.

“Kat to Brett.” Kat said. She got no response. “Kat to Amy?” Kat tried again.

“I’m getting worried.” Mary-Kate said.

“I’m sure everything is perfectly alright.” Heath said.

“What part of this looks alright to you?” Kat said

“Kat? Heath? Mary-Kate?” Ashley yelled into her radio.

“This isn’t good.” Amy said.

They could hear a faint growling, and it was getting louder. Metallic clangs, like footsteps could be heard coming down the hall. The three got ready with their weapons pointed in the direction of the noises.

Slowly, a large cyborg looking creature turned the corner and looked at them. It looked anything but friendly.

“I think we’re going to need bigger guns.” Brett said.

“I don’t like that look in it’s eye.” Amy said.

“Just back away. Maybe it won’t bug us.” Amy said as she slowly backed up away from the creature.

The creature took a few steps towards the team, not letting them make any space between them.

“Maybe it will.” Amy said as they started running. The creature ran after them as fast as it could. Because of its size, it was difficult for it to run fast in the small halls.

“Mayday!” Ashley yelled in her radio in case anyone could hear her. “Everyone who can hear me, evacuate the ship!”

They could hear a lot of gunfire down the next hall. It sounded like a few other teams ran into these monsters as well.

“We’ve got to go help!” Amy said.

“I agree. Enough running. We should stay and fight!” Brett said.

“But, look where it got the shivans. We haven’t found any trace of them.” Ashley said.

“Maybe they evacuated.” Amy said.

“Either way, we can’t stick around here talking for long.” Brett said, looking back and hearing the monster catching up.

“Alright.” Ashley said. “Let’s get to that team!”

They all ran down the next hall, the monster close behind them. They reached an opened area, what looked like a fighter bay. There were two monsters, bigger than the one that was chasing them.

“Definitely going to need bigger guns!” Brett said.

They saw quite a few people in one area. They made some sort of small base to protect themselves from the monsters. It was their best hope.

“RUN!” Ashley said.

Chapter 6

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