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“Alright people.” Commander Jen said when everyone had been seated in the meeting room. “GTA Command made their intentions clear. We are to go aboard the shivan ship and find out what happened. Your secondary objective is to collect any info from their databanks, if you have the chance. Mainly, command wants to know what could have done that to the ship.”

“Why are we sticking around to do this?” Amy said “The Colossus is in no shape for a fight. What if whatever did that to them comes back for us?”

“I agree with Amy on this one Commander.” Brett said. “Something doesn’t feel right about this.”

“You always used to say that, Brett.” Amy joked.

“I was usually right.” Brett added.

“I’m also curious,” Kat said, “Why are we part of this mission?”

“We are part of this mission because you are all part of the new 102nd Archangels.” Jen said.

“The 102nd what?” Mary-Kate said.

“You are all now a team called the 102nd Archangels.” Jen said again. “It’s your team’s nickname.”

“Ok…” Amy said.

“There is a new member to the team as well.” Jen said. “Come in.”

Everyone looked as the doors opened and Heath Ledger stood there. Kat jumped up and ran to kiss Heath.

“Kaaat,” Heath whined, “Not in front of the commander…”

“Sorry,” Kat blushed, “I’m just so glad to see you.”

“Can we continue?” Ashley said, smirking.

They both sat down and held hands. It had been so long that Kat wanted to see Heath again and she finally got the chance. He was now part of her team which meant she would be seeing him a lot in the future.

“Your job is to go aboard the ship and scout out the bridge and engine room.” Jen resumed the meeting. “You have all been split up into two teams. Amy, Brett and Ashley are team Alpha. Kat, Heath and Mary-Kate are team Bravo.”

“Just like old times, right Brett?” Amy said.

Brett nodded and grinned. Mary-Kate looked at Amy and said ‘hmph’

Ashley heard her sister and grinned. Looks like Mary-Kate was starting to get jealous of Amy.

Mary-Kate never thought of Brett as boyfriend material, so why was she feeling jealous? They had been best friends for so long and the subject never came up.

“You all leave in three hours. The Colossus will keep an open communication with both teams at all times. If you get into any unnecessary trouble, get out of there and wait for backup. Let’s all come home together.” Jen said, snapping Mary-Kate out of her daze. “Any questions?”

No one raised any hands.

“Good luck to you. Dismissed.” Jen said, concluding the mission.

Everyone walked out and began to prepare their gear for the upcoming mission. There hadn’t been a mission like this since the Great War. A small team had first gone onto a shivan ship. It was thanks to them that we got our first look at them. Unfortunately, the team was KIA (Killed In Action) while sending the video signal.

Since then, there have been a few other missions onto shivan ships, but those took place on heavily damaged and abandoned ships. The difference between this ship and the abandoned ones was that shivans only abandon ships damaged beyond repair. This ship that they were going to investigate was fully intact on the outside.

Either this was a trap, or something seriously wrong happened onboard that ship.

“So Kat, are you going to introduce me to your friend here?” Amy said.

“Where are my manners?” Kat said, laughing. “Amy, this is my BOYfriend, Heath. Heath, meet Amy.”

They both shook hands. “Nice to meet you.” Heath said.

“You remember, Brett, Mary-Kate and Ashley?” Kat said.

“Of course! Kat’s told me all about you.” Heath smiled.

“What exactly has she told you?” Mary-Kate raised an eyebrow.

“She says that…” Heath started when Kat cut him off.

“Let’s get ready for the mission shall we?” She said running off, dragging Heath with her.

The group was in the equipment room, putting on their gear. They had gone over the ship specifications and were now ready to go.

“Brett! Put that grenade launcher down!” Mary-Kate yelled behind her to where Brett was standing in the armory.

“You two Heath!” Kat yelled.

“Awww man!” Both guys said in unison.

“They never let us have any fun.” Heath said.

“I hear you.” Brett agreed.

“Where are my arm pads!” Ashley called out.

“Are they on your arms?” Mary-Kate asked.

A long pause ensured and finally Ashley said “I knew that!”

“Poor Ashley, she’s so forgetful.” Mary-Kate teased. A few seconds later, a balled up pair of old socks came flying and hit her behind the head.

“I remembered where my socks were!” Ashley taunted from where she was.

“Ashley! I’m going get you!” Mary-Kate yelled as she got up and ran after Ashley.

Amy, Brett, Heath and Kat watched as the two twins raced around the equipment room. It was quite a sight to see.

“Don’t you guys ever get confused on who is who?” Heath asked.

“You get used to them after a while and you can tell.” Kat said.

“Don’t you think it’s time that you stop this?” Amy suggested to Brett.

He nodded and stepped forward. He let Ashley run by, but caught Mary-Kate and lifted her up in the air. “Easy there.”

“But but but…” Mary-Kate said as she struggled.

“No buts young lady.” Brett teased. He put Mary-Kate down and she crossed her arms and pouted.

“No fair.” She said.

Kat was talking with Heath in the corner while this ordeal was coming to a close.

“So, how was it on board the Merkley?” She asked.

“Kind of dull.” Heath said. “Nothing compared to what you all went through. I saw the ship on my way here and it looks really badly hit.”

“It was.” Kat said, “but we’ve been working on it.”

“That’s great to hear.” Heath said.

“Brett! Put that bazooka down!” Mary-Kate yelled.

“Come on Mary-Kate!” Brett whined. “How come Amy can have a big gun and not me?!”

“Cause she’s a woman.” Mary-Kate said.

“What?!” Brett said.

Kat looked at Heath and sighed “Guess we better get back there huh?”

Heath nodded and kissed Kat before rejoining everyone. Heath was now on the same ship as Kat and she couldn’t be any happier. Life was almost perfect.

She sighed and looked at Heath who was holding up an overly large gun.

“Heath!” Kat scolded.

After everyone had gotten their equipment and weapons, there walked down the launch deck. Fighter pilots ran around the deck, to provide cover for the teams in case someone came to interrupt them.

Commander Jen stood at the door of the transport ship. “I just wanted to wish you all good luck out there. Keep it tight and keep it safe. I plan to see every one of you back here in one piece. Watch your backs and leave no one behind.”

“Oh great!” Ashley said. “Last time a commander said that to a team going on a mission, they ended up going against an entire city! Remember Black Hawk Down?”

“Thanks Jen.” Amy said. “We’ll do our best.”

They got onboard the transport craft with the other teams and waited. The doors opened and the transport ship took off. Once out in space, a fighter wing escorted it to it’s little section of the big carrier that was about to be explored.

“So,” Ashley said to Amy, “tell us some funny stories about Brett here. Anything embarrassing to reveal?”

“Details!” Kat and Mary-Kate said in unison.

“They’re all out to get me.” Brett whispered to Heath.

“Well…” Amy said with a smirk.

“Amy! Don’t you dare!” Brett warned.

“There was that time when we had a small party for his birthday and Ensign Carmen convinced Brett that his birthday cake’s icing smelled like apples. When Brett went to smell it, Carmen pushed his face into the cake. He looked like a snow man.” Amy laughed.

“Who would ever believe that their birthday cake icing smells like apples?” Mary-Kate laughed.

“Good one there Brett.” Ashley chuckled.

Kat was too chocked up by the image of Brett’s face full of icing to comment.

Brett just sat there with his arms crossed. “It could happen.”

Chapter 5

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