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The fighters finally landed back on the flight deck and the cockpits to the ships opened. The pilots, in this case Amy, Ashley, Kat and Brett, climbed down from their fighters.

Mary-Kate walked up to Brett and tapped him lightly on the chest. “How could you endanger yourself like that?! How could you endanger Kat and my sister!”

Mary-Kate was a little more than mad.

“Mary-Kate, I never forced Kat and Ashley to come along.” Brett tried to defend himself, “They did that on their own.”

“What about you and your friend, here, shooting missiles at each other huh?” Mary-Kate said. Brett figured that was mainly the part she was mad about.

“It’s a manoeuvre that we used to do when we flew together in the Great War.” Brett said, “Sure it’s risky, but it’s almost always worked in the past.”

“Almost!? So it’s not dangerous enough that you did it after years of being out of practice?” Mary-Kate said.

“Will you get off my back?!” Brett yelled, being irritated that Mary-Kate was chewing him out like that in public. “The plan worked ok? Amy and I are both veteran fliers and we’ve done the manoeuvre before in worse conditions than that.”

Mary-Kate went from looking mad, to looking like she was going to cry.

“Besides,” Brett continued. “What would you rather have me do? Tell them to nicely stop trying to kill me?”

“Well,” Mary-Kate said in a meek voice, “Maybe you could have asked someone else to help you, like Ashley or Kat.” her voice having more confidence than when she started.

“There wasn’t time.” Brett said. “Maybe you’ve been on a carrier too long to remember that it’s about seconds out there, not minutes.”

“You don’t have to be so mean!” Mary-Kate yelled out, close to tears, “I was just really worried about you and didn’t want to see you hurt!”

She started running out of the flight deck, her sobs echoing through the big flight deck. Ashley turned to Brett and gave him a look. Brett didn’t know if it was a sympathetic look or a look saying ‘nice going’. Kat just left without saying anything.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good time…” Amy said.

“No, it’s ok. It’s just been a long week and my nerves and patience are shot.” Brett said with a sigh.

Amy decided to lighten the mood. “So you got stationed on the almighty Colossus huh?”

“Yep.” Brett said proudly.

“Who’s feet did you have to kiss to get this job?” Amy smiled.

“No one’s.” Brett said. “A few people owed me a favour so I asked to be assigned to it.”

Amy noticed Brett’s rank “A promotion to boot.” She laughed. “And I though I would finally out rank you when I got mine.”

“Come on. I’ll take you on a tour of the ship.” Brett said.

Mary-Kate was sobbing quietly on her bunk. Brett’s yelling at her on the flight deck had really hurt her. He was just so reckless and she didn’t want to see her best friend hurt or worse.

Her thanks for her worry were a yelling at. ‘Some thanks.’ Mary-Kate thought.

Mary-Kate heard the door slide open and some one walk in.

“Are you ok, Mary-Kate?” Ashley said, sitting on the side of her bed.

“Of course,” Mary-Kate said in a shaky voice, “I just got yelled at by my best friend just because I cared about his well being. Why would I not be ok?” She said near tears.

Ashley gave her sister a hug. It was long and full of warmth and sisterly love. “It’s not his fault Mary-Kate.” Ashley soothed. “It’s been a long few days and we’ve all been through a lot. I’m sure he didn’t mean it.”

“Well he still didn’t have to be so mean.” Mary-Kate pouted.

The intercom buzzed and Stacey said “All senior staff report to a meeting in ten minutes.”

“We’ll talk about this later.” Ashley said as she got up and walked to the door. “We’ve got to get to the meeting.”

“Brett will be there.” Mary-Kate wrinkled her nose.

Amy and Brett were the last to arrive in the conference room. They went and took their seats at the large table.

Brett waived to Mary-Kate, but she ignored him. She heard him let out a sad sigh.

“Senior staff only.” Stacey said as she saw Amy sit down.

“I asked her to be here.” Brett said as he got up. “She is the same rank as I am and I felt it would be beneficial that she attend.”

“You can tell her everything after the meeting.” Stacey said.

“With all due respect ma’am,” Brett said, “What’s the difference between you telling her in here and me telling her now.”

“Brett, you are on thin ice.” Stacey said, patience wearing thin.

“I’m granting her permission to stay.” Commander Jen said from her seat.

“Why is everyone making decisions, without asking me first?!” Stacey yelled.

“What’s the problem?” Jen said calmly from her seat. “Aren’t we all on the same side?”

Stacey sighed “Fine.” She muttered a few words then proceeded with the meeting.

“This meeting is to give you all an update on things as well as the official transfer of command.” She sat down and took a sip of her coffee. “We have been ordered to go to the Capella System to Diego base for repairs.

“Sounds simple enough.” Ashley said.

“We have also been ordered to repair our weapons systems, hull and subspace drive. But, our priority is the subspace drive. You all know we can’t jump to Capella without it and I don’t feel like spending the next six years taking the long way.”

They all shared a laugh.

“As my last official acts of command, I am assigning both Mary-Kate and Amy to be official crew members of the Colossus.” Stacey said. “Welcome aboard.”

Everyone clapped their hands. Two new members have officially joined their family. It evens out losing Jessica and Stacey.

“Jen, the ship is yours.” Stacey said, “Take good care of her for me.”
Jen stepped forward and took control of the meeting. “I will do my best to be a good commander to you all. Unfortunately, I have to skip the formalities and get straight to business. Mary-Kate and Brett, you two are assigned to repairing the weapons systems.” Jen ordered.

Mary-Kate groaned “Great.”
She said it louder than she thought and everyone heard her. Brett’s face clouded a bit.

“Is there a problem?” Jen asked.

“No ma’am.” Mary-Kate lied.

Brett got up. “May I be excused?” He felt bad enough about what he said to Mary-Kate, but what hurt more what that she didn’t even give him the chance to apologize.

“Fine.” Stacey said.

Brett turned and walked out and walked down the hall. Mary-Kate watched him go, now feeling a little guilty. She looked to Ashley who only looked at her sister with dismay.

Jen then continued the meeting.

The meeting finished and everyone was walking out. Commander Jen was walking down the hall and caught up to Mary-Kate

“Mary-Kate,” Jen called “May I have a word?”

Mary-Kate stopped and semi-smiled. “Sure, what about?”

“I noticed you and Brett seem to be in a disagreement.” Jen said, Mary-Kate’s expression changed. “I guess I’m right.”

“He yelled at me on the flight deck. All I did was worry my head off and he went and pulled that stunt.” Mary-Kate said, getting a little mad again.

“Well, you did a little yelling of your own, if I remember correctly.” Jen said.

“Well… yeah…” Mary-Kate slowly admitted.

“I’ve seen his personnel file and he does tend to do things a little on the edge sometimes, but sometimes it’s those things that have kept him alive.” Jen said, putting a hand on Mary-Kate’s shoulder. “I don’t want to start sounding like a nag so I will cut to the point.”

Mary-Kate looked at her commander.

“Don’t waste time being mad with him for these small reasons. “Jen said, stopping and facing Mary-Kate, “These days, you never know how long people will be around. If you waste your days ignoring him, you’ll regret it if the worst should happen.”

Mary-Kate never thought about it that way. He did pull that stunt, but he was alive.

“Treat every day with him as if it were the last,” Jen said, “because today may just be the last.”

Jen left and walked down the hall towards a turbolift to the bridge.

“Commander?” Mary-Kate said. Jen turned around. “Thanks.”

Jen smiled and gave a small nod, then turned and got on the turbolift.

Sirens and red flashing lights started going off all around the ship just as Jen was stepping into the turbolift. Jen held the doors open and Mary-Kate ran into the lift.

“What now?” Mary-Kate said.

“Wish I knew.” Jen said. “Bridge” she said to the computer on the turbolift. The doors closed and started to move.

“I hope you’re wrong.” Mary-Kate said to Jen.

“About what?” Jen asked, confused.

“That today isn’t our last day.” Mary-Kate answered.

“Me too.” Jen said.

The turbolift doors opened and everyone was at their station. Jen sat in her chair and said “Report!”

“Sensors indicate a shivan carrier.” Amy said. She looked at her screen in disbelief for a few seconds.

“What is it?” Jen said.

“The ship seems to be adrift in space. The engines and weapons systems are offline. I don’t detect any movement.” Amy said.

“Brett, can you confirm that? Maybe her sensors are malfunctioning. Use the weapon sensors.” Jen ordered to Brett.

“Aye.” Brett said. He checked the sensors as Jen had requested and found the same thing as Amy. “Confirmed, there is no movement or energy output by the carrier.”

“What could have happened?” Ashley asked.

“I don’t see any external damage at all on the ship.” Amy said.

Jen ordered an ensign to send their findings to the rest of the fleet. They took positions around the enemy ship and waited for GTA command to send a reply on what to do about the derelict ship.

Mary-Kate took this quiet period to walk over to Brett. “Can I talk to you Brett?”

Brett looked up at Mary-Kate. He was still hurt at the way Mary-Kate acted when they were in the meeting. But, he did want to make everything right again. He hated being mad at her.

“Sure.” He said. They both walked down the hall and into a room.

Brett sat down on a couch and Mary-Kate sat down beside him. She took a few seconds to decide what she was going to say. Brett was wondering what was going on. Was anything wrong? Did something happen? Does she have bad news?

“Look, Brett,” Mary-Kate said, playing with her hands a bit. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry for yelling at you on the flight deck. I…”

“It’s okay MK,” Brett smiled, “I’m sorry for yelling at you too. You were only looking out for my safety. After pulling something like that I can understand that…”

Mary-Kate interrupted him “I was wrong to get mad at you for that.” Brett looked at her, almost in disbelief.

“You were?” He said.

“Yes, I was.” Mary-Kate said.

“How?” Brett said, still not sure.

“I realized that those are some of the things that have kept you alive. Those are the things that have kept my best friend with me.” A tear rolled down her cheek “I don’t want to lose you.”

Brett wiped the falling tear and hugged her tightly. “They’re going to have the hardest time taking me away from you.”

They sat there for a while, and talked. They never noticed the hour go by before everyone was called to the bridge. GTA Command had made their decision about the derelict alien ship.

Chapter 4

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