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Brett took off and headed above the battle. While he was going up, another friendly fighter flew in formation with him. They both headed at the same speed in the same direction. When Brett stopped and turned, the other fighter did the same.

“Who’s that?” Kat said to Ashley, from her fighter.

“I don’t know.” Ashley replied.

Brett’s fighter and the stranger’s fighter both charged down towards one of the enemy’s big ships. They both started firing with all of their missiles and blasters and slowly pulled up as their fired, creating a lane of explosions on the big ship’s hull. They flew away at full speed, still in formation.

All of a sudden, the stranger’s voice could be heard over the communication channel.

“Brett? Is that you?” A girl’s voice said.

“I know that voice.” Came Brett’s reply.

“You mean you’ve forgotten me?” The girl said. “You’ve forgotten your old pal Amy?”

“Aimes?!” Brett sounded surprised.

“That’s me!” Amy said, cheerfully.

Ashley and Kat joined Amy and Brett in formation. Fighters screamed past them and laser blasts flew all around.

“What do ya say we team up, Brett, for old time’s sake.” Amy said.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Brett said and the two broke out of formation and flew off.

“Fine! We can do well on our own, right Ashley?” Kat said, a little hurt.

“Sure, why not.” Ashley said as she followed Kat and shot at some enemy fighters.

Kat and Ashley were tailing two fighters who were attacking the Colossus. They both opened fire, damaging the shields of the enemy fighters, sending them running. Kat and Ashley both stayed on their tails and got missile locks on each.

They opened fire, sending two sets of four small missiles screaming towards the enemy fighters. Once they made contact, the fighters exploded.

“Ha!” Kat said.

Amy and Brett were tailing two other fighters. They both shot at the enemy fighters and lightly damaged their shields.

“Last one who kills a bad guy buys the rootbeer.” Brett smirked.

“You’re on!” Amy said.

The enemy fighters separated from each other. Amy and Brett each picked a fighter and followed it.

Amy followed hers and it flew between other wings and big ships. She was really close to getting a missile lock on it, but it was manoeuvring too much to get the lock.

“Sit still!” Amy said, even though the enemy couldn’t hear her.

Suddenly her shields were hit and the ‘weapons lock’ alarm came on. This meant that an enemy ship was targeting her and was trying to get a lock.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Amy said as she banked hard right.

“You alright over there, Amy?” Brett said over the intercom.

“I’m peachy.” Amy said as she continued to try to out manoeuvre the ship that was firing on her. “How about you.”

“Well,” Brett said over the intercom. Amy could tell he was being fired on. “Good news is that I killed my enemy…”

“And, the bad news?” Amy asked.

“The bad news…” Brett said, taking a second to dodge a missile, “is that he had friends and they’re not too happy with me right now. I could use a little help.”

Amy looked on her HUD (Heads Up Display) and located Brett. He was being chased by two enemy fighters. His shields were taking a pretty hard pounding and were down to 85%.

“How about we play a little chicken?” Amy said with a smirk.

“I’d love to.” Brett answered. She could tell Brett was smirking along with her.

She saw Brett change direction and head towards her, with the enemy ships close behind. She changed her heading to face Brett’s ship and was speeding at full thrust.

“You do know this is going to be close.” Brett said.

“Yep.” Amy replied.

“Let’s hope neither of us has gotten rusty.” Brett said.

“Let’s hope.” Amy repeated, still smirking.

They were both getting close and they would have to act in the next few seconds. For their plan to work, they would have to let loose 8 small missiles called Hornet missiles. They were the same that Kat and Ashley used. They fire rapidly and head for a locked target.

They would have to fire the hornet missiles, without a lock, sending them over a broad frontal direction. Less than a second after, they would have to turn out of the way of each other’s missiles early enough not to get hit, but late enough so the aliens don’t have enough time to turn.

“On three?” Amy said, still smirking.

“On three.” Brett agreed.

“One…” Amy started.

“Twothree!” Brett said.

They both fired all their missiles. Right after the last missile fired, they both turned and narrowly avoided each other. They looked back and saw the missiles hitting the enemy ships. One was hit and tilted towards the right, colliding with another ship. They were both destroyed, but the third one survived and was heavily damaged.

“Commander Stacey to all fighters.” Stacey said over the intercom. “The enemy ships are retreating. We took out two of their light cruisers and damaged the others. Everyone return to the flight deck.”

“Commander, this is Lt. Commander Brett.” Brett said over the radio.

“Go ahead.” Stacey said.

“Request permission to bring a friend on board.” Brett said.

“Permission granted.” Stacey said after a pause. “We will communicate with her ship and tell them she’s all right.”

“Thank you.” Brett said. He turned to the channel he and Amy were on. “Want to come over?”

“What about my ship. They might think I was destroyed.” Amy said.

“My parents are calling yours. Come on.” Brett said.

Chapter 3

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