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Mary-Kate was waiting on Jessica to see if she could back to the bridge and relieve Brett of command so he could finally come and get his injuries looked after. He was alone on the bridge because everyone was busy doing repairs to the ship. The crew wanted to be as ready as possible incase another attack occurred.

"Can I go yet?" Mary-Kate pleaded.

"Well your tests came up good so there isn't any reason for you to stay any longer." Jessica answered

Mary-Kate jumped off the bed and ran out the door.

"Your welcome" Jessica said to herself. She went to fix another cut or bruise from the seemingly endless line of wounded people.

Mary-Kate got back to the bridge. "I'm back Brett" she yelled out to her friend. She didn't hear any answer whatsoever from the young man. "Brett? This isn't funny. Are you here?" she called out with a nervous voice. Mary-Kate walked around the bridge and found Brett on the ground motionless. She ran to his side.

"Brett? Brett can you hear me?" she said while clapping her hands by his ear, looking for any reactions. She felt his neck for a pulse. A very faint pulse was detected. She then checked to see if he was breathing. "Come on, Brett, don't you die on me." she said as she felt around for moving air near his nose and mouth and looked at his chest for motion. Luckily, he was breathing, but it was also very weak.

"Mary-Kate to sickbay! We have a medical emergency on the bridge. Get someone up here NOW!" Mary-Kate screamed through then intercom.

"On our way" Jessica's familiar voice was heard in reply to the plea for help.

"Hang on, Brett, hang on." Mary-Kate said as she loosened his clothes around his waist and neck. She held Brett's hand and kept checking his to see if his condition changed.

Jessica and a nurse came in the doors. "Over here!" Mary-Kate called to help the two medical officers find them. "Damn it Brett, I told you not to wait to long." Jessica said to herself while she took some readings. "Let's get him to sickbay, now!" Jessica said as she put Brett on a stretcher. She and the nurse ran out the door with Brett, leaving Mary-Kate in command.

Mary-Kate didn't take the station right away. She remained sitting on the floor, praying nothing else goes wrong. Two of her friends were seriously hurt, the Commander of the ship is out of action and the closest reinforcements were 3 days away.

Kat walked onto the bridge and found Mary-Kate sitting on the floor with tears in her eyes. "What's wrong?" Kat asked. Mary-Kate started to tell her the story.

On the way to sickbay, Brett's heart had stopped. This occurred when they were but a few feet from the door. Jessica burst in and told every non-medical personnel to leave immediately. The whole medical team was assigned to get Brett back.

"Brett, don't die Brett." Ashley, who was still in sickbay recovering from her injuries, called out to her best friend.

A breathing mask was put on Brett's face to keep the flow of oxygen going while someone else starting to push on his chest to keep the heart pumping.

"Don't you dare die, Brett Brule. Don't you dare!" Jessica said to her clinically dead friend, hoping he could hear her. Tears started to form in Jessica's eyes, as they were in Ashley's. Deep down, they thought they might lose him.

Jessica put pads on Brett's chest as a machine charged up. A defribulator was going to be used to help Brett's heart restart again. The machine beeped two short beeps to indicate it was fully charged.

"Clear!" Jessica yelled. When everyone was clear, she pushed a button which sent an electrical charge to the heart. This caused Brett's chest to rise and his upper back lifted off the table. It then came back down to the table with a thud. His heart was still flat lined, it was not beating yet.

"Increase charge. Clear!" she said once the machine beeped again. She pressed the button again, sending another shock to the heart. Still nothing.

"Again! Clear!" Jessica cried. She pressed the button as soon as she heard the first beep. A pulse was heard over the machines. His heart was beating again. The group cheered, but was quickly brought back to the serious matters. He was alive, but now they have to keep him alive.

A nurse told her they could handle it to give Jessica time to react to what just happened. Jessica went to sit by Ashley's bed, and the two hugged, comforting one another.

"You did it, Jessica. Thank you." Ashley whispered. Jessica started to cry tears of joy onto the shoulder of her friend.

Two days passed on the Colossus. People continued to work on repairs. They got the ship up to 38% in the short time. It was a record amount for such improvement on a ship that size in so little time. Commander Stacey returned to duty, Mary-Kate and Kat worked on co-ordinating repairs, Jessica took care of her last injury and Ashley and Brett were recovering in sickbay.

Brett's eyes opened slowly as he groaned from the aches he felt all over. It was the first time he had woken up since Mary-Kate found him on the floor.

"Hey, Brett, how you feeling?" Ashley asked his.

"Like I've been hit by a train, beaten by a mob and went bungy jumping without the cord. But other than that, I've never felt better." he smirked.

"Glad to hear it.... I think." she laughed

The conversation brought Jessica out of her office in the other room. She was glad to see Brett had awakened. She got some food and brought it to his bed.

"What happened?" Brett asked Jessica. "The last thing I remember is going over to a station to get some info and then here. What time is it?" he wondered.

"It's 1:30 in the afternoon, two days since what you just described. Mary-Kate found you unconscious on the floor and called for help. You died just outside of sickbay, but we got you back." she explained

"Thank you." he said with all his heart, which was now beating at a steady, healthy rate. "I guess I waited too long huh?"

Jessica nodded her head. Brett started to munch happily on his lunch. It had been days since he last ate and he was famished to say the least. He offered some to Ashley and Jessica. Ashley stole his macaroni salad on him and Jessica took a small piece of his sandwich.

"How long *munch munch* until I can *sip of orange juice* get back on duty?" he asked between bites and sips of his drink.

"First of all don't talk with your mouth full" she started.

"Yes mother." Brett rolled his eyes

"And second of all, in 2 days. Ashley will be able to join you." she answered. Ashley and Brett smiled. Either of them could stand being cooped up while so many things had to be done. They would wait patiently for the two days and keep Jessica company until their time was up.

The red lights and sirens blared again all over the ship. Everyone's hearts sank in their chests. Another attack was on its way. Brett, being the guy that he is, wanted to go down fighting. Ashley went with him, wanting to fight until the end as well.

They both went to get off of their beds. Their muscles were stiff from the lack of use during the past few days, or in Ashley's case, the past week. Jessica came in to keep them in sickbay.

"Where do you two think you’re going?" she wanted to know.

"Kick some ass" Ashley replied.

"Not a chance, the two of you haven't fully recovered. You're staying right here." Jessica said firmly

Come on, Jess. Look around you, the ship is barely staying together. We've fought two battles in the past week, going on three. This is it for us. We can't make it against an enemy. Our weapons are almost gone, our pilots and fighters can't survive in a fight and our engines are gone. If we're going to die, let us die doing what we love to do. Please." Brett said

Ashley sniffed. "That was beautiful Brett. It brought a tear to my eye."

Brett chuckled.

Jessica looked at them both and sighed. "All right. But I'm coming with you. I don't want to die alone in here."

"You know, for a confidence speech, this is depressing as hell." Brett laughed

"Meh... if it lets us fight, I'm happy." Ashley shrugged.

"If depressing... and you fight... your happy...." Brett tried to put the logic of Ashley's contradiction together.

"Ashley, don't confuse Brett like that." Jessica joked. The two girls laughed as the exited sickbay with Brett soon after. Just as he left the room, he exclaimed, "I understand it!"

Commander Stacey was on the bridge with Kat at the flight station and Mary-Kate at weapons. They were getting ready for the incoming enemy force. They haven't been able to get the ship past the 38% from lack of supplies.

The force included two corvettes and many wings of bombers. The Colossus had no chance of surviving the confrontation.

The three friends from sickbay came onto the bridge. Mary-Kate rushed to hug Ashley, whom she hadn't seen in days. She hugged a little too hard which caused Ashley slight pain in her back.

"Nice to see you too Mary-Kate." Ashley said, trying to breathe

Kat went to greet them too and they all had a big group hug.

Commander Stacey informed the two joining members to the bridge of the ship's status. 2 beam turrets on the left side and a couple of anti-fighter guns were all they had as weapons. As for engines, they could only turn right, no more, no less.

Commander Stacey, once again, addressed the crew before a battle. "Commander Stacey to all decks. We are about to engage an enemy battle group. You all have the right to know that we will not survive. We have been too badly damaged and have no fighter or bomber support to aid us. We will do our best, and do as much damage to their force as possible. We will show them what it means to be human. We will show them that we never give up despite how grim the situation is. With the power of 10 000 voices, they will hear our message all the way back to their HQ. God Bless us all. Stacey out." she said.

An ominous silence overcame the ship. Everyone was praying for their loved ones back home, to give them strength when they received the news.

Kat was the first to speak. "1 minute until they are in weapons range" she said softly, but loud enough for the bridge crew to hear it.

"Charging weapons" Brett said in a low tone. A tear coming down his cheek. Many of the crew was the same. They were young, they wanted to do so much more with their lives but now it would be cut short. Brett and Ashley were very sad and angry. Ashley’s boyfriend would be meeting them at the next base. She was looking forward to that day. But it would never come now.

"When in range, fire at will." Commander ordered

"With pleasure" Brett answered. "Bring it on."

A beep at Kat's station caused them all to jump. "They are in range" she yelled.

Brett smashed his hand down onto the fire button. The two beam turrets sent out two blue lasers though 2 wings of fighters and into the enemy ships.

"Minimal Damage to both ships." Kat reported

"Now it's their turn" Mary-Kate said as she watched the view screen.

Almost on queue, the two ships sent two blue lasers at the Colossus, one from each enemy corvette. They slammed into the right of the ship sending everyone flying to the right side. The enemy bombers were pounding away at the ship, not having any resistance.

Mary-Kate got back to her station. She managed to tell them the number. "Ship.... at 5% ma’am"

One of the enemy ships exploded right in front of them. No one could understand what had happened. The looked at eachother not knowing what to think. A GTACo Deimos class corvette went in front of the Colossus. Although significantly smaller than the Colossus, it still offered some protection.

"Incoming transmission from the Deimos class" Jessica said

"Let's hear it" Commander Stacey said

"This.... the Excalibur... reinforce you..." the captain of the Excalibur said. Since the ship was at 5% status, they were lucky to even receive as much of the message as they did.

The Excalibur sent waves of fighters against the attackers. It's two beam turrets, along with the two working beam turrets on the Colossus, made short work of the remaining enemy corvette.

The Colossus had survived, but only by a thread, thanks to the Excalibur. The crew was tired, dirty and wounded, but they were safe.

"This is getting annoying. We've been cut and bruised so many times in the past week that I don't even know if we should bother getting medical help. No offense Jess." Brett said

"Don't worry, I've done enough bandaging to last me a month." Jessica agreed.

"We still have a lot of work to do before we can get some rest. No one is taking time to get medical help unless it is serious. Let's get our engines running and get out of here." Commander Stacey said.

The commanding staff, Jessica and the others, didn't have bad injuries. Brett’s cut on his forehead was bleeding again and another cut on his left arm. Jessica had a bruised knee and a bump on the head. Mary-Kate broke her ankle while trying to stay on her chair when the enemy hit them with their beam turrets. Ashley also had a cut on her forehead and hit her ribs on her console. Kat hurt her leg again and cut her hand on a sharp object and Commander Stacey cut her arm pretty bad.

After what they went through in the past week, they hardly felt a thing.