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Jessica ran around the ship trying to find Ashley. She ran through corridor after corridor, deck after deck, not stopping until she found the person she was looking for. She found Ashley just as she entered an elevator, now called by the crew as a "turbolift".

Jessica ran just in time to prevent the doors from closing. She got in and tried to catch her breath.

"Where's the fire?" Ashley asked metaphorically, wondering why Jessica was in such a rush.

"I did it" she said between gasps for air which her lungs needed badly "I found a way to remove the implant" she managed to say.

"Really? YEAH!" Ashley said with extreme joy. Her sister, Mary-Kate, would soon be free of whatever or whoever was controlling her. Ashley was thanking Jessica so many times it must have been a record. More than happy about her accomplishments, Jessica accepted the thank you's.

It will take a few hours to do, but it should work. Jessica said.

Ashley sat outside sickbay with Kat, waiting for any news. Ashley was pacing back and forth. Kat managed to get her to sit down just in time for the doors to open from sickbay. Jessica walked out with a smile on her face.

Can I see her? Ashley asked.

Jessica only nodded.

Ashley and Kat walked into sickbay to find Mary-Kate awake with a big head-ache and a little cranky. Ashley and Mary-Kate gave eachother a big hug. They were finally back together, and both normal, for the first time in a long time. Mary-Kate had a sad expression. Ashley saw this and wondered what was wrong.

"I remember everything I did while the implant had control of me. I feel so bad about beating Brett up." she felt like crying because she felt so bad about it.

"Don't cry MK. We'll get Brett down here and you can explain it all if you like." Jessica suggested.

"Ok" Mary-Kate agreed.

Jessica proceeded to contact Brett and have him come down. Once he heard the message, Brett stopped his paperwork and went to sickbay. Once Brett saw Mary-Kate, he drew back. He didn't want to get beaten up again. This made Mary-Kate feel worse, but Brett didn't mean to make her feel bad, he didn't know about the implant.

"Brett... I just want you to know I am so, so very sorry for what I did. I had an implant in my head and I remember seeing but not being able to stop it. I also remember you not wanting to hurt me, or hit me despite my hurting you. I really appreciate that, Brett." and Mary-Kate went to give him a big hug.

"Im just glad to have you back MK" he held her tight.

As this Kodak moment was going on, a violent shake sent everyone to the floor. Red lights and a siren started blaring as a computer voice said "All hands to battle stations."

Mary-Kate stayed at sickbay while Brett and Ashley ran to the bridge. They made it 5 minutes later. The bridge was as busy as rush hour in New York, just without the traffic jams. The two looked at the main view screen and saw a blue vortex right in front of them.

"That can't be good." Brett said as he took his station at tactical, to the left and back of the command chair (kind of like diagonally left of the chair). He hit a bunch of buttons to find out all the information he could on the vortex.

Just then, a large mass could be seen inside the blue swirls. It was coming at them at an alarming speed. As the object neared the edge, it slowed down and then stopped in front of the space anomaly. The space twister disappeared moments afterwards.

The bridge crew looked at the screen then looked at each other. Ashley checked her sensor readings several times before reporting what it was to the commander, to make sure there we no errors.

"Ashley, what is it?" Commander Stacey asked, not believing the sight in front of them.

"It's... us." she said, not believing it herself.

What came out of the vortex was a ship, exactly like the Colossus. A splitting image, down to the last nut and bolt. The crew sent a research probe out to examine it closer. All they could do is wait until the probe gets back to find out more.

Chapter 7