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"Boo!" A voice whispered in my ear.

I leapt a few feet whilst shoving my ice cream in their face. I soon recovered from my shock and while scolding myself turned to see who it was.

Arnold wiped some chocolate ice cream from his eye and glared at me.

I smiled at him angelicly "ew I don't want this anymore!" I said motioning to the Ice Cream "It's touched your face" I got up and walked to the rubbish bun "Yuck" I shuddered as I dropped it in.

"Ha ha" He said sarcastically as I walked back "Welcome back. Pick up five" He said motioning to the game of last card he'd set up while I was gone.


The Speakers cracked to life, with a cackle of noise, and the announcement that 'Snow Dogs' was starting in 10 minutes resounded throughout the ferry.

I glanced over my cards at Arnold. He glanced back at me, using his most exagerated poker face. I burst out laughing. When I could finally speak again I asked if he wanted to go.

"Won't mum want us to help with the kids" He asked.

"We could offer to help tomorrow" I'll admit it, I really wanted to see that movie (embarassing enough), and I really didn't wanna baby-sit.

"Or we could get the tickets before she can say no" he leapt up and dragged me with him to the information center, where the tickets were sold.

"Aaron! That's mean!" I scolded. My attention however was drawn to a shop on the other side of the walkway and I wandered over there.

"Two please" I heard Aaron say.

I glanced over in time to see him point where I had been. The guy at information raised an eyebrow. "For you and your imaginary friend?" He asked Dryly.

Arnold went red then finally spotted me and glared. I just laughed uncontrollably.


We headed over to where Mum was sitting with Rose and Jonathon. We stayed a few foot away. (For running purposes of course!)

"Mumwe'regoingtoSnowdogsbye" Arnold mumbled, and we immediately turned and started to walk away quickly.

We passed Aunt Jenna who was returning from the Snack Bar, "I'll cover for you" She said with a smile.

Arnold and I thanked her then ran off before Mum could catch up. We started down a set of stairs.

"You're gonna get it for this" She called behind us.

We continued to run down the stairs, but had to slow down since a kid was standing in the middle not moving "Kid it's customary to move on stairs" Arnold scolded the kid as we slipped past him.

We got to the bottom of the stairs just as an announcement came over the speakers. 'For those of you attending tonights movie, this is your last reminder. The movie starts in five-"

Arnold and I started running and soon passed a guy talking into a microphone.

"-minutes. Hey! Don't run inside!" echoed throughout the entire ship. A slightly different announcement from usual..

Everyone looked at us and I blushes as we slowed to a walk.

"Puke bag?" Arnold asked grabbing one from the dispenser.

"Who you calling a puke bag!" I rolled my eyes "You are such a boy!"

"Why, Thank-you!"

We finally reached the theatre and handed over out tickets then took our seats.

I sunk down in my seat "I feel like such a brat!"

Arnold just chuckled.


After the movie we waited till the announcement came over the speakers, that those with cars were to go to the deck. Then we went and found Mum. She was too busy getting Rose and Jonathon read to lecture us (just as we'd planned)

I picked up Rose "We'll talk about this later" Mum said to me as we walked down the stairs to the deck our car was parked on.


"Why on earth did I get a 12 am crossing?" Mum muttered as we drove around Wellingtons empty streets looking for a Motel.

"I think because it was cheap" Arnold muttered from the backseat.

Rose was whimpering since she wasn't used to staying up till 12:30. Jonathon had fallen asleep the minute we got in the car (that kid can sleep through anything)

"Could you sing to her or something?" Mum asked tiredly.

I nodded and tried to think of a song. I started to slowly sing 'Mary had a little lamb'

"There's a Motel sign up there" Aunt Jenna said to Mum "At least I think that it is..." She trailed off, then pointed up to a neon sign.

"Tel?" I said to myself. I squinted and looked closer, only then noticed the faint outline of the letters 'MO' before that, even though the lights weren't working.

We drove up to the front door and Mum ran over to knock. A few minutes later she was back.

"They've definitely got vacancies, look at all the spaces!" She shook her head "Just too lazy to answer the door"

And so the search for a motel continued. It wasn't till another 2 hours later that we finally found a motel to stay in.

Well I'm having fun, how about you?


A day, 2 Mcdonalds meals, 5 bathroom stops, 2 disagreements over music choices, and one episode of Rose being sick, later we arrived home! Oh, what a trip it was!

"So how was your trip?" My Grandma asked as Arnold and I dragged the bags in from the car (Yes Bryan and I had unofficially become Mums servants. Or not.. ignore me. I'm in a bad mood)

"Long" I said.

"Filled with bad music" Arnold said glaring at me. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Arguing children. Late for ferries. Oh you know, Wonderful!" Mum said with a laugh and she and Grandma walked inside.

"There is nothing wrong with Westlife" I grumbled as I tugged on a bag that had managed to get jammed between two others in the back of the car. I gave an extra strong tug and it finally came loose, causing me to go flying backwards.

"Ashley" Arnold said catching me before I fell "There is everything wrong with westlife!" he said as he walked back to the car.

I just glared at his back


Chapter 10

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