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"So, what was 'earler' about" Mum asked as the whole family sat down for dinner. She leaned over to take a piece of brocolli from Jonathons hand, and replaced it with a fork. "Eat with the fork!" She said sternly.

"Um, nothing" I said uncomfortably, I glanced over to Arnold just as he glanced at me.

He leaned over and messed up my hair "She's showing a little love for her big brother" He said shrugging it off.

I pulled away and straightened my hair "Yeah..." I said.

The subject was dropped and everyone continued eating.


The next day I was happily reading my second e-mail from Bryan when I heard an angry scream from outside. I ran to the window and glanced down at the street.

Arnold was standing by the car, which was looking less then healthy, Mum was standing in front of him.

Quick Summary:
Mum... Mad
Brother... Scared
Me... Uh-Oh!

I moved from the window, ran out of my room, down the stairs and outside. Right on time to hear the brunt of Mum's yelling session.

"HOW COULD YOU BE SO IRRESPONSIBLE?!" She yelled "FORGET THAT PARTY MISTER! YOU ARE GROUNDED TILL YOU'RE FIFTY!!" She turned around and stormed past me into the house.

I turned to Arnold then glanced at the car "What happened?" I asked.

He buried his head in his hands "This guy came out of nowhere and totally smashed the car, but Mum won't believe that it wasn't my fault"

"Probably, cause this is like the third time it's happened. And all the other time it WAS your fault" I pointed out

"Yeah! But not THIS time" And he stormed into the house too.


An hour or so later I was still struggling with Alegebra when someone knocked at the door.

"Come-" I started, but before I could finish the door was thrown open. "In" I finished, glancing at Arnold warily "Can I help you?" I asked dryly.

"Yes you can!" he said nodding. He walked over to the bed and sat down "Remember how I helped you out by giving Bryan your e-mail address?"

"Yeah..?" I spun my desk chair around to face him "And?"

"Well, I REALLY need to go to that party tonight" He began

"It's just a party!" I pointed out.

I was rewarded with a glare "Please Ashley, help me out?"


"Hey Mum?" I asked as I walked into the lounge where she was watching tv.

"Yes Ashley?" She turned the tv off and patted the spot next to her on the sofa.

I walked over and sat down. "Remember how we used to go to ALL the Disney movies together?" I asked

She nodded "How could I forget? We had so much fun at 'The Lion King', you were so young then" She got one of those dreamy expressions mothers get "It was so long ago"

I nodded "Yeah.. When did we stop doing that?"

"If I recall correctly, you were about 12 and decided being seen at the movies with your mother was 'uncool'"

"Oh" I blushed "I'm sorry"

"So what's the point of this conversation?" She asked curiously.

"Well.. I think it's about time we revisited that tradition" I said with a smile, I winked "Lilo and Stitch is on tonight"

She jumped up "I'll get my purse!"

I grinned.


"Arnold" I hissed as I gently knocked on his door "Open up already"

The door opened and he stuck his head out "All clear?"

I shook my head "Not yet, a few more minutes. Mum and I are going to the movies so you should have about two hours"

He reached out and hugged me "You're the best lil sis"

"Yeah, Yeah I know" I pushed him away "But you better be back on time! If Mum finds out I was in on this I am SO in for it!"

"Don't worry" He said as he disappeared back into his room.

"Come on Ash lets go!" Mum called from downstairs.


After a very good movie, and a bucket of popcorn Mum and I arrived home. As we drove up the drive Mum glanced at the house.

"That's strange" She said.

"What is?" I suddenly felt nervous, what if Arnold hadn't got back yet or something had gone wrong with the plan?

"The light in Arnold's room isn't on. He BETTER not be watching tv!" She got out of the car and I followed nervously.

We were half way across the front yard, and almost to the door when our neighbor Mrs. Amesy walked over to us from her backyard, she had Rose and Jonathon with her.

"I'm sorry to have to give them back early but I need to get to a friends" She explained.

"I'm sorry?" Mum asked.

"Your son. Arnold is it? He asked me to baby-sit them"

"He did?!" Mum almost roared.

Mrs. Amesy looked a little scared "Um, yeah. Sorry I gotta go" And with that she almost ran back to her yard.

A car drove up then and Arnold climbed out. You could almost see the smoke coming out Mum's ears!

Chapter 7

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