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"So what have you been up to these last four years?" I asked as we danced, I figured since I didn't have a song running through my head, I was probably capable of conversation.

"Oh, not much really..." he thought for a moment "Oh, do you remember John and Greg?" He asked.

A sudden flashback began to play in my mind. Two 8 year old boys carrying me by my hands and feet, I kicked and screamed for them to put me down. Did they put me down? Yeah, they put me down, in a rosebush they put me down. Maybe that's why I'm scared of Roses these days...

I shook my head a little "Uh, yeah. I remember them" I said with a grimmace.

Bryan didn't seem to notice "We started a band"

I leaned back a little to look at him "really?" I said with a laugh.

He nodded "We're quite good. Even if I do say so myself"

"Modesty!" I said with a laugh.

The last notes of the song played and with a sad sigh from me, Bryan and I pulled away from each other.

"Ashley" Arnold made his way through the crowd to us "Oh hey, Bryan" he said, noticing him. "How have things been with you?"

Inside I groaned, on the outside I gave him a warning glare.

I listened feeling bored, as Arnold and Bryan exchanged guy small talk (the most hideous stuff in the world). Finally Arnold turned to me, shame about what he said.

"Mum said to tell you we gotta get going. We need to get to the airport at 6"

"What?! I thought we were leaving tomorrow?" I said in shock.

"Mum needed to get back to work, something came up" He said shrugging.

I willed myself not to cry and nodded. Arnold walked off and I turned to Bryan "Well,..." I started.

"Will you be coming back for a visit anytime soon?"

I shook my head "Probably not. This was the first time in four years, and only really cause Mum's baby bro was getting married.. She has a really tough work schedule" I said with a shrug.

I wasn't sure if I'd imagine, or dreamed, it but I think Bryan looked sad about it all. "Well, I'll still hope to see you soon" He said, he leaned over and gave me a quick hug.

"Me too" I said hugging him back, I then turned and ran away through the crowd, fighting tears as I run.


Ten minutes later, after having said good-bye to all the family, my siblings and I climbed into our car to head back to my Grandma's where we would quickly pack then leave.

"What took you so long?" I asked as Arnold, the last to get to the car, jumped in.

I,..uh, had to talk to someone" he said elusively.

Too depressed to be curious, I shrugged and turned to the window. It had started to rain, which perfectly matched my mood.


"Ashley, cheer up" Arnold said as he took a seat next to me on the plane.

I turned to look out the window (I managed to snatch window seat) "What's to cheer up about?" I asked "We're going back to California!" (Note: I do love Cali, it's beautiful and everything and I'm sure under different circumstances I'd adore the place, it's just... I already have a home, and thus I have a totally negative attitude about the state)

He sighed "Well, yeah..." He was unable to come up with any words to comfort me.


A few days later, back in California, I was sitting in my room doing some homework, when my computer beeped and sung a familiar tune 'You've got mail'. Of course, being greatful for any excuse to avoid homework, I got up, walked over to the computer and went to the inbox.

Next to the letter symbol the e-mail adress was shown.

Was that who I thought it was? I just sat there for a few minutes, before finally getting the courage to open it.

Hey Ashley!,

Bryan here. Arnold gave me your address. Hope you don't mind.

So hows things there in Sunny California? I am SO jealous! It's winter here, and I am SO getting tired of it! lol

Well, gotta go to band rehearsal. I'd love to hear from you.


I sat there literally gaping at the computer. It must have been like a full fifteen minutes, before I finally managed to close my mouth (Thankfully I didn't swallow any flies in the time it was open). I got up from the computer then just stood there for a few more minutes.

I finally let out a little squeaking sound and raced out the door. I ran to Arnolds room and threw the door open, he wasn't inside. I then raced downstairs and heard him talking to Mum in the kitchen.

I ran into the room and literally flew into his arms "I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!" I screamed as I hugged him like crazy.

Then, just as quickly as I'd run into the room, I ran out. Leaving Arnold and my Mother standing there in shock.

I raced back to my room and prepared to type a response.


Half an hour later, and after A LOT of deleted e-mails I finally had the e-mail ready to send. If it had been a handwritten letter I'd probably be up to my knees in screwed up paper. (Ok, so a slight exageration, but you get the point)

I read over the e-mail for the fifth time (can you say obsessive) then finally clicked the send button. I could almost see my e-mail flying through cyber space, straight to Bryan's computer. I shivered with happiness.


Chapter 6

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