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I woke up to the sound of utter pandemonium. I groaned and buried my head under the pillow. But alas, sleep was a luxury I wasn't allowed. Ditto with ignorance.

My door was thrown open and Arnold raced into the room. He quickly closed the door and leaned against it, an expression of true terror on his face. For a moment I thought I'd been transported into one of those cheesy action movies.

I sat up in my bed and looked at him as if he were crazy "Arnold..." I started seriously "Are you on drugs?"

He ignored me and pressed his ear against the door "They're coming!" He suddenly said. He turned and desperately glanced around the room, at the very last minute he dove under my bed.

"Arnold?" I whispered. I leaned over the side of my bed and looked under, just as the door was opened.

"Ashley what on earth are you doing?" My mothers voice asked. The sound gave me a fright and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor.

"Ow" I whispered rubbing my elbow where it had hit the floor. "Oh you know... my average morning gymnastics" I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and got up.

"Oh.." she decided to just leave it and turned to leave the room "If you see Arnold tell him I need him to help move the dresser" and with that she was gone.

"Move the dresser??" I whispered to myself.

As soon as the door was closed Arnold crawled out from under the bed.

"Mum wants you" I informed him.

"Ha ha" He said sarcastically before disappearing out the door.


Half an hour later I was avoiding every person in the house over 16. The adults because for some reason they had suddenly gone insane. And Arnold cause... well, cause he's Arnold!

I figured since it was going to be an unusual day I might as well have an unusual breakfast, so I made chips (Don't ask!)

When they were ready I went to the fridge and got out the Tomato sauce (Or Ketchup as them Americans call it)

As I walked to the table where the chips were I hummed the jingle from a commercial to myself "'You'll always be a Kiwi when you love our watties sauce'" I glanced at the bottle "Ok, So it's Signature range!" I muttered to myself. "Whatever!" I banged it down on the table a little too hard.

"Ashley what on earth are you doing?" My mother called from the other room.

I winced "Nothing!" I called 'just having a hissy fit over sauce' I said to myself and blushed. STUPID!


"Ashley we have to go to the church could you find Jonathon?" My mother asked as she picked up Rose and started for the car.

"Find Jonathon?" I asked.

"He ran inside a few minutes ago."

"What fun!" I thought to myself. "Jonathon!" I called as I walked into the house. I started out looking in all the easy places then eventually had to get down on my knees and look under the beds (Not easy when you're wearing a long dress). "Jonathon! You better get your butt out here before I count to five!" I said firmly. "1,.. 2,... 3,... 4,... 5" I waited... nothing!

"You are so gonna get it" I muttered to myself as I began a more thorough search.

Ten minutes later I found him in a drawer, I have no idea how he actually fit in it but somehow he did. "Come on!" I said grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door "We were supposed to leave fifteen minutes ago. This is NOT the time for you to pull a prank" I scolded.

"How much is fifteen?" he asked scratching his head.

I sighed.

"How'd he get so dusty?" My mother asked as we walked over to the car. She got out and started dusting Jonathon off. Being a boy, he of course didn't want to be tidied and shied away.

When we finally left for the church we were half an hour late.


"Come on!" Natalie, fully dressed in a beautiful white dress, met us as soon as we parked the car. "We need to start in ten minutes"

We were all rushed inside and directed to our places. I started to worry about my ability to get down the aisle. I'd spent about ten minutes practicing walking in high heels yesterday but I started to wonder if that was enough.

The wedding march began, the door was opened, and I started the arduous journey down the aisle. I almost tripped over there and then. Why hadn't anyone told me Bryan was going to be a best man?

Somehow I managed to keep my balance and got all the way down the aisle without landing on my rear. I did almost trip at one stage but I don't think anyone noticed. Except for Bryan, he looked like he was trying not to laugh when I got my footing again.

My Life = Embarrassing

I concentrated EXTREMELY hard on not embarassing myself further, and before I knew it the wedding was over and we were all getting in our cars to head for the reception...


I was sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, 100% bored, when Bryan walked over.

"Bored?" He asked.

"Totally" I said and acted like I was fighting to keep myself awake.

"Wanna split?" He asked with a wink, then whispered "I heard theres a basketball court outside"

"I s*ck at Basketball" I said honestly.

"I know. I remember" he said with a cheeky smile

"Hey!" I said hitting him

"Come on" he said taking my hand, causing me to feel like I was about to melt "I love winning"

"Ha ha!" I joked as we snuck outside. Now all I had to do was remember how to play basketball. No wait! Forget that. I have to remember how to get the ball in the hoop!


We played for nearly half an hour, and Bryan TOTALLY beat me, 20 to 1. Needless to say I was totally happy about the '1' I got.

"Good game 'olsen'" Bryan laughed as we walked inside.

"Whatever!" I retorted with mock anger.

A quick glance around the room proved that no one had noticed us slip away. Bryan and I walked over to a group of chairs and sat down. Practically everyone in the room was dancing and I watched them jealously.

Bryan must have noticed cause a few minutes later he extended a hand and asked "Do you wanna dance?"

I looked at him in surprise "Me?"

"No" he said shaking his head. "The invisible girl standing behind you. Yes you!"

"I...I don't know how to dance!" I objected.

"So?" He asked with a shrug "Neither do I!"

I laughed and accepted his hand "This should be interesting"

We walked out on to the dance floor and found a spot. I nervously wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I sighed quietly, ok, so this was pretty near perfect.

Chapter 5

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