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"Would you stand still already!" The tailor said frustratedly. I was being fitted for my bridesmaid dress, only problem was I'd inhaled large ammounts of chocolate earlier, and needless to say had too much energy to be standing still on a dumb chair!

"Sorry" I said, I managed to stay still a few more minutes then moved again. Finally losing patience the tailor stabbed me with a pin "OW!!!!" I leapt a few feet (Ok, so I'm exagerating)

"A Princess" A voice whispered dreamily. I glanced over to the doorway, to see Bryan standing there. Where does that guy keep appearing from!? He looked at me dreamily then seemed to snap out of his daze. "Uh, you look nice" He said with a nod before turning and walking out the door. His aim was a lil off and he almost walked into the wall, but just managed to get through ok.

The tailor chuckled "Someone has a crush" she said with a laugh.

"No way! ... Y-ya think so?" I said with a small smile.


"Ashley!" Arnold whispered in my ear "Wake up and stop staring"

I snapped out of my daze and pried my eyes away from where Bryan was talking to my future Aunt. "What?" I snapped.

He ignored my question "Why don't you go talk to him?" He asked giving me a little push in Bryans direction.

"NO WAY!" I hissed a little too loudly. Natalie and Bryan glanced over at us curiously. I blushed and looked away "See what you did?" I hissed.

Arnold did a double take "You're the one yelling" he argued.

"Whatever!" I rolled my eyes and walked out the door.

"Temporamental girls" I heard Arnold mutter behind me.



I was sitting on the fence outside the church when I heard Bryan walk up behind me.

'Breath Ashley. Just Breath, talk to him and don't make a fool of yourself. Easy right? WRONG!' I thought to myself.

"Hi" I said turning to look at him and only narrowly avoiding falling on the fence.

"Hey" He said quietly. He walked over and climbed up on the fence too "So.. how have you been lately?" He asked.

"Good" I said. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't think of anything else to say. These song lyrics kept playing over and over in my head. Don't ask me why!

You're kicking tires, I'm sitting on the fence. Loves falling all around us, and it don't make sense. How long can the two of us beat around the bush. We're right out on the edge and we need a little push... Dancing on the tightrope, wearing it thin. Instead of closing our eyes and jumping in. (lyric credit to Jessica Andrews 'You go first')

"That's good" He said with a nod. Obviously unable to think of anything to say either, we both just sat there for awhile.

"Ashley!" I heard my mother call a few moments later "We need to finish the rehearsal!"

"I better go" I said trying to climb down from the fence without ripping my dress. Bryan jumped down quickly then lifted me off the fence. "Thanks" I said blushing a little then running into the church.


"Here Ashley, put these on" My Mother said, a few minutes later, as she handed me a pair of white high heels.

"What?! No way!" I said backing away. I have this STRONG dislike of High Heels. To me, they're just unnecessary instruments of torture.

"Ashley I do not have the time for this! Take them!" She shoved them into my hands then disappeared to check on Rose.

I sighed and unhappily put them on. I had no idea how I was going to get down the aisle in them. Just taking one step hurt, and I was wobbling like jelly as I attempted to keep my balance.

"Ok people! Lets start!" A voice called and I was directed to my place.

"Oh great" I mumbled to myself as I staggered to the right spot. The wedding march started and the next thing I knew I was walking down the aisle. I was walking ok and felt a little better, and more confident (NOT a good thing)

The next thing I knew I was staggering to the side, then lieing flat on my back on the floor. There was silence in the room then a loud guffaw of laughter from Arnold.

"I see London I see France" Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my brother... 17 going on 5 "I see Ashley's..." He didn't get to continue the annoying poem as he was soon silenced by one of my highheels hitting him in the stomach. I didn't throw it!.. Really!


Could today have been more embarassing? Honestly. Bryan must think I'm some kind of idiot *sigh*

"Ashley" Arnold spoke through my firmly closed door "Dinners ready"

"I'm still not talking to you!" I sulked.

"So what was that?" He asked. I could practically see him shaking his head on the other side of the door, likely mouthing 'girls' "Whatever" he said, and I could soon hear his footsteps fading.

I made a frustrated sound and buried my head in my pillow.

A few minutes later mum came to get me "Ashley if you don't get your butt out to the table this minute you can forget about dinner!"

I've been on this earth for 16 years and the most important thing I've learnt is to NOT mess with my mother when she's using that tone of voice.

I sighed and got up from the bed and walked out to the dinner table. "And don't slouch!" She called after me.

Honestly, my family is impossible at times!

Chapter 4

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