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I stood there, literally frozen in place. For the first time (ok then! More like the twelfth, but this time WAS the worst) I wished the floor would open up and swallow me whole. Talk about embarrasing!

Sitting there, in my fathers old Lazy boy, was Bryan. Yup, THE Bryan. What on earth was he doing at my Grandma's??!!

"Hi" I squeaked in little more then a whisper.

Oh, good one Ashley! Just talk like a chipmunk! That'll sure impress him.

"Well, well. None other then Ashley, all grown up!" He said with a smile. He got up from the chair and walked over to me. He achieved totally surprising me with a hug.

"It's nice to see you again" He said genuinely before disappearing out the door.


"So..." I feigned casualness, as I stabbled at a piece of macaroni on my plate "What was Bryan doing here?"

Aaron almost choked "Bryan? oooooooooooh" he teased. (Yup, my ENTIRE family know about my crush. It's hard to deal with. But for the last 3 years I've been insisting I'm over it. Maybe it'll come true if I say it enough)

I poinedly ignored him.

"Oh, he comes over to the mow the lawns for me every Friday" My Grandmother said with a smile "Such a nice boy"

"Yeah, such a NICE boy" Aaron said in a teasing tone.

I glared at him, then motioned to the food on my fork then at him. Threatening to hit him with it, he got my drift and left it at that.


My Uncle's wedding was in two days. And tomorrow would be spent on last minute plannings and rehearsals (I was going to be a bridesmaid. Rose was going to be flowergirl. And Jonathon ringbearer)

My Uncle and his fiancee were coming around early the next morning.

"Ashley could you be a darling and put Rose and Jonathon to bed?" My mother asked as I made my way to my room.

I opened my mouth to complain then glanced from her to her mother. They both looked so happy. And they didn't usually get to spend much time together. So I held back my complaints and nodded.

"Ok, Rosey girl it's bathtime!" I said scooping Rose up. I walked into her and Mums room and grabbed her clothes and took her to the bathroom.

"I want a bath!" Jonathon said coming into the room (Bath = Water. So of course, Jonathon has as many as possible. Much the opposite of Rose who hates them)

"After Rose ok?" I said while trying to get Rose into the bath. She kept trying to climb into my arms whenever I lowered her into the bath. "Rose you have to get in" That didn't work "Rose I'll give you a cookie if you're a good girl"

She finally submitted and I was able to quickly help her wash then get her out.

"Hey Ashee" Jonathon said standing next to me (He can pronounce my name but has been calling me Ashee all his life, It's kind of a habit for him) "Who's Bryan?" He asked sitting on the bathtub and watching me while I dressed rose.

I froze for a second then continued to dress Rose "A boy" I said simply.

"Your face went all red" Jonathon said looking at me funny "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine" I lied. I gave Rose her cookie and kept an eye on Jonathon as he had his bath.

Man, if my four year old brother could notice something like that so easily... I'm in trouble!


"How are you Ashley?" Natalie my future Aunt asked as she hugged me.

"Tired" I said stifling a yawn.

"Oh you poor thing, must have been a long trip" she said sympatheticly.

"From California to New Zealand. Yup" I said nodding.

"Oh, Ashley I forgot to tell you, Nichole's coming over later today" My Grandmother said to me (Nichole is my cousin, she's two years younger then me, and we've been as close as sisters our entire lives)

I grinned happily, "Great! Is she going to be a bridesmaid too?" I asked.

"Of course" My Uncle said patting me on the head as we all sat down for breakfast "Gotta have my two favorite girls" He said with a smile "Under 20 that is" he said glancing at his fiancee.

I smiled "Good save" I said with a wink.


"Ok everyone time to leave for the church" My Mother stuck her head into the TV room where my 3 siblings and I were vegging out watching tv.

I dragged myself away from the couch and wandered out to the front of the house.

"Oh, Ashley. Bryan will be there" My Uncle said with a wink "Just thought you might wanna know"

I felt my face going red "Oh, that's nice" I said turning away and slowly walking towards the hall, as soon as I was out of sight I raced to my room and make-up bag.

Chapter 3

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