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So I got Arnold out of my hair, which leaves me with the one remaining problem OF my hair.

Do I wear it up or down? Do I braid it or put it in a bun? Do I curl it or keep it straight? Pig Tails or more tails then that? Do I wear extensions or do I wear it so it looks shorter?

The crunching sound of tires on gravel answered the question for me. Bryan's here already. Guess I'm wearing it out!

Oh, help, I am so nervous!

I made my way out to the foyer. Through the glass sliding door I could see Bryan climb out of his car and start walking to the door.

I grabbed my jacket and started over to the door.

"Ashley!" Mum screamed at the same moment I noticed I was about to step on Rose.

"Ashee!" She cooed, looking up at me.

To avoid stepping on her I had to leap to my left which totally through me off balance. I staggered to my right then left as I fell in the general direction of the door. I finally tripped over my loose shoelace and went flying toward the glass.

"ASHLEY!" Mum screamed again.

BAM! I smashed into the glass, wincing as I waited for it to break. I guess it was stronger then I thought, as it never did.

Which simply left me with my face mooshed upa gainst the glass, very elegantly, let me assure you. It reminded me of that scene in Cats & Dogs when the dog leaps at the cat then bangs into the glass and slides down.


Bryan was standing on the other side of the door staring at me. From the expression on his face I couldn't tell if he was concerned or trying not to laugh.

Could this night be off to a worse beginning?


Well, despite it's terrible beginnings the evening eventually continued quite nicely.

The movie was great. Heartbreaking & Hilerious at the same time (Kinda like my life). After that we walked around town for awhile. Then Bryan drove me home.

And it was during that time that I started to think. Silly huh? Wouldn't life just be so much simpler if we didn't think so much?

But anyway, I thought about my life. About the last couple of months. About Bryan. About me. Yes, and about Bryan and me. As in.. us.

And now I'm confused.

What do I feel for him? 5 years ago it was a really big crush. And a week ago, I would have said I'm in love with him. And why wouldn't I be? The guys great. In fact, he hasn't done anything in the last weeks with which I could argue him unperfect. I guess that's saying something...

I don't think I really know him yet.

I don't think I really know me yet either.


"Hey Honey. How was your date?" Mum asked when I tiptoed into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Having thought everyone was asleep, needless to say I pretty much lept out of my skin. I even managed to hit my head on the roof (It's a low roof and I'm tall ok?) I slowly walked over to the table and sat down, willing my heart to stop trying to break out of my chest "F-fine" I mumbled.

"Oh honey. Did something happen?"

Well you pretty much scared the living day lights out of me just now! I wanted to yell but didn't "Yeah, but it's ok" I stood up, having gotten my heartbeat down to a normal level.

"Sure you don't want to talk about it?" She asked with concern.

"Yeah, thanks mum" I kissed her on the cheek, took an apple from the fruit bowl then headed for my room. I had a lot of thinking to do.


So I was in a sea of purple water, looking back at a bright green beach. With a yellow dolphin swimming beside me. I was trying to get back to land but no matter how hard I swam it just seemed to get further and further away.

Suddenly Bryans face appeared in the sky, glaring at me as he muttered something I couldn't quite catch.

"Bryan! Help!" I called, waving my hands above my head.

But he couldn't hear me. No matter how loud I yelled he couldn't hear me. Then I remembered, he was in New Zealand. And I was back in California.. He couldn't hear me, because there was a world between us.

So now the dream was making a little sense. Except for the rainbow colors of everything around me.

The thing I can't make sense of though is Rose continually calling "Ashee! Ashee!" in my ear... Oh.. wait. That isn't in the dream. Oh great, so much for it's ending. I'm waking up.

I blinked as I tried to see in the dark room. I flicked on the bedside lamp, and jumped. Rose was sitting on the edge of the bed, her face mere centimetres from mine and her big eyes peering into mine "Roooose, what are you doing here?" I mumbled sleepily.

"Scared!" She said with baby tears in her eyes.

I sighed and moved over so she could climb into bed with me. She smiled and closed her eyes, immediately she was fast asleep. I closed my eyes and prepared to do the same but my second major fright of the night came when my door swung open, banging loudly against the wall.

I sat bolt upright "Whos there?" I asked nervously, straining to see.

Chapter 15

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