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"What do you think?" Bryan asked. I turned to look at him and burst out laughing.

We were walking through a clothing store and Bryan had somehow managed to find the biggest and most hideous hat he could. It was sitting on his head, barely, covering everything from his nose up.

"I think it's hideous" I said with a laugh. I reached over and took it off his head.

He winked at me then grabbed another hat. A large, floppy, sun hat.

"Oh come on" I said taking his hand and dragging him away from the hats.

"But! But!" He leaned back for the hats then suddenly when serious "That last one really suited me don't you think?"

"Um,... no!"


Contrary to popular belief its actually possible to have fun when your plans fall through. I got my dream day. Spending hours with my crush, and no one else.

When I first decided I had a crush on him I guess it was on shallow grounds... Appearance, the way he acted, social status. But now, the more I get to know him the more I realize what a great person he is. And the more I like him on those grounds.

But alas, it leaves me with this massive problem. I live on the other side of the world. And only have a couple of weeks here!


"Did you have fun today honey? How was the movie?" Mum asked as I trudged into my grandmathers house, my face downcast.

"Oh, it was sold out" I said quietly and started for the hallway.

"What's wrong?" She asked in that concerned mothers tone that is so often reassuring but sometimes just makes you want to cry.

"Nothing" I sighed.

She eyed me, obviously not believing my weak attempt at covering up my feelings. "Well if you want to talk to me about something feel free" She said with a reassuring smile. She wasn't fooled, not at all. Guess she just realized I didn't want to talk.

I nodded then turned and made my way to my room.


I spent the next day 'sulking' in my room and the TV room. I watched like 20 mindless cartoons on tv and by the end of it was starting to feel hyper. I think that's more to blame on the litre of ice cream I'd eaten, not the cartoons. But anyway...

I sighed and got up from my lazy boy and started yet another trip to the kitchen. Maybe Nanna has some chocolate chip cookies stashed in her secret hiding place (no one knows about it, supposedly. In reality we all do and she always overlooks when things mysteriously disappear!)

I made my way to the drawer and leaned back behind it where a second drawer was placed, my hand connected with something that made a scrunching sound just as footsteps echoed outside the door. I quickly pulled my hand out stood up and spun around, leaning against the drawers casually.

"Hi Gran" I said as she stuck her head in the door.

"Hi Honey" She said with a sweet grandmotherly smile "Phone for you. That boy" She said with a wink before disappearing out the door again.

I swallowed hard. Oh boy... why do I always feel so nervous when he calls??


"Hi Bryan" I tried to sound cool, but typicaly my voice broke a little. I winced and smacked myself on the hand.

"Yo! Ashley, what's up?" He asked, his voice warm, as it always seemed to be.

"Not much" I twirled the phone cord around my fingers, a nervous habbit "Just watching tv" I sighed "The networks are so boring!"

"Tell me about it. I'm so glad we have sky" Sky Television is basically cable.

"Mental note to self: Beg Gran to get Sky" I said with a laugh.

He laughed too "But anyway, back to what I was calling about" He suddenly sounded nervous, which of course made me more nervous... "That movies playing in about an hour, I was wondering if you'd like to try to catch it again?"

I grinned, "I'd love to!" Then thinking of something asked: "Will Mark and Sarah be coming too?"

"Nah, they've got plans" He sounded a little vague and I wondered if he'd even asked them "It'll just be the two of us"

I was both excited and deathly nervous by that idea!


I survived Arnold teasing me in the 20 minutes it took for Bryan to pick me up. He kept going on and on about it.

And it was then my mind wandered to Sarah, and the way she'd looked at him. That definitely looked like the start of a crush to me.

"Look!" I spun around to face him as I walked into my room "If I give you a cute girls number will you leave me alone?"

He looked suspicious "How cute?"

"Cute!" I said simply.

He still looked wary "How old?"

"A little older then me..." I tipped my head to the side "Well, if you're not interested" I started to close the door

"No wait!" He said putting his foot in the way.

I smiled.

Chapter 13

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