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I don't remember much of the reception. It was kind of all a blur. Basically I just cried the whole time. When I got that under control I talked to a couple of people. I have no idea what about, but I know I did talk to people. Wait a minute. I think I did..

Eventually I just got tired of it all. I asked Mum if she'd give me a ride home but she didn't want to leave yet. I sighed and surveyed the room. I eventually spotted Bryan talking to... ugh! John. I sighed and walked in that direction. When I got there Bryan put an arm round my shoulder.

"You remember John?" He asked.

"Yeah. Hi" I said to John, barely looking at him.

"Hi" John said. He looked at me closely then to Bryan "Well I have to go" He said "see you later"

I guess he noticed how tired I looked.

"How are you doing?" Bryan asked me.

"Ok I guess" I whispered, looking at my feet "I just really wanna go home. But Mum isn't ready yet"

"I could give you a ride"

I glanced up "You could?"


"Thank-you so much!!" I took his hand and pretty much dragged him outside "I really need to get away from this place"


We drove home in silence.

"You sure you're ok on your own?" Bryan asked when as I climbed out of the car.

I turned to him and smiled shakily "Yeah" I said "I just kinda need some time to think" I explained.

He nodded "Ok, call me if you need someone to talk to"

"Thanks" I gently slammed the door and waved as he drove away then went inside.


Over the next couple of days I started to feel a little better. Less depressed and everything. The idea that Nichole was gone, started to settle in a little. And though I hated having to do it, I started to learn to live with the fact. I knew I'd see her again someday.

I soon started to encounter cabin fever. Being stuck in a house with my mother and grandmother (who love each other dearly but do disagree a bit. Ok.. a lot) was getting a little nerve fraying.

So needless to say I was extremely relieved when Bryan called, and of course extremely excited.

"Bryan! Hi!" I said happily when he said who he was.

"Hey. How are you doing?" he asjed concerned.

"Ok" I said quietly.

"Well, I was thinking, you must be desperated to get out of the house by now"

"You read my mind!"

He laughed "Well some friends and I are going to a movie tomorrow and I was wondering if you'd like to come?"

"Up in Auckland?" I asked (NZ's largest city. A little under an hour from where I Lived, also the closest movie theatres)

"Yup. Interested?"

"VERY!" I said excitedly.

"Great! We'll pick you up at say 4pm?" He asked "It's an early screening"

"Sure! That'll be great! See you then" I said happily before hanging up.

I pretty much floated the rest of the day. A date! With Bryan. Well ok, so it's not really a date. It's 'with friends' but... WHO CARES?! I'm going to a movie with Bryan!!!


After spending an hour getting ready, I waited outside. Considering I'd started getting ready almost two hours before they'd come, I kind of had some extra time. Just enough for Arnold to come and start teasing.

"So" He said grinning mischeviously "Little sisters sitting our here waiting for her date to come pick her up"

I sighed and stood up "It's not a date" I said walking away from him and out to the garden

"You are going to a movie with the guy aren't you?" He asked following me. Annoying brother.

"yes" I said slowly

"Sounds like a date to me"

"Whatever Arnold" I shook my head. Just then a car coasted down the drive and I ran over to it "Later!" I said waving to him, more then happy to get away.

I climbed into the car "Sarah! Hi" I said spotting the girl driving, I'd known her from school. We hadn't been best friends but we weren't enemies.

"Hey" She said smiling at me "Woah, is that your brother?" She asked glancing over to where Arnold was watching us drive away.

"Yeah" I said groaning.

"Cute!" Sarah said with a little giggle.

Bryan rolled his eyes at me "This is Mark" He said pointing to the other guy in the front seat "And Mara his sister" He said pointing to the girl next to him"

I smiled at them both.

"So how are you doing?" Bryan asked me, putting an arm around me. Something he did a lot.

"Ok" I said resting my head on his shoulder "There are times when I forget she's gone. Then I remember, that's the worst time"

He hugged me to him "It'll get easier" He whispered reassuringly.

I noticed Sarah looking at us in the rearvision mirror. She smiled then turned up the radio "I love this song!" She said happily.

Jessica Simpson 'I think I'm in love with you' started playing loudly.

She glanced back at me and winked. I burst out laughing, seeing what she was getting at.

Everyone looked at me like I was insane but I just shook my head refusing to say.


"Bad news guys" Mark said climbing back into the car. He'd just run into the movie theatre to get our tickets, we were a little early so we were gonna drive round till it was time to go "They're sold out"

Chapter 12

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