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"ASHLEY!" A voice called, the sound echoing through the large interior of the ferry, as I spun around nervously. My eyes scanned the room until they found their way to my tired looking mother. I gulped and quickly made my way over to her.

"Jonathon's determined to jump off the side of the ferry" She said brushing her hair from her my face (Jonathon's my four year old brother. He absolutely adores the water, but doesn't quite comprehend the danger it can represent) "And Rose keeps insisting I carry her anywhere. I'm honestly gonna collapse soon" She said with a sigh.

"You want me to take one of them?" I asked with an attempt at an angelic smile.

"Here" She said handing me Rose (My absolutely adorable 3 year old sister) she then ran off after Jonathon who was headed for the railing. Hey, at least they keep her young!

"Jonathon Olsen you get your butt back here this instant!" She yelled.

I shook my head and wandered back inside.


So, you've probably by this time, realized I have a rather large family. Well you've only read of three of them. There's also my big brother Arnold, and another sister Mary (She's away at college) Needless to say my life is hectic. And confusing.

But hey, I thrive on it!


"Aaron! Either you turn that noise down or put it on a normal channel!" My mother yelled at my brother, who had just turned the car stereo to full volume.

"Awww Mum, you just have no taste" Aaron said. He nodded his head in time with the Rap tune.

Mum just reached over and switched off the radio. Aaron sulked for the next hour.

I, meanwhile was crammed in the backseat with my fueding younger siblings.

"MUM!" Jonathon screamed at the top of his small youngs (He may be young, but there's no limit to his volume) "Rose bit me!"

"Rose! Do not eat your sister!" Mum turned from the road for a split second to scold Rose.

I sighed and rested my head against the window. Only 5 more hours and we'd finally reach our destination.


"So many words, So many lies. Funny now there's nothing left to say. We had our share, of days in the sun. But we let the clouds get in the way" I sang along, with my TRUEvibe cd.

"Mum!" Aaron immediately whined, "She's singing a Pop Song"

"Can it!" My mother was obviously stressed, and in need of a cup of tea (She's kinda like the mother on Malcolm in the Middle, but not as unreasonable) "You're treading on thin ice right now"

I sighed and turned the volume up on my walkman, I continued to sing, but slightly quieter. Making Aaron mad is a dangerous thing.

"What do we wish on now? Now that our star has fallen from the sky. And where did we go so wrong in this love and, how do I kiss you good-bye?"


"Ashley, Honey wake up. We're here" My mum whispered.

I lifted my head from the car door and glanced around. Sure enough, all around me where familiar sites. I was finally home. I smiled and got out of the car. My neck was stiff, and my foot was asleep, but not even that could dampen the happy mood I had at finally being home.

I wandered into the house where Rose and Jonathon were already making a mess. My Grandmother spotted me. "Ashley" she said with a smile, she walked over and hugged me "How are you doing?"

"Good." I said "I'm good now"

She smiled when she finally pulled back. "I'm making a special family dinner tonight, you're favorite!"

I grinned "Macaroni and Cheese?" I asked happily.

She nodded.

My Grandmother is truly the best cook in the world! She's amazing!

Grandma moved on to greet mum, and I yawned. I glanced around the room and spotted Aaron eying the door. We both glanced at each then at it again.

"Dibs on the tv!" I shouted racing for the door.

He started running the same second and we almost crashed in the hallway. Somehow we both made it to the tv room without breaking a bone (A true miracle). I dove onto the sofa and grabbed the remote mere seconds before Aaron could reach it. I turned to him with a triumphant smile, he just glared at me then left the room.

"Well, that was an interesting scene" A voice said with a laugh.

I froze. No way! It wasn't! Was it? I slowly turned, a blush rising on my cheeks.

Chapter 2

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