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Olsen house

Scene 1
9:00 AM

Mary-Kate wanted to get up extra early this Saturday morning. She needed to get the mail before her father did. She didn't want him to see bill for her boyfriend's Valentine present because she knew he would flip out. Mary-Kate snuck out of her room. As she walked downstairs, she saw that no one was

'Just as planned.' Mary-Kate thought.

Little did she know. Mary-Kate opened the door. As she was about to step outside with her pink fuzzy slippers and her pink bathrobe, she saw her father coming up the driveway carrying the mail in his pjs.

'Oh no!' Mary-Kate thought.

Dave Olsen looked at his daughter.

"Mary-Kate? Where are you going? You're in your pajamas honey." Dave said entering his house.

Mary-Kate thought of something to say. She hugged her father.

"I just wanted to say good morning." Mary-Kate said trying to get a glance at the mail.

Dave looked at his daughter with question.

"And why are we up so early?" he asked.

"I... I wanted to give McKenzie a hand with setting up grandma's party." Mary-Kate said.

"But it's Valentine's Day. You know I always wake you kids up on Valentine's Day with your Valentine's present." Dave said smiling. He knew something was up with Mary-Kate, but he decided to play along.

"Well. I'll just go back up stairs." Mary-Kate said trying to make an exit.

"Well. Wait." Dave said, smiling. 'If she was going to hide something from me, I'll have a little fun with this.'

Mary-Kate turned around on the stairs.

"I thought you were going to give McKenzie a hand." Dave said. "Now let's see. The bathroom's need cleaning, your room is a mess, the dogs need to be walked, and the family room needs to be picked up." Dave kissed his daughter on the head.

"You can handle that. Right Hun." He said heading towards the den to pay his bills.

Mary-Kate sighed. 'I should have just slept in.' She thought.

Ashley's room
Scene 2
Saturday 9:15 AM

Ashley was seated at her desk reading a note from Matt. She smiled while reading it.

"How sweet." Ashley thought aloud.

"What's sweet?" Mary-Kate said entering the room.

Ashley handed Mary-Kate the note.

"Why are you up so early Mary-Kate. You usually sleep to like 11." Ashley asked looking at her watch. "Besides isn't dad suppose to wake us up on Valentine's Day?" Ashley said.

"Yeah well, I had something to take care of. Now I'm stuck cleaning the house for grandma's party tonight." Mary-Kate said skimming the note.

Ashley looked at Mary-Kate confused. What did she have to take care of? Mary-Kate smiled and read the note out loud.

"My dearest Ashley. You smell as sweet as a rose." Mary-Kate laughed.

Ashley grabbed the note out of Mary-Kate's hand.

"His poems are so original." Mary-Kate joked.

Ashley started to make her bed.

"Are you and Max still going out tonight?" Ashley asked Mary-Kate.

"Dad said to stick around here for a while, then we can go out. What about you and Matt." Mary-Kate asked.

"Same thing." Ashley replied.

"So did you get Max something?" Ashley asked.

"ASHLEY! TRENT! MARY-KATE! Get down here now!" Dave Olsen yelled.

Mary-Kate looked at Ashley.

"Ut Oh. Someone's in trouble. Probably Trent." Ashley said.

The girls walked out of Ashley's room to find a very tired and grumpy Trent in the hallway.

"This better be important. It's only 9:30." Trent said following the girls downstairs.

The Den
Scene 3
Saturday 9:30

Dave Olsen sat at his desk looking over a bill. He took his reading glasses off when his children entered.

"Dad. Is this about Valentine's Day? Cause you know. Life isn't really a box a chocolates. You could of waited till 11 to give us our present." Trent said stupidly.

Mary-Kate and Ashley laughed at their brother's stupidity and Dave Olsen tried to hold back a giggle. Then he put his serious face on.

"Some how, someone in this family decided to get a bigger present for Valentine's Day. A $200 present from Now may I ask who is responsible for this."? Dave said.

All three kids looked at each other.

"Hey dad. You know I don't like to read." Trent said laughing.

Mary-Kate and Ashley started laughing once again. Dave nodded trying not to laugh at his son's joke. He looked toward Mary-Kate and Ashley.

"Okay so tell me now. Which one of you purchased the 4 foot Valentine kissing bears?" Dave asked.

Ashley started to laugh.

"Dad. I love Matt, but I wouldn't spend 200 dollars on a present for him. The bill must be wrong. You would have to be crazy to do a stupid thing like that." Ashley said.

Mary-Kate got a little embarrassed. Dave looked at his last suspect. Mary-Kate looked around the room, then at her father.

"Me?" She asked sweetly.

"Trent. Ashley. You may leave. And don't think you're going to lounge around the house all-day and let McKenzie and I do all the work. I want your rooms cleaned, your bathroom's cleaned, and anything else you notice that needs cleaning. Now hop to it." Dave said.

Ashley and Trent sighed, then left. Dave told Mary-Kate to sit down. Now they both knew Mary-Kate could afford the whole store, let alone the bears, but that wasn't the point. Dave brought his daughter's up as normal teens rather than movie stars.

"So this is why you were up so early. You wanted to hide this bill from me. Can I ask you something. Do you have the 200 dollars to pay for this?" He asked.

"No. But I thought, you know once I get allowance this week, I can pay off half of it with my savings." Mary-Kate replied.

Dave gave a giggle.

"Mary-Kate. If you don't pay off the bill, you can go to jail. You just don't pay it when you feel like it." Dave said annoyed.

Mary-Kate started tapping her foot.

"Do you have some place to be?" Dave asked.

"Dad I'm sorry. I'll pay for it. I promise." Mary-Kate said.

How did you pay for it to begin with?" Dave asked.

"I borrowed your credit card." Mary-Kate said putting on an innocent smile.

"Borrowed? Borrowing is something when you get permission to take, from the person you are borrowing from. Did you ask me?" Dave said.

"I was going to." Mary-Kate said.

"Going to. Going to doesn't count Mary-Kate. Don't you think 200 dollars is expensive for a Valentine's gift. You and Max have only been going out for 9 months." Dave said.

"I know dad. But I wanted this one to be special. After all, Max and I are in love." Mary-Kate told her father.

Dave laughed nervously. He put his hands on his face.

"Did the bears arrive?" Dave asked.

"Yes. They are wrapped up in my room." Mary-Kate said.

"And when were you planning on telling me you bought these?" Dave asked.

"Today." Mary-Kate said unsure.

"Okay. We don't have time for this." Dave said cleaning up his mess. The guest are coming at 7 and we all have to pitch in and help clean up the house." Dave said.

"Mary-Kate smiled of relief.

"This doesn't mean you're off the hook. We'll talk about this later. But as of now, you're grounded. No phone, no computer, or no hanging out with friends, tomorrow." Dave said letting her know she could still go out with Max. He was strict, but he also had a heart. Dave kissed his daughter on the forehead.

"Fine." Mary-Kate said.

"Now go clean your room and make sure everyone else is too." Dave said.

"Okay." Mary-Kate said.

Dave continued to clear up his den.

Family Room
Scene 4
10 AM

Mary-Kate walked into the family room to find Trent, Ashley, Lizzie, Taylor, and Jake all watching the family feud. She stood in front of the TV.

"Move MK." Trent said trying to see.

"Dad said to clean your rooms and get dressed." Mary-Kate said.

"Mine is clean already." Ashley said proud.

"Yeah so go get dressed. McKenzie needs us to pitch in." Mary-Kate said.

"Yeah in a second." Trent said.

Ashley left for the shower and Mary-Kate took Taylor upstairs to get her dressed. Trent turned off the TV and took Jake upstairs to get him dressed.

"Come on buddy. Let's go get ready for the party." Trent said.

Lizzie followed the rest upstairs.

Taylor's room
Scene 5

Mary-Kate held up the tenth dress to the five year old.

"This one?" Mary-Kate asked.

"No. I don't like that one." Taylor said.

"That's it. I give up! Dress yourself." Mary-Kate told her sister.

McKenzie enters the room.

"Hey my darlings. What's going on?" She asked smiling.

"Taylor won't get dress. I gave her plenty to chose form." Mary-Kate said.

"Are you giving MK a hard time Taylor?" McKenzie entered.

"AHHHHH!" Ashley screamed.

McKenzie, Taylor and Mary-Kate went running into the hallway.

"What's going on?" she asked Trent who was outside the bathroom door.

"I didn't know she was in there." Trent told his step mom.

Ashley came out in a towel.

"You jerk." Ashley said punching her brother.

"Oww. I didn't do it on purpose. Trust me." He said laughing.

But Ashley didn't find humor in this. McKenzie and Mary-Kate started laughing too. Just then, Lizzie enters the hallway with Jake.

"What happened?" Lizzie asked.

Before anyone could answer, Dave came up the stairs holding Valentine's Day presents.

"Happy Valentine's Day everyone." Dave said.

He handed each of the kids a huge box of chocolate and the girls had a piece of jewelry attached to theirs. Jake had gotten matchbox cars, and Trent got the cell phone clip plate he wanted. Everyone thanked their dad and hugged him. Then Dave pulled out a bouquet of roses and handed them to his wife.

"These are for you my love." He said kissing her.

"I think I'm going to throw up." Trent said.

Everyone laughed.

"Alright. The guests are going to arrive in 8 hours. Lets get moving. Um Trent when you're finished, I need you to go to the bakery and pick up the cake." Dave said.

Trent nodded and everyone went back to what they had been doing.

Mary-Kate's room
Scene 6
4:00 PM

Mary-Kate and Ashley had finished their chores. Ashley laid on Mary-Kate's bed and read the note Matt gave to her again. Mary-Kate picked up the phone.

"I thought you were grounded from the phone." Ashley said.

"Well, technically my punishment doesn't start till tomorrow, so I can use it today." Mary-Kate told Ashley.

Mary-Kate dialed Max's number.

"Hello?" Max said.

"Hey." Mary-Kate replied.

Max smiled.

"I was hoping it was you." He said.

Just then, Trent walked into Mary-Kate's room.

"Does one of you want to come with me to pick up the cake?" Trent asked.

Mary-Kate shook her head no. Trent looked towards Ashley and gave her the puppy face.

"Fine. I'll go." She said grabbing Mary-Kate's jean jacket off her bed.

"Hold on Max." Mary-Kate said.

"That's mine." Mary-Kate said to Ashley.

"Relax. I'm only borrowing it." Ashley said and left.

"Okay I'm back. So this is going to be the last day I can call you." Mary-Kate said sad.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Max asked.

"No silly. I'm grounded from the phone starting tomorrow." Mary-Kate said.

"Well we can still IM each other." Max said hopefully.

"I'm grounded from that to." Mary-Kate said.

"That stinks. What did you do?" He asked.

"Um so I'm really looking forward to seeing you tonight." Mary-Kate said changing the subject.

"Me too. What time should I pick you up?" Max asked.

"Well we're having my grandmother's 80th birthday party here tonight, so my dad is making me stick around here for a while. You can come here for a little, then we could go out." Mary-Kate said.

"A surprise party huh. I hope your grandmother doesn't have a heart attack." Max laughed.

Mary-Kate was shocked by what her boyfriend had said.

"Max. That is so mean. I love my grandma." She said mad.

"Oh... Well what I meant was..." Max started embarrassed.

"Never mind. Just be here at 7." Mary-Kate told him not realizing that was the time her grandparents were coming. She hung up the phone and sat at her desk for a moment, then she went downstairs to see what was going on.


Trent's car
Scene 7
5:00 PM

"Trent, we've been driving around for an hour trying to find this bakery. Why don't you just call dad?" Ashley asked annoyed.

"My phone doesn't have a connection here for some reason. But don't worry. Everything is going to be fine." He told his sister, even though he had no clue where they were.

Ashley put her hand on her head.

"We're not going to make it back in time for the party. The guests are going to be there in an hour!" Ashley yelled.

"Don't worry. It's not like we have a flat tire or ran out of gas Ashley. We're completely mobile." Trent said.

All of a sudden, the car started to stop.

"Why are you slowing down? We're on the freeway." Ashley said.

"I'm not slowing down, I think we're out of gas." Trent said trying to pull off to the side of the road.

"You Idiot!" Ashley yelled.

Trent took the keys out of the car and looked at his sister.

"Now what are we going to do?" She asked.

"I saw a service station a couple exits back. We'll just walk back there, phone dad, get as, and ask him where the bakery is." Trent said calmly.

"Yeah and you should ask him where your brain is!" Ashley yelled.

Trent gave Ashley a dirty look.

"Do you have a better plan?" He asked.

Ashley didn't answer.

"I didn't think so." He said opening his car door.

Ashley got out of the car and walked over to Trent. He took her hand.

"I'm not a baby. I think I can manage." Ashley said.

"Listen. I'm in charge and I don't want you being hit by a car." Trent said.

Ashley rolled her eyes and the two headed out for their long journey.

Olsen Kitchen
Scene 8

Dave Olsen picks up the phone mad and dials Trent's cell phone. He slams the phone down and everyone jumps.

"What's the point of having a cell phone, if he's going to turn it off." Dave complained.

"Why don't you try Ashley's?" McKenzie said while preparing the appetizers.

Dave dialed the number and the family heard a ringing in the house. Mary-Kate walked into the dinning room and saw the phone. She brought it into the kitchen.

Dave hung up the phone.

"I love this whole cell phone invention. Those two goofballs are probably out goofing around, and don't realize people are going to be here any minute." Dave said.

"Daddy. It's not nice to call people names." Jake said looking up from his coloring book.

Dave looked at his son then at Mary-Kate.

"Did they say where they were going?" Dave asked.

"Hey." Mary-Kate said putting her hands up. "You can't blame this one on me." She said.

McKenzie smiled.

Lucy and Bismarck (their two dogs) surrounded the door. Dave looked towards them.

"Mary-Kate. Didn't I ask you to walk the dogs?" He asked.

"oopps." Mary-Kate said.

Dave sighed.

"Don't worry dad. I'll do it now. Come on Lizzie. Come with me." Mary-Kate said to her sister.

"I don't want you girls going to far. It's getting late." McKenzie said.

"Yeah. Only go up the street a little okay." Dave said.

The girls nodded, got the leashes and left. Dave and McKenzie continued to set up the party.

Scene 9

Ashley stopped walking.

"Trent I can't go anymore. It's to far and it's getting dark." Ashley said worried.

"Come on Ash. It's only up just a little more." Trent said.

Ashley looked scared. She didn't like walking on the parkway. Anyone could have hit them. Trent put out his hand.

"Now do you want to hold my hand." Trent said smiling knowing that he was right.

Ashley rolled her eyes and took her brother's hand. She figured that's what brothers are for, protection.


Mary-Kate and Lizzie walk up their street, each with a dog. It's gotten really dark and cold.

"I wish these dogs would go to the bathroom soon." Lizzie said.

"I think they just wanted to go for a walk. Come on let's head home." Mary-Kate told her sister.

"But what if we walk in when grandma and poppy get there?" Lizzie asked.

"They're not coming till later." Mary-Kate said. "Come on. I bet dad is waiting for us and Trent and Ashley are home." Mary-Kate said.

The two headed back.

Service station
Scene 10

Ashley and Trent finally reached the gas station. Trent called up his dad after talking with the people. They said they would drive them back to their car and fill the car up.The phone rang at home.

"Hello?" Dave answered.

"Dad. Dad its Trent." He said.

"Trent!? Where the hell are you guys? People are starting to show to and grandmas going to be in here in an hour." Dave said mad. "We had car trouble, but don't worry. We should be home within the next hour." Trent said.

" Listen where are you?" Dave asked.

"Route 55." Trent said.

"Route 55! Trent the bakery is freaking right up the street from us. What is your problem. Do you know how to get home from here?" Dave asked.

"No." Trent said upset.

Dave told his son the directions.

"Is Ashley alright?" Dave asked.

Trent look towards his sister who was pacing.

"Oh Ashley. Couldn't be better." Trent said.

"In other words she's flipping out." Dave said.

"Basically yeah." Trent said.

"Listen, you just concentrate on getting home. I'll send uncle Mike to get the cake." Dave said.

When Trent was fished talking, to his dad, he and Ashley rode to wear the car was and got it fixed. The two headed home.

Olsen Family room

Mary-Kate and Lizzie walk in the house to find their Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Lizzie was excited to see her cousins because they were all around the same age. Trent, Spencer, Ashley, and Mary-Kate were the oldest. The rest were Lizzie's age or younger.The girls said hello to everyone and Lizzie took her cousins to the playroom. Mary- Kate went into the kitchen.

"Ashley and Trent aren't back yet?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Their on their way. They had car trouble. Uncle Mike went to get the cake." Dave told her.

"Mary-Kate Hun, would you bring these out for me?" McKenzie asked.

Mary-Kate took the tray of oeuvres and went to the family room.

Scene 12
6:45 PM

The Olsen's and grandma's friends mingled in the living room, while the kids played. Mike had gotten back with the cake, but Ashley and Trent still haven't arrived. Mary-Kate talks to her aunt about horses.

"So Mary-Kate. Your dad told me you won a metal last weekend for a jumping contest." Aunt Sarah said.

"Yeah. It was really hard too, because they changed the course around." Mary-Kate said.

"I would have been there, but Spencer had car trouble, and I had to go help him because Uncle Mike was working." She told her niece.

"That's okay. I have another meet next weekend. That is if dad will let me go." Mary-Kate said.

"Why wouldn't he let you go?" Sarah asked.

Mary-Kate told her aunt the story. She laughed.

"I remember doing something like that when I was your age. My dad made me go to work with him at the carwash, and dry cars until I paid off the cost." Sarah said laughing.

Mary-Kate laughed to. Her and her Aunt were a lot alike. Both had a passion for horses, and both had a wacky sense of humor. Just then, Rebecca called.

"Mommy! Come here." She called.

Sarah left for the playroom. Just then, Lizzie saw a car pull up.

"Trent and Ashley are home!" Lizzie yells.

Dave Olsen goes running out the door. Lizzie watches through the window. Trent and Ashley get out of the car.

'We're dead.' Ashley thought.

"Are you two okay?" Dave asked concerned.

"Yeah dad were fine. Did we miss the surprise?" Trent asked.

"No. Grandma and Poppy are running late. Now come inside before you catch a cold." Dave said putting one arm around Trent and the other around Ashley. The three walk in the house and everyone greets them.

"Hey! Didn't I see you two on the highway?" Uncle Mike joked.

But Trent and Ashley didn't laugh. They had no idea what they had been through. Mary-Kate walks up to Ashley, as Ashley takes off her coat.

"Are you okay?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine I guess, but now I look horrible and I don't have time to change for my date." Ashley said.

"I'll help you after grandma gets here." Mary-Kate told her.

Ashley hugged her sister. She was tired, and didn't even feel like going on a date with Matt. Lizzie saw another car pull up.

"They're here!" Lizzie yelled.

Dave shut off the lights. Everyone got quiet and waiting for her to come in. They knew grandma never knocked. She would always just walk in. Grandma knocked on the door and opened. She walked in and everyone yelled.

"SURPRISE!" only to find out it wasn't grandma. It was Matt and Max. Mary-Kate and Ashley looked towards their boyfriends. Ashley looked at Mary-Kate.

"Who told them to come at this time?" She whispered to Mary-Kate.

"Well I sort of told Max to come, but I didn't know Matt was to." Mary-Kate said.

Everyone in the room groaned when they found out it wasn't grandma. Dave shut the door and welcomed his daughter's guest. Everyone in the family had meant them before, so everyone was comfortable with them being here, because they were at all family events. Mary-Kate and Ashley greeted their boyfriends.

"Hey guys." Mary-Kate said.

"Hey Mary-Kate when you told Max to come at 7, you never said we were going to get that kind of welcome." Matt said.

Mary-Kate gave Ashley a 'he's your boyfriend' look.

Finally Dave's mom did arrive and everyone yelled surprise. His mom was very happy and she was very grateful.

Scene 13
Olsen House
Ashley's room

Max and Matt waited downstairs while Mary-Kate and Ashley got ready. Ashley applied her makeup, while Mary-Kate wrapped Ashley's present to Matt for her. She didn't have time to.

"What time is it MK?" Ashley asked.

"7:30." Mary-Kate replied.

"What time did dad tell us to be home?" Ashley asked.

"10. Plus One of us has to give up our room for grandma and poppy, because they're spending the night." Mary-Kate said.

"Well Trent can. He owes me." Ashley said mad.

Mary-Kate laughed.

"It's not funny." Ashley said.

"Sorry. But would you hurry up. I have a feeling Max is taking to poppy, so I'll have to save him from the stories about Vietnam." Mary-Kate said.

"Yeah and Matt has probably hit all the dessert tables already." Ashley said laughing.

Mary-Kate laughed to.

Scene 14

Lizzie and Matt played pool with Trent and Spencer, while waiting for the girls. Max had been talking with Mary-Kate's grandfather.

"So you see young man, after the war everything seemed like a blessing..." Grandpa said.

Max just smiled and nodded thinking where is Mary-Kate. Just then, the girls came downstairs. Ashley took Matt's hand and told him she was ready. He bent down to Lizzie.

"We'll finish this game up next time and beat them, K Lizzie." Matt said smiling. Matt was very charming and good with kids or pre teens. Lizzie had a dreamy look in her face and Ashley caught it. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Come on." She told Matt.

Ashley said good-bye to everyone and wished her grandmas a Happy Birthday. She opened the door, but her father pushed it shut and smiled.

"Where are you taking my daughter this evening?" Dave asked.

"It's a surprise." Matt said.

"A surprise. Great." He said.

He pulled Matt into the kitchen. Ashley put her hand on her head. 'Oh my god. How embarrassing.' She thought.

Scene 15

"So where is this surprise?" Dave asked again.

"Ashley's favorite restaurant 'The Carriage House,' then a walk on the beach, then dessert at the pier, then home." Matt said.

"You do mean a walk on the beach, don't you? Because if I ever found out, there was more then a walk on the beach, I will kill you." Dave said serious as can be.

Matt started laughing, and then saw Dave wasn't.

"Yes sir." Matt said.

Dave smiled.

"Good man. Have my daughter home at 10." Dave said patting him on the back and leading him back to Ashley. She mouthed 'I'm sorry' to Matt and he smiled.

After hugging her dad good bye, they left.

Olsen House
Scene 16

Mary-Kate spotted Max talking to her grandfather. She could see he was drifting to sleep. She smiled and walked over to them.

"Hey Max ready to go?" Mary-Kate said.

Max looked up and smiled. He mouthed 'thank-you.' To her.

"By Mr. Olsen." Max said.

"See you sonny. Take care of my granddaughter." He said.

"I will." He said. "Ready?" He asked Mary-Kate.

"Wait. I want to give you your present before we leave." Mary-Kate said.

"You didn't have to get me anything. That's my job." He said.

She smiled.

"Just go wait in my dad's den. I'll be there in a second." Mary-Kate said excited.

He went into the den and she rushed upstairs to get his present. She walked into the den and told him to close his eyes, then she brought in the gift, which towered 3ft high. His mouth dropped.

"Mary-Kate what is that? We agreed to spend a certain amount of money on each other." Max said a little annoyed.

"I know. But I care about you a lot and I wanted to get you something special." She said.

He snarled. "Special doesn't require you spend a lot money. I mean just because e you have money, doesn't mean I need a charity gift!" Max yelled.

Mary-Kate felt like crying. How could her boyfriend be saying this?

"You jerk. You don't even know what it is! I can't believe you brought up my money. Do you think I care about money?! Money isn't my life! The people in it are. I don't care how much I make, and I didn't even use my money for your gift! I'm not allowed. SO if you think I'm going around buying this and selling that you've got it all wrong and your not who I thought you are." Mary-Kate said crying. She left and ran upstairs to her room crying.

Max walked out of the den and bumped into Dave.

"Oh sorry Max. Hey, what's wrong? I thought you and Mary-Kate left already." Dave said.

"We're not going out tonight Mr. Olsen." Max said opening the door.

"Is everything okay?" Dave asked.

"No. I blew it big time." Max said.

Dave gave Max a sympathetic look.

"The bears right. I know they're a little cheesy, but I think MK wanted to get you something special." Dave said smiling.

"Bears?" Max thought confused.

"Anyway. I'm sure things will work out." Dave said patting him on the back and returning to his party.

Max left thinking about what had just happened.

Scene 17
The carriage house

Ashley and Matt sat across from each other in her favorite restaurant. It was very romantic for the special holiday. Each table had a red Tablecloth and a single candle lit in the center. Matt took Ashley's hand.

"Wow matt. This was so sweet. I can't believe you remembered this was my favorite restaurant." Ashley said smiling.

"I listen to everything you say." Matt said.

Ashley smiled. The waiter came with the check. Matt paid with his credit card and stood up. He took Ashley's coat and put it on her like a gentleman. She smiled.

"Now where to Mr. Russell?" Ashley asked.

"You'll just have to wait and see." Matt said. He took Ashley's hand and to left.

Scene 18
Mary-Kate's room

Mary-Kate was lying on her bed crying. She turned on her CD player and blasted it. She didn't want to think about what had happened, and how horrible her Valentine's Day was, but she couldn't help it. This was the second Valentine's Day she had missed. Last year she didn't have a boyfriend to celebrate with, and this year her boyfriend was being a total jerk. Someone knocked on Mary-Kate's door.

"Go away!" Mary-Kate called.

But the person came in anyway. It was McKenzie. She came in, shut the CD player off, and sat on Mary-Kate's bed. Mary-Kate looked at her stepmother trying to wipe away the tears.

"Don't wipe away your tears sweetie. It's better to show how you're feeling, then to hide it." She said.

Mary-Kate smiled. Her step mom always made sense. McKenzie brushed a piece of hair out of Mary-Kate's face.

"So what happened?" McKenzie asked.

"I don't want to talk about it." Mary-Kate said looking up at the ceiling. McKenzie laid down next to Mary-Kate.

"Okay. We don't have to talk about it. But I'll just sit with you, so you don't have to cry alone." McKenzie said.

"Why are you upset?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Jake and Taylor wont got to sleep." McKenzie said joking.

Mary-Kate smiled. The two laid there and Mary-Kate eventually fell asleep from boredom.

Scene 19
The Beach

Ashley and Matt sat on the beach watching the tide come in. The cuddled up. Matt figured this was a good time to give Ashley her present. He looked in her eyes.

"Ashley." He said.

"Yeah?" She said.

"Can I give you your present?" He asked.

She smiled and nodded. Matt took her hands.

"Ashley Olsen. I Love You." He said.

Ashley smiled. This was the first time he had said this to her and it felt right.

"Matt Russell. I Love You To." She said. It felt weird to say it, because she had never felt this way about anyone.

The two kissed and resumed to watching the waves.

Scene 20
Olsen House
9: 40

Dave and McKenzie said good- bye to the last of their guests and began to clean up. Dave's mom thanked them once again. She started to clean up, but Dave told her not too. She decided to go to sleep.

"Why don't you take Ashley's room mom. Mary-Kate is already sleeping, and dad you take Trent's." Dave said.

The two headed upstairs. Just then, Trent walked through the front door with Spencer. Dave looked surprised to see them.

"I thought you two were taking Ally (Trent's girlfriend) and Jessica (Spencer's g-friend) out tonight." Dave said.

"We did." Trent said.

"Why are you back so early?" McKenzie asked.

"Their parents wanted them back early because they have a cheerleading game tomorrow." Spencer said.

"Oh." Dave said.

"Dad can Spence spend the night?" Trent asked.

"Yeah, but you two don't have a room. Grandpa's on yours." Dave said.

"So we'll sleep in the family room. Thanks dad." Trent said.

"Thanks Uncle Dave, Aunt McKenzie." Spencer said.

"Anything for my favorite nephew." Dave said smiling.

"Uncle D. I'm your only nephew." Spencer said.

"Guess you don't have much competition then." Dave said laughing.

Trent and Spencer went to play video games.

Dave kissed his wife.

"Happy Valentine's Day sweetie." Dave said.

"I Love you." McKenzie said.

"I love you." Dave said.

"I love you." Lizzie said entering.

Dave and McKenzie laughed and hugged Lizzie.

"Is Mary-Kate alright?" Dave asked.

"No. And she won't tell me why." McKenzie said.

"She won't tell me either." Lizzie said.

"Lizzie go to bed. You have dance class tomorrow and leave your sister alone." Dave said.

Lizzie went upstairs.

"I have a feeling she got in a fight with Max." Dave said.

"Well we'll find out eventually." McKenzie said.

Scene 21
Family room
10 PM

Trent and Spencer are playing Play Station and Dave is sitting on the couch reading the paper, waiting for Ashley to get home. McKenzie is still tidying up. Ashley walks through the door at exactly 10 o'clock. She enters the family room with a dreamy look on her face. Dave looks up from his paper.

"Did you have a nice time Ash?" Dave asked.

Ashley smiled. "He said 'I love you." Ashley said smiling.

Trent And Spencer laughed, and McKenzie hugged Ashley. Dave sort of giggled at Ashley's expression.

"Where's Mary-Kate?" Ashley asked.

Dave pointed upstairs.

"Ash." Dave called after her. "Grandma is sleeping in your room, so you're with Mary-Kate." Dave said.

"But..." Ashley said then sighed. She was in to good of a mood. She skipped up the steps then fell.

"I'm okay." She called down embarrassed. The Olsen's laughed.

Scene 22
Mary-Kate's room

Ashley walked in Mary-Kate's room to find her sleeping. She noticed Max's present thrown in the corner of her room and tissues all over the floor. Ashley sat on Mary-Kate's bed and shook her.

"Mary-Kate. Mary-Kate." Ashley said.

Mary-Kate rolled over and rubbed her eyes.

"What?" she said.

"What happened with Max? Did you have fun?" Ashley asked.

Mary-Kate sat up.

"We didn't go out." Mary-Kate said getting upset again.

"Why not?" Ashley asked.

"We got in this huge fight about the present I got him and about my money. I
should have never bought something so expensive." Mary-Kate said crying.

"Don't worry. I'm sure everything will be fine. Max will probably call tomorrow and everything will go back to normal. You know Max." Ashley said.

"I know. I just wish this Valentine's would have been better." Mary-Kate said.

Ashley hugged her sister, then got under the covers.

"Grandma stole my room, so I guess I'm sleeping here tonight." Ashley said.

"So how was your date?" Mary-Kate asked.

"Okay." Ashley said. She didn't want to tell her sister how great her date was after she had such a horrible night. Eventually the two fell asleep.

Scene 23
Olsen Mini -Van

Dave is taking Ashley and Lizzie to dance, and Mary-Kate to see her horse. Jake came along for the ride. In the car, Ashley is in driving while Lizzie and Jake are in the second row. Mary-Kate is in the way back listening to her walk man. Dave is in the passenger's seat.

"Did she tell you what happened?" Dave whispered to Ashley.

Ashley looked at her father then at the road.

"kind of." Ashley said.

Dave pointed to the left. "Turn left up here." He said.

Ashley nodded and turned left. Lizzie leaned forward from her seat.

"You know Ashley, about 95% of accidents are caused by teenagers." Lizzie said smiling.

Ashley gave her sister a dirty look. Dave turned around.

"Lizzie put your seatbelt back on and sit back. Jake are you getting hungry buddy?" Dave asked.

"Yeah. I want Burger King Daddy." Jake said stretching. You could tell he was tired.

Dave smiled.

"Alright. After we drop off the girls, we'll go get something." Dave said turning around.

Ashley pulled into the dance studio parking lot. She turned towards her dad.

"Both of are classes end at 11 dad." Ashley said unbuckling her seatbelt.

"Okay sweetie." Dave said opening his car door. Lizzie and Ashley got out.

"Have fun." Dave said getting into the driver's side. Dave turned around to Mary-Kate.

"Mary-Kate." Dave said.

"MK." Dave repeated.

"Mary-Kate!" He yelled.

She took off her Walkman.

"Sorry dad what?" she said.

"Do you want to drive honey?" Dave asked.

"Nah." Mary-Kate replied.

Dave looked shocked.

"But you never turn down a chance to drive. You sure?" Dave asked.

"Yeah dad. I just don't feel like driving today." Mary-Kate said.

"Well at least come up here and sit next to me." He said.

Mary-Kate unbuckled her seat belt and got in the passenger's seat. The two headed to the ranch. The first few minutes were silent, then Dave spoke up.

"So when is your next competition?" Dave asked.

"Next weekend." Mary-Kate said.

"Is Aunt Sarah coming?" Dave asked.

"Don't know." Mary-Kate replied.

"Mary-Kate sweetie, what's going on. I know something happened last night with you and Max, but what?" Dave asked.

Mary-Kate got mad.

"It's none of your business! Why do you care anyway? And you were right once again, he didn't like the present! Just stay out of my personal life! Man!" Mary-Kate said crossing her arms and looking out the window. Dave looked at his daughter and got mad too.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that! I am your father! I was only caring about you,. But sorry I won't do that anymore!" Dave said.

Mary-Kate felt like crying. The rest of the ride was silent.

Scene 24

Dave dropped Mary-Kate off then left with Jake. In the barn, Mary-Kate was alone with her horse. She started to groom it, then talk to him.

"You know CD, being a horse is a great life. I mean you don't have to worry about school, friends, boyfriends, and careers. But then again being a horse sounds kind of boring." Mary-Kate laughed.

The horse neighed.

"Sorry." Mary-Kate said smiling.

Olsen house
Scene 25

Max walks up to the front door and rings the bell. Dave answers it.

"Hello Max. Mary-Kate is at the ranch." Dave said.

"I know Mr. O. But... well can I ask you for a favor?" He said smiling.

Dave looked suspious then let the boy in.

Olsen house
Scene 26

The girls get home from lessons and greet their family in the family room. Dave sees Mary-Kate and gets up.

"Mary-Kate Olsen! Your room is disaster. I want it cleaned now!" Dave yells trying not to laugh.

"But I cleaned it before I left." Mary-Kate defended.

"Well you didn't do a very good job." Dave said pointing to the stairs.

Mary-Kate gave her father a dirty look and stomped up the stairs.

"Dad. What are you yelling for? She didn't anything." Ashley yelled.

"No. You see Max is up there with a surprise for Mary-Kate and he wanted me to find a way to get her up there." Dave said smiling.

"Awww." Ashley said.

Just then, they heard a scream of happiness from upstairs.

"Wow!" Mary-Kate said.

Scene 27
Mary-Kate's room

Mary-Kate walked in her room to find roses surrounding her room, red hearts hanging from the ceiling, a big box of chocolate on her bed and... Max waiting there for her. She ran over to him and hugged him.

"I am so sorry MK." Max said.

"Me too." Mary-Kate said.

Max pulled away from the hug and held her face in his hands.

"I love you Mary-Kate Olsen." He said.

Mary-Kate smiled and felt like crying, crying of happiness this time.

"I love you too." She said.

They kissed. Max then went over to her CD player and hit play. The song they first danced to came on.

"My I have this dance?" Max asked.

"You most certainly may." Mary-Kate said not making any sense. The two laughed and began to dance.

Life was back to normal for Mary-Kate and it sure felt good.

The End