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Written by Kat

Ever wondered what goes on when filming a movie? Well, here's a peak.

Imagine this: Mary-Kate is filming a scene. Her character is lost out at sea and calling out for help to a ship that is passing by. The Director and cameraman are all in a boat nearby and filming is taking place at the beach.

Director: Lights!
Mary-Kate: But..
Director: Camera
Mary-Kate: Wait!
Director: Action!
(camera starts recording)
Mary-Kate: But a waves coming!
(the wave appears and Mary-Kate disappears under it)
Director: CUT!
Take 2
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: (quoting her lines) Help! Help! I'm over here! (waves arms then suddenly..) AUGH! (she leaps up out of the water showing it isn't even waist deep)
Director: What?!
Mary-Kate: (looks grossed out) I stood on something squishy! And it moved!
Director: CUT!
Take 3
Director: Start filming!
Mary-Kate: (again quotes lines) Help! Help
(little kid walks up)
Little Kid: Watcha doing?
Director: Filming a movie! Get lost!
(Kid runs away crying)
Mary-Kate: That was mean!
(Director Ignores her)
Director: CUT!
Take 4
Director: Start filming
(Mary-Kate doesn't get a chance to start her lines and the cameras view is cut off by someones stomach)
Someone: Did you make my kid cry?!
Director: Um,.... CUT!
Take 5
(Director now has a black eye and a bandage on his head)
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help! Help! Hel-...
(Her attention is drawn to something on the shore. The Director glances over to see a cute boy walking past. The director mutters something about 'boy-crazy-teenage-girls')
Director: CUT!
Take 6
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help Help!
(A fan runs over screaming)
Fan: Mary-Kate! Can I have your autograph!?
Mary-Kate: Sure!
Director: (sighs) CUT!
Take 7
Director: (tiredly) Start filming
Mary-Kate: HELP!... AUGH!!! SHARK!!!!!!!!!!! (Starts swimming toward the shore. The Director glances at the 'shark' which turns out to be a person with a fun strapped to their back.)
Director: (sigh and shakes head) CUT!!!
Take 8
Director: Start filming!
Mary-Kate: Help!
(Lifeguard runs over)
Lifeguard: I heard someone drowning!
Director: Cut!Take 9
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help! Help! (gets puzzled expression on face) What on earth....
(A rubber duckey floats past)
Director: Cut!
Take 10
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help! AUGH! (a stream of water hits her. The Director turns to see Ashley with a watergun) Hey! (she runs after her sister)
Director: Come back here! Ugh! Cut!
Take 11
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help! ... Um, hi (a curious crowd of onlookers have gathered)
Director: CUT!
Take 12
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help!.. I'm sorry. What was my line again?
Director: Cut!
Mary-Kate: ok.... CUT!!!
Director: (Glares at Mary-Kate who cowers)
Take 13
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help! Help!
(voices waft over from the shore "Edith it's time for your medication!")
Director: CUT!!!
Take 14
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help!
(Mobile phone starts ringing)
Director: CUT!
Take 15
Director: Start Filming
Mary-Kate: Help (Her lines suddenly sound very genuine) AUGH! HELP!
Director: That's not in the script!
Mary-Kate: (lifts foot to reveal crab) OW!
Director: CUT!!!
Take 16
Director: Start filming!
Mary-Kate: Help!
(voices waft over "Mum he pinched me!" "Did not!"
Director: CUT!
Take 17
Director: Start filming
Mary-Kate: Help!
(somebody on the beach has a boomboz and 'Supergirl' starts playing)
Mary-Kate: I love this song! (Starts dancing)
Director: CUT!
Take 18
Director: Start filming!
Mary-Kate: Help!
Director: Woah! (The boat tips over as a wave hits it. The Director resurfaces spitting out water)
Director: THAT'S IT! I QUIT!!!!!!!

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