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>Behind the Scenes<

Good evening, and welcome to E! News Live.

In movie news today Charlies Angels 2 has suffered the kisses of death, from the angels themselves (and those replacing them, more about that later). Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymoore, recently had a fallout over... who was prettier. They are no longer speaking terms and have all resigned from the sequel.

Not to be dettered, though maybe he should have been, director Joseph McGinty Nichol has taken on the difficult task of recasting. The true kiss of death here is WHO is going to be the new 'angels'.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, those twins from full house, and Lindsay Lohan, of Parent Trap fame, are set to star in 'Charlies Angels 2', which is set 10 years before the first movie took place. Call it crazy, I sure do!

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