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The Movie

A few minutes later the two teens were strolling down the street. The guy in the glasses was no longing following them, but the car was.

"Alex!" Natalie hissed as they heard the car slow and pulled over to the side of the road behind them.

Alex glanced around. They were strolling alongside a park, in a quiet part of the city, almost no one was around. She glanced above her where lots of tree branches shadowed the sidewalk.

"I'll go by the trees" She said. Natalie nodded. Alex lept up and grabbed a branch, and quick as anything she vanished into the tree.

It just so happened, that walking through that park at that very moment was the same man who was outside the school earlier that day. Hearing a slight commotion he glanced over and witnessed the most extroadinary scene..

Natalie took a deep breath, plastered a smile on her face and spun around. "Hi" She flashed a smile at the guy who'd stepped out of the car "I'm a little lost. Could you give me directions?" She pulled a map out of her pocket and moved over to him.

The guy looked a little surprised, then smirking to himself he walked over to her.

Natalie smiled again, and held out the map, she pointed to a spot on it "I'm supposed to be here" She said. The man leaned over to look closer, and when he did so she brought her knee up and hit him in the stomach.

He staggered backward and put a hand to his face in shock "You little cow!" He hissed.

"Who are you?!" Natalie yelled as she lifted her fists in a defence position.

The man didn't answer but just moved towards her menacingly.

With no sound whatsoever Alex flew down from the tree. She landed on his shoulders and immediately started pulling his hair. He tried to grab her and throw her off but Natalie kicked him in the stomach again, temporarily winding him.

She desperately glanced around for help and spotted the shocked person in the park watching "Help!" She called "Call the police!" She then ran over to the mans car.

The man nodded and pulled out a cell phone.

The girls assailant finally recovered his breath and threw Alex from him. She hit the ground with a thud and a groan. And the man started running for his car. He spotted Natalie leaning against it casually, she smiled lazily and held up the keys.

"Give me those!" He said lunging for them, but Natalie threw them up into the air, and straight to Alex's waiting hands. When the man lunged for Alex she threw them back to Natalie, and so forth. The little game of piggy-in-the-middle continued until the man finally realized it was impossible and made a run for it.

Natalie stuck her foot out and sent him sprawling into the ground. He landed close enough to a pare of black boots to kiss them. He looked up "Dam!" He muttered seeing the policemen looking down at him.

(The song 'Innocence again' by Switchoot starts playing as the scene fades out and opens in another...)

But, oh man
The signs of the times are omens
You're starting the day in
no mans land again

Who are you gonna be?
When you're on your knees, who
do you believe?
Fear is a lonely man..

The man was arrested and taken away in a police car, the police asked the girls a few questions, then some news people turned up and interviewed them. The girls posed for a photo and enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame. All the while the man who'd called the police stood in the background.

"I hate to interrupt" He finally said as he walked over to them, he wasn't really as most of the people had left by that time. "My name is Bosley" He said extending a hand.

"I'm Natalie and this is Alex" Nataie introduced them.

Alex just mumbled something her head bent as she examined her arm. A big scraped graced her elbow from when the man had thrown her.

"Ouch, Are you ok?" Bosley asked.

"Fine" Alex forced a smile "It's just a scratch" and with that she forgot all about.

Bosley looked a little surprised and raised an eyebrow.

"Listen, thanks SO much for calling the police!" Natalie said, bouncing in place a little as she did so.

"Hey, no problem. Just glad I could help" Bosley said with a smile "By the way, how did you do all that?"

Natalie looked a little confused "Do all what?"

"Well hiding in the tree and everything. You seemed to each know exactly what the other was going to do without asking"

Alex shrugged "We've been friends for a long time, I guess we just know each other really well"

Natalie joined in "Yeah! And we watch a lot of action movies!" She pretended to box at an imaginary apponent and giggled.

Bosley just smiled and nodded his head.

>Behind the Scenes<

"I'm here!" Linday called as she ran onto the set. Everyone had just finished filming the last scene.

"Yay!" Mary-Kate muttered under her breath. Ashley glanced at her with concern.

"What'd I miss!?" Lindsay smiled as she walked over to the twins.

"Not much" Ashley said with a shrug.

"Hi Will" Lindsay said in a flirtatious tone and waved at Will who was adjusting some lighting a few feet away.

Mary-Kate made a little strangling annoyed sound and stalked off.

"What's up with Her?" Lindsay asked Ashley as they watched her walk off.

Chapter 4

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