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>Behind the Scenes<

Ashley noticed her sister was acting a little strange. They were only one day into filming (The film was being shot chronologically) and something was already up. She couldn't help but notice Mary-Kate seemed a little cold towards Mandy. Though Mandy hadn't noticed yet, it was very subtle. Something only a twin would notice.

Ashley was gonna talk to her about it, but she was interrupted by someone calling her name. "Chris!" She said happily spotting him as he walked over to her.

"Hey Beautiful" He said kissing her on the cheek "How's filming going?"

"Pretty good" Ashley smiled "I see you're using your backstage pass" She pointed to the bright piece of plastic around his neck.

Chris grinned "Of course. I wouldn't not use it, being backstage on a Charlies Angels movie"

Ashley cleared her throat noisily and glared.

"Oh and of course to see you too sweetie" Chris said quickly.

"Nice save" Ashley said sarcastically.


"Do you wanna hang out this afternoon?" Natalie asked Alex as they left the school that day.

"Sure. I need a new pair of shoes"

"Shopping! YES!" Natalie jumped up and down excitedly, squealing as she did so. "Lets ring Dylan and see if she can come"

Dylan had gone home early that morning, after the punching incident.

"I don't think she'll be allowed." Alex said with a frown.

"Lets ring anyway!" Natalie said happily. She dragged Alex over to a nearby phone booth. Alex sighed and followed.

Natalie hummed the tune to some popular song as she waited for Dylan to answer the phone. "Dylan!" She asked "Oh.. hi Dylans mom" she said after a moment "Can I talk to Dylan?.. Please!... I promise I'll be really quick!... Thank-you!" She smiled at Alex as she waited for Dylan to come on the phone. "Hey Dylan. Wanna go to the mall with us this afternoon?"

The screen cut in half, showing Alex and Natalie on one half and Dylan on the other.

"I can't. I'm being punished" Dylan rolled her eyes. "I have to sweep the back yard this afternoon. Honestly Moms like the female version of Danny Tamborelli, just not QUITE so obsessed, .. yet" She added under her breath "Next thing she'll have me cleaning the grass"

"But you don't have any grass in your back yard" Natalie said looking confused.

Dylan rolled her eyes "I have to go, you guys have fun!" And with that she hung up.

Natalie shrugged and turned to Alex, "lets go!" She said happily.

The two left the phone booth and started walking, failling to notice the midnight black car, slowly following them.

Behind the Scenes

"How did filming go?" The girls father asked when they got home later that night.

"Pretty good" Ashley answered as she sat down on a lazy boy.

"Hey! I was gonna sit there!" Mary-Kate said pretending to be mad.

"Sit on the sofa!" Ashley said with a smirk.

Mary-Kate just glared then sat on her "You'll have to move sooner or later" She said smugly.

Ashley just sighed "You're heavy!" She complained.

"Oh. I forgot to mention" Their father said as he started up the stairs "Chris called earlier. He wants you to call him back. Something about him having a surprise for you."

"OOH!" Ashley lept up, throwing her sister off of her as she did so. She raced out of the room at top speed.

Mary-Kate smiled happily as she climbed on to the lazy boy. She had it all to herself.

The Movie

"Natalie?" Alex asked quietly as they walked through the mall.

"Yeah?" Natalie asked around the lollipop she was devouring.

"Don't look now, but that guy behind us has been following us ever since we got here"

"No way!" Natalie's eyes grew round and she turned to look.

"I said don't look!" Alex hissed. She grabbed Natalie's arm and spun her back around "Act casual!"

The two strolled along as if everything was normal.

"In here" Alex pointed into a music store.

Natalie nodded and walked inside "OOh! I really want this cd!" She picked up a cd and holing it level with her face, she positioned it till she could see the man in the mirrorlike cover of the cd "The dude in the dark glasses?" She whispered to Alex.

Alex nodded and Natalie bit her lip as she thought "I need to go to the bathroom" She said loud enough for the guy to hear.

Alex caught on and nodded. The person wouldn't be able to follow them there.

The two waked into the bathroom, closed the door behind them, and waited.

"I don't think he's coming" natalie said as she turned a tap on and off to full in time.

Alex nodded and motioned for Natalie to follow her as she left.

The two walked to the door and glanced around. Seeing no one they stepped back into the mall and almost lept out of their skin when they saw the man leaning against the wall next to the door.

They quickly calmed themselves down and continued walking.

"That guys giving me the creeps!" Alex exlaimed as they continued walking.

"He's scary" Natalie said as she furtively glanced over her shoulder.

An announcement came over the mall speakers. The mall was closing.

"Rats!" Natalie exclaimed.

"Rats?" Alex asked raising her eyebrows.

Natalie shrugged "I don't like to swear" She said simply.

"Riiiiiiiight" Alex mouthed as she started walking again. This time towards the exit.

Behind the Scenes

"Hey girls" William walked over to Ashley and Mary-Kate who were talking in between scenes.

"Hey" The both said in unison, and Mary-Kate leaned up for a kiss.

"So where's Lindsay?" William asked as he sat next to them.

Ashley noticed Mary-Kate looked a little angry at that "She doesn't have any scenes till later today, so she isn't here yet" Ashley explained.

"Excuse me, I'm gonna go get a drink" Mary-Kate got up, moving William's arm from her shoulder.

Ashley watched her walk away, decididing to talk to her twin about it sometime.

Chapter 3

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