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>The Movie<

The camera angle was positioned so you could only see the back of a mans head and the guy he was talking to.

"Charlie. Well done. You've proven yourself. Welcome to the agency"

"Thank-you" Charlie said with a nod.

"Have you chosen your agents yet?" The man asked.

"Not yet. But I'm looking" And though you couldn't see his face you got the impression he was smiling.

>Behind the Scenes<

"Why are we doing this?" Ashley asked her twin sister Mary-Kate as they drove to the studio where they'd be fiming their film Charlies Angels 2.

"Because it's the best move we can make for our career" Ashley said. She glanced over her shoulder then changed lanes.

"Come on. Like anyones gonna watch it!" Mary-Kate shook her head and put her hair up in a pony tail.

"You never know" Ashley said with a shrug "We gotta surprise them someday. Their problem if they don't bother watching"

Mary-Kate laughed.

They arrived at the studio and went inside. Both felt an immense happiness to be filming a movie again. And though they were nervous as to how it would go down. They were excited about doing a movie like Charlies Angels 2.

They were introduced to Lindsay Lohan who they would be co-starring with, changed into their costumes, had their make-up done and prepared for Scene 1.

>The Movie<

"Hey Dylan." Alex said walking up behind Dylan who was sitting on the front steps of their highschool. "Watcha doing?" She realized Dylan wasn't listening at all and was moving her head a little. She tilted her head to the side, sure enough, Dylan was wearing headphones.

Alex sighed and took the headphones of Dylan. Ignoring her cries of protest she put them on her own ears. She listened for a second then wrinkled up her face, she handed them back to Dylan who snatched them with a glare.

"Honestly Dylan! When are you gonna learn? The Spice Girls are not cool! If somebody hears about this... your entire reputation could go down the drain. You should start listening to some real bands" Alex started to name some 'in' bands, ticking them off on her fingers as she spoke.

"I'm not listening to that junk!" Dylan said firmly as she shook her head "I have this rule.. you know I only listen to bands with.. talent" She said sarcastically as she sat next to Alex and ignored Alex rolling her eyes.

"Hey guys what's up" Natalie 'bounced' over to them, flipping her blond hair over her shoulder and smiling at a cute guy as she did so.

"Dylan insists on continuing to listen to that atrocious band The Spice Girls"

Natalie's mouth formed a large O and she stared at Dylan as if she'd sprouted wings. "Dylan! That's like, Social suicide!"

"Good thing I don't care" Dylan responded quickly.

"The Spice Girls?!" A shocked voice asked.

Dylan, Natalie and Alex turned to see Lora, the most popular girl in school looking at Dylan with an expression of disgust.

"Yeah. Got a problem with that?" Dylan said aggressively.

"Dylan come on. Seriously, they s*ck!" Lora rolled her eyes to add to the statement.

Dylan smiled angrily. She turned as if she were going to walk away then spun around and punched Lora in the face.

"DYLAN!" Natalie and Alex said in shock.

"You're gonna pay for this you cow!" Lora yelled, she touched a small cut on her lip and glared at Dylan.

>Behind the Scenes<

"This hair is gonna take some major getting used to" Mary-Kate said eying a strand of hair. In order to look like a young version of Lucy Liu's character in 'Charlies Angels' she'd had to die her hair black. "I look goth!"

"Like I've told you a hundred times. It suits you, now stop worrying" Ashley said with a sigh as she walked over to a mirror.

"Just be glad you didn't have to bleach your hair." Ashley had to die her hair blond too. It wasn't such a dramatic thing as Mary-Kate's hair, but it was still quite different "I look like Britney Spears!" She said with a pout.

"Ladies. Can we forget the hair and continue shooting?" Joseph Mcginty asked sarcastically.

The twins sighed and went to their places to film the next scene.

>The Movie<

In the commotion that ensued none of the girls noticed the man standing outside the school. If it weren't for his interest in the school, and the fact that he wasn't walking, He'd pass for a person out walking his dog.


"I think you need therapy Dylan" The Principal said seriously, she gave Dylan one of those 'significant looks'

"Excuse me?" Dylan asked disbelievingly.

"You have so much anger inside of you. Punching someone cause they disagree with your taste in music?"

"She was asking for it"

"But was it worth it?"


The Principal sighed.

Chapter 2

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