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~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

Michelle dejectedly parked her car then climbed out. She crossed the street and entered the brightly lit movie cinema. She was immediately bombarded with the wonderful smell of popcorn. She breathed in deeply and smiled. Ok, so going to the movies on your own was kind of depressing, but maybe it'd be fun!

She brought her tickets and a jumbo popcorn then made her way into the theatre, she was munching on her popcorn and not doing, too good a job of looking where she was going.

"Oops sorry" she apologized when she walked into a person.

"That's ok" Will's familiar voice responded.

Mary-Kate's head shot up "Will!" She exlaimed happily "What are you doing here?"

He glanced at his ticket "Seeing Spiderman, you?"

Mary-Kate grinned "Same!"

"Would you mind sitting with me?" Will asked galantly, extending his arm.

"I'd love too!" Mary-Kate said happily, taking his arm.


Ashley sat down at her computer and logged on to aim hopefully. She quickly ran through the list of on-line buddies. ChrisLovesAshley wasn't there. She sighed and clicked on the screenname of one of her friends.

Ashleyisamoviestar: Hey, Sarah. Has Chris been on lately?
BuddyForever: Yeah... he got a new sn.
Ashleyisamoviestar: Uh-oh. What?
BuddyForever: Ashleybrokemyheart that boys obsessed.
Ashleyisamoviestar: I'm a jerk

She sighed and put the sn on her address book. Chris was on. Now all she had to do was get the courage up to talk to him. She didn't have to of course. She was SUPPOSED to be doing homework, but even talking to a guy who's extremely mad at you seemed more appealing then that.

Ashleyisamoviestar: Hi Chris
Ashleybrokemyheart: How'd you get this sn?
Ashleyisamoviestar: Sarah
Ashleybrokemyheart: Sarah has a big mouth
Ashleyisamoviestar: I won't argue with you there. Chris I'm sorry for being such a jerk. Please can we be friends?

At least, she added silently.

Ashleybrokemyheart: Sorry I've 'gotta go learn my lines.'
Ashleybrokemyheart: signed off at 7:30pm.

Ashley sighed and logged off aim. So much for that.


Mary-Kate and Will left the theatre discussing the movie and their favorite aspects. (I'd go into detail but I haven't seen the movie :-(. )

"Man I loved that movie!" Mary-Kate said happily.

"Me too" Will agreed emphatically

They crossed the road and soon got to Mary-Kate's car. She opened the door then turned to face him "I really had fun, I'm glad I ran into you"

Will smiled and leaned on the car with one hand "Me too" he smiled.

Their eyes locked and they stared at each other for a moment.

"Well, yeah" Mary-Kate said arkwardly. She turned and climbed into the car "See you at work tomorrow?" She asked winding down the window then closing the door.

"Definitely" Will smiled.

"Great, well see you then" Mary-Kate started the car then glanced at him one more time, kind of hopefully.

He nodded then leaned into the car and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "Tomorrow" he whispered when he pulled back.

Mary-Kate looked a little surprised, but not upset "Bye" she said with a smile. She drove away, leaving Will standing there grinning happily.


Mary-Kate walked into the studio the next morning, only to hear a very familiar voice. She glanced across the room and saw a familiar blond. David was on the other side of the room talking to the director.

Of course! How could she forget? His first scene was coming up. Oh boy!


Will noticed Mary-Kate pale when she spotted David.

What was that about? Could David be the 'friend' she'd mentioned the other day?

~*~The Movie~*~

Michelle ran up the path quietly, she glanced around for Sting Rays men but didn't see them.

'That's strange' she thought 'There should be more guards then this' but she didn't think about it that much, something she should have done.

Soon the Mansion appeared in sight, dark and foreboding. She shuddered then made her way towards it.

~*~The Movie~*~

Christa stealthily made her way through the dark forrest covering the island. Hmm maybe Michelle was right. The path would HAVE to be easier then this.

She thought she heard voices and stopped quickly, straining to hear what they were saying.

"Sting Ray expects the girls to arrive sometime today" One guard with a gun said to another.

"So they totally fell for it?"

"Hook, Line and Sinker" The other guard said with a laugh.

Christa went pale. A Trap! She was about to turn to run when a hand clamped down over her mouth "Gotcha" A voice said.

She kicked the person in the chin sending them staggering back, she then spun around and kicked them again. The guy fell back against a tree and she began to run.

"We've got your sister and we'll get you too" He called after her.

Christa ran and ran. Could it be true? Had they got Michelle?

Chapter 8

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