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~*~The Movie~*~

"So.. start explaining!" Christa exclaimed as she put on her seatbelt.

Michelle started the car and they were on their way.

"According to the site PC is being held in a mansion on death island." Michelle started.

Christa shuddered "Lovely name" She said sarcastically "Where is this island? I don't think I've ever heard of it"

"About four miles up the coast" Michelle said taking a turn at the harbour "PC And I went for a picnic on a nearby island once, and he pointed it out to me."

Christa gaped at her sister in shock "You and PC went on a PICNIC and you DIDN'T tell me?" She said sounding hurt.

"It was just a picnic" Michelle said with a shrug.

"Yeah, I'm sure" Christa said folding her arms and looking out the window.

(The car drove down the small road leading to the harbour as This time around by Hanson, played.)

'You can't say I didn't give it
I won't wait
Another minute
We're on our way
This Time Around'

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

"All this movie filming makes me wanna go see one" Mary-Kate said sitting down next to Ashley "Wanna go see Spiderman with me tonight?"

Ashley sighed "I'd love to but I got this hideous homework assignment to do" she said with a frown.

"That's ok" Mary-Kate said sounding sad "I can go on my own"

Ashley glanced at her sister, then across the room where the crew were having a coffee break, she saw Will and got an idea.


"Hey Will" Ashley said casually, walking over to where he was standing, drinking a cup of coffee, of course.

"Hey" He said swallowing then smiling.

Ashley sat down on one of the chairs "So are you a movie fan?" She asked


"Been to one recently?"


"Like Action movies?"


"Have you seen Spiderman?"


"Do you like my sister?"

"Yes" Will went pale, realizing what he'd said.

Ashley grinned, just as she'd suspected!

"So, would you mind seeing Spiderman again?" She said slowly.

Will glanced at her "Why?" He asked suspiciously.

Ashley grinned "I have it on a reliable source that Mary-Kate will be seeing it tonight. I'm sure she wouldn't mind, if she you know, happened to run into you at the theatre" She winked "The Cineplex at 8pm" She then got up and walked away, grinning from ear to ear. Mission Accomplished!

If only her own lovelife was this easy to fix.

~*~The Movie~*~

(Imagine 'There she goes' by Sixpence none the richer playing)

The small jet boat raced across the water, headed determinedly for 'Death Island'

'There she goes, there she goes again
racing through my brain
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains

'There she goes, there she goes again
pulsing through my veins
And I just can't contain
This feeling that remains'

The boat sped to the shore of a foreboding looking island and the twins climbed out and walked up onto the shore.

(Imagine the song fading out)

Christa stretched then glanced around "I say we go that way" she said pointing to her left.

"No way, we should follow that path" Michelle said pointing to a path to her right.

"But it's just too... obvious I don't like it" Christa insisted.

"Well, I say we go that way"

"I say we don't"



The twins officially reverted to their child hood days.





In unison they held out their hands in fists

"Rock, Paper, Scissors" They said in unison. Both fists unfolded into scissors. They tried again and both got rocks. They tried again and both go paper. "UGH!" They both said in unison.

"We go that way!" Michelle said pointing

"No! We go that way!" Christa said pointing.

"Whatever!" They both said in unison, they spun around and flounced in opposite directions

Chapter 7

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