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~*~The Movie~*~

"Come on" Michelle said to herself as she stared at the computer screen "It's gotta be here"

She typed the adress in the Internet explorer adress bar, and waited for the page to appear. It soon did and as she expected had a password lock.

Christa walked into the room and sat down on the sofa "Is it there?"

"Yup" MIchelle said "But it has a password lock"

"Great" Christa said sounding anything but happy.


An hour had passed and the twins were still trying. Christa was now seated at the computer and Michelle was lying on the couch throwing a tennis ball up into the air then catching it. "Tennis ball?" she suggested.

Christa typed it in but it was refused "I'm not surprised" She grumbled.

"Do you have any better ideas?" Michelle snapped.

"Maybe we should take a break" Christa suggested, she didn't wanna mess with Michelle in a bad mood. That was a very dangerous thing to do.

"We can't" Michelle said with a sigh. "Sting ray will be after his revenge and we have to know what we're up against" She sat up suddenly "THAT'S IT!"

Christa jumped at the sudden shouting "What's it?" She asked with a tired yawn.

"Revenge!" Michelle said happily.

Christa brightened then typed it in.

Michelle rushed to her side and waited to see if it would be accepted.

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

After filming the scene The Director signaled to Ashley and Mary-Kate. They walked over to him, feeling a sense of dread. Afraid he was going to Critisize them.

"I'm sure you two have been quite curious about who will be playing PC" He started

The twins smiled, now this was something they wanted to know.

"Before now we were unable to inform you since no one had the role, since we didn't have a person. But we know for sure now"

The two waited nervously. Yup, nervous. They'd taken a trip to reality and realized their co-star could be someone pretty hideous.

"You will be co-starring with David Gallagher!"

Mary-Kate went pale. Ashley glanced at her with cocern. The two had co-starred with David when they guest starred on '7th heaven'. Mary-Kate had had a couple of kissing scenes with David in the episode, and as Ashley once walked in on, a few off set as well.

They never officially dated, but had really liked each other. Ashley had always been curious as to why they weren't a couple.

Mary-Kate, meanwhile felt her heart plummeting. David was playing PC? THE David?

Oh Boy!

~*~The Movie~*~

The computer screen blinked 'Password accepted' it informed them.

"YES!" The girls leapt into the air and did a little dance before returning to the screen.

"We got some serious research to do" Michelle said sitting down.

"I'll go get some notepaper" Christa said running out the door.

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

"Mary-Kate!" The Director scolded "Concentrate!"

Mary-Kate blushed. They'd been working on the scene for half an hour or so. And by now they were on the tenth take. She just couldn't stop thinking about David and it was affecting her acting.

"Sorry" she mumbled before re-taking her place for the 11th take.

~*~The Movie~*~

"Got it!" Michelle said happily, she leapt out of her chair and grabbed her jacked "Come on lets go!" She said turning to Christa.

Christa got up slowly "Can I ask what's going on?" One minute Michelle had been reading aloud to her from the page, the next she was running out the door.

Michelle pointed to a part of the page but didn't give Christa time to read it, she grabbed her hand and pulled her out the door "I know where they have PC" She said happily.

Christa still looked confused.

"I'll explain in the car" Michelle said happily.

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

"Finally!" The Director shouted happily when they finished the scene succesfully. He glanced at his watch "Lets call it a day"

Mary-Kate let out a sigh of relief. Ashley walked over to her and patted her on the shoulder "It wasn't that bad" She tried to reassure her sister.

"Yes it was" Mary-Kate argued.

"Well... yeah it was" Ashley said nodding.

Mary-Kate glared at her and walked away.

Ashley was left confused "What!?" She called.


Will walked over to Ashley as she was putting on her coat and getting together her stuff "So it really isn't as easy as you guys make it seem?" He asked sympathetically.

Mary-Kate shook her head and sighed sadly "Not at all" She said with a frown.

"You seemed a little preoccupied" Will said hoping to get her to talk.

"Yeah..." Mary-Kate said "I'm just.. going to be seeing an old friend soon. And we hadn't really talked for a while. It's gonna be kinda arkward"

"Oh. Yeah I know how that is" Will nodded "I'm sure it'll be ok"

Mary-Kate smiled "Thanks"

Chapter 6

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