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~*~The Movie~*~

Two unrecognisable girls stepped out of their car and walked up to the door.

Christa had black hair, high in a ponytail and was sporting a tan that hadn't been there an hour earlier. She was also wearing platforms, to make herself look a little taller then she was.

Michelle's hair was a dark brown and she'd curled it. She was wearing so much make up you couldn't really see her face. And she too was sporting platforms.

Michelle readjusted her glasses and took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

A few seconds later Christina answered. She had a big smile on her face but when she saw them she looked kind of confused "Um... hi" She said. She was obviously working really hard trying to work out who they were.

"Hi" Christa said with a big smile stepping into the house "Great party" she said before walking onto the dance floor and starting to dance.

Michelle stepped inside and just offered a smile. She walked over to the refreshment stand and grabbed a glass of punch. She then found a good spot to stand and drink it, her eyes searching the room for anyone suspicious.

Christa was doing the same thing, from the dance floor.

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

"Hey Ashley" Will said walking over to her during a break in filming "What's the matter?"

She sighed "Nothing" She said unconvincingly.

"Uh-huh" Will didn't believe it "Spill"

"Well, I broke up with my boyfriend last week. And for ages he was constantly calling me and coming round. And I refused to talk to him. And I think now he's given up" She looked at the ground "And I really miss him"

Will sighed. "So you played hard to get a little too long"

Ashley nodded "Yeah"

"And I guess he's playing hard to get now" Will said trying to encourage her.

"Either that or he doesn't care if we get back together or not" Ashey suggested sadly.

Will patted her on the back "I'm sure it'll all work out ok"

Ashley forced a smile "Thanks"

"Ok everyone. Back to filming" The director called.

~*~The Movie~*~

Michelle spotted a group of people talking in the corner, she signaled Christa then subtly walked in that direction. She stopped a few feet from them, close enough to hear but far enough away that it didn't look like she was listening. Christa soon joined her.

"Uh-huh" Christina was saying "He put the web-site back on-line last night. It has all the information about what he's doing and planning on doing" She smiled.

One of the girls asked her for the address and she recited it loudly.

Michelle and Christa looked at each other and smiled.

Unfortunately they didn't notice, the person watching them from a few feet away. The very same person had been watching them ever since they arrived at the party. He knew who they were. He knew what they were doing there. And he knew what he was doing there.

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

"Eugh" Ashley shuddered "He is such a great actor" She said pointing to the guy who played their 'observer' "He totally creeped me out during that shoot"

Mary-Kate laughed "I know. We had to redo the scene five times cause you kept forgetting what you were supposed to do!"

Ashley blushed .

~*~The Movie~*~

The twins drove home in silence. The only sound in the car was that of the radio playing silently

'If I could fall into the sky'
'Do you think time would pass me by'
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles'
'Just to see you smile'

Christa glanced at Michelle who was looking out the window, a worried expression on her face. She was obviously really worried about PC.

"Don't worry" Christa tried to say reassuringly "We'll find him.

Michelle nodded and forced a smile.

Yet again the two failed to notice the person in the car behind them. He'd followed them from the party. The enemy had already got the base. And now the twins were leading them to their last safe haven. Their home.

~*~Behind the scenes~*~

Ashley walked out of the studio and glanced around hopefully. But like she suspected Chris wasn't there. She sighed and walked to the car to wait for Michelle.


Michelle had been talking a scene over with the Director, realizing how long she'd kept Ashley waiting she grabbed her bag and raced out the door.

"Mary-Kate!" She heard Will call behind her.

She skidded to a stop then spun around with a smile. "Hi"

"Hi" She couldn't tell if it was her imagination or not. But did he sound nervous?


Ashley glanced at her watch then looked out the window to see if she could see Mary-Kate "Where is she?" she said impatiently. She honked the horn once and waited.


Mary-Kate heard the car horn sound and glanced over her shoulder 'Just wait!' she thought to herself then turned to William "She gets impatient easily" She apologized.

William nodded "Uh, yeah.. well, that's ok...I don't wanna keep you waiting"

Mary-Kate felt disappointed "Ok" she said forcing a small smile. "Well, see you tomorrow" She waved then started toward the car 'what was all that about?' she wondered.

Chapter 5

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