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~*~The Movie!~*~

"PC!" Christa called as she ran into 'headquarters' "You'll never believe what-" She stopped short and looked around the room in shock.

"It's trashed" Michelle stated the obvious, entering the room behind her.

Michelle noticed one of the computers was still working and went over to it.

Christa walked around the room, dodging broken glass "Whoever those guys were working for, must have done this. And they got PC" She said quietly. She glanced at Michelle. It was a well known fact that Michelle and PC Had quite a thing for each other.

"Christa" Michelle breathed staring at the computer screen "look"

Christa ran over and read over her twins shoulder.


Underneath was a picture of sting ray. A face Christa and Michelle knew only too well.

"He's out" Christa said quietly.

"He'll be wanting revenge" Michelle said nodding.

"Uh-oh" The twins said in unison.

~*~Behind the scenes~*~

"So who's playing this 'PC' guy?" Will asked.

He, Ashley and Mary-Kate were sitting around during a break in filming. Will was reading from Ashley's script.

"I dunno" Mary-Kate said shrugging. "He doesn't have very mant scenes and I haven't heard who's playing him"

"Maybe it's Ben Affleck" Ashley said with a laugh.

"Or Heath Ledger"

"Josh Hartnett" Ashley smiled dreamily.

Will rolled his eyes "Girls" he muttered.


"Brad Pitt" Mary-Kate said quietly. She got a dreamy expression on her face, then thought about it for a second and shook her head "TOO OLD!"

It was later that day and Ashley and Mary-Kate were just leaving the studio, still discussing who PC could be (they were becoming quite excited at the potential)

"Tom Cruise" Mary-Kate said taking Ashley's hand. The two stopped walking to smile dreamily then continued again.

"I got it!" Ashley said skipping out the door "Leanardo decaprio"

Mary-Kate smiled then wrinkled her nose

"Nah" the both said in unison.

"Ashley?" Ashley heard a voice behind her. She stiffened and sighed, not turning though.

"What?" She asked glancing at her watch.

Mary-Kate glanced behind her at Chris then at Ashley "I'll just go... wait in the car" She said getting out her keys.

Chris walked around Ashley till he was facing her "Look. Can't we at least be friends?"

Ashley looked away not saying anything.

"You sure know how to hold a grudge" Chris said shaking his head angrily. He turned on his heel and strode away angrily.

Ashley watched him go sadly "I don't wanna be just friends" She admitted, but no one heard.

~*~The Movie~*~

"Get dressed" Christa said to Michelle, walking into the room they shared. "We're going to a party"

Michelle looked at her in astonishment "What? How can you even think of going to a party when PC's been kidnapped?"

Christa rolled her eyes and handed Michelle a flyer "Because" She said simply.

Michelle scanned the folder and soon saw what Christa meant.

In their world, there were super villains, with aspirations of taking over the world.

There were the teenage superheroes who saved the day.

And their were the millionare's who support the villains. The ones who never get caught.

One of them was holding this party.

"Christine" Michelle said to herself. Christine attended their high school. Her parents were extremely rich and she was a spoilt brat. Christa and Michelle suspected her of assisting Sting Ray the last time he tried to take over the world. She was likely helping him this time. Likely Christa and Michelle could glean some information at this party.

"But she wouldn't let us into the party" Michelle called to Christa who was in the bathroom.

"Exactly" Christa called "She wouldn't let US into the party" She walked back into the room, a bottle of one day brown hair dye in hand "So we'll just go as someone else" She threw the die to Michelle who cought it and grinned.

~*~Behind the scenes~*~

Ashley walked into Mary-Kate's room and sat down on the bed with a sigh.

Mary-Kate turned, spun her chair around from where she had been facing her computer screen. "Ok, I'll bite what is it?"

"Nothing" Ashley said in a self pitying tone with another sigh.

"Ok then" Mary-Kate said turning around to face the computer.

"It's just.." Ashley started.

Mary-Kate turned around again.

"Nevermind" Ashley said shaking her head and frowning.

Mary-Kate turned to the computer yet again.

"My life is pathetic" Ashley said sadly.

"AUGH!" Mary-Kate threw her hands up in the air "Could you just make up your mind?"

"What?" Ashley asked looking hurt. She got up and left the room.

Mary-Kate sighed and finally was able to go back to her computer.

Chapter 4

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