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~*~Behind the scenes!~*~

Ashley sighed as she and Mary-Kate finished the scene. They were breaking for lunch then heading back to the studio to film the rest of the sequence in doors. The second half was going to be a lot harder. It involved a ton of action moves and stuff.

She strolled over to the food bar and ordered her lunch, watching as a dark cloud glided in over the ocean


Back at the studio, Mary-Kate eyed the harness warily.

"I have to go in that?" She said in distaste.

William nodded. "Don't worry they're fun. You almost feel like you're flying"

Mary-Kate nodded and with a little help climbed in. "My feet don't touch the ground" She said trying to stretch.

William walked over and took a hold of the straps above her head. He pulled down and Mary-Kate soon felt her feet hit the ground. "You ready?" William asked "When I let go you'll bounce a little"

Mary-Kate nodded, not really thinking about what he'd said.

He let go and backed up quickly.

Mary-Kate bounced high into the ear. Her feet where about even with Williams shoulders when she went bouncing back down "AUGH!" She screamed "GET ME OUT OF THIS THING!"

She continued to bounce around, only problem was she was panicking and moving around a little. The next thing she knew she went spinning forward till her legs and head were even with her stomach, she spun upright again then downward again. Only she hadn't stopped moving and this time she did a full summersault.

"AUGH!" She screamed.

Will ran forward and cought the harness, He gently held it till Mary-Kate was upright again.

She let out her breath and tried to calm down "I don't like this thing" she said shaking her head.

"Just be calm" Will said "Eventually you'll get the hang of it and you can move the way you want to. The key is to not panick"

Mary-Kate nodded "Don't panick" She said to herself and nodded.

William let go again, but this time the springs weren't pulled as tight and Mary-Kate wasn't as scared. She managed to do a karate kick and smiled proud of herself.

"Well done!" William said walking over and high fiving her.

The motion sent her doing another summersault.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" She screamed.

"Ooops" Will winced.

~*~The Movie!~*~

Michelle backed up slowly, soon her she felt the cold, damp wall of the cave behind her. She glaned around for a route of escape. The guy in black was just far enough away for her to slip past and run out of the cave. She did so and glanced around for Christa. She spotted her up the beach.

She was running away from a guy in scooba gear.

'So that's what she saw' Michelle thought to herself. She didn't have long to ponder it though, as the guy chasing her soon appeared at the mouth of the cave and came runnning after her.

She ran along the beach hoping to get away from him. But it was a losing battle. He was taller and faster, and soon caught up with her. She spun around to face him.

"What do you want with me?!" She shouted. The wind had picked up and any minute it would start raining. Her hair wipped around her face as she faced the person.

He didn't answer just moved towards her.

"Michelle!" Christa called running towards her, the scuba guy hot on her heels. She soon reached her and the two went back to back, each facing one of the men.

Michelle's pursuer balled his hands into fists and held them up in a waiting stance.

Michelle raised an eyebrow. You want to fight me? Then fight we will! But warning, you brought this on yourself!"

The guy laughed and Michelle knew what he was thinking. 'What could a little girl like you do to hurt me!?'

Before he knew what was happening she kicked him hard enough to send him to the ground. Christa had done the same to her guy and the two started running while the men got to their feet.

They ducked behind some rocks hiding from the men.

Michelle was crouched down on the ground when she heard footsteps. She waited till the guy came in site, but before he noticed her stuck her foot out tripping him over. The guy, the one in scuba gear, had a rather painful meeting with a rock and lay their unconcious.

Michelle winced "Ow!" She turned and scanned the beach for her sister.


Christa glanced around her trying to think of a way of escape. She spotted a jet ski moored at a nearby dock, she smiled and started running. She leapt aboard and turned the ski on. It roared to life and Christa silently said a prayer of thanks that there had been petrol.

She made one mistake though. She failed to notice the second jet ski, that was until it was roaring behind her. She glanced back to see the cigarette guy closing in on her.

She shook her head, this guy honestly didn't know what he was dealing with. She knew this ocean like the back of her hand.

She grinned and headed for the most treachurous stretch of water. A place sporting hundreds of invisible underwater rocks.

Like she suspected, it was only a matter of time before the guy lost his jet ski.

She sped back to her where her sister was waiting and the two watched as the guy swam to one of the small islands that decorated the coast.

They turned to each other and said in unison "Headquarters!"

~*~Behind the scenes~*~

Later that night Ashley sat watching tv. She flicked from one channel to the other, at a speed that would give most people a headache.

"Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing!" She said frustratedly. "A hundred channels and nothing to watch. Oh boy" She sighed and turned the tv off. "Now what? Oh man, I really gotta stop talking to myself!"

She glanced around the room and her eyes fell on the computer.

She sat down and logged on to aim. Immediately a window popped up

ChrislovesAshley: Like my new sn? I made it just for you.
Ashleyisamoviestar: Chris I don't want to talk to you.
ChrislovesAshley: Please Ash, just give me 5 seconds.
Ashleyisamoviestar: Sorry I've gotta go learn my lines.

And witht that she logged off. She felt a slight pang of guilt in doing so. But shrugged it off, he hurt her. She had every right to ignore him.

So why did she still feel guilty?

Chapter 3

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