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~*~The Movie~*~

PC and Michelle quickly ducked into a nightclub, just as their pursuer rounded the corner behind them.

Inside it was impossible to hear anything over the pounding beat of the music. Most people were on the floor dancing. Michelle and PC wover through the crowd, blending in at the most vital moment.

Their Pursuer and some other guy entered the club and glanced around. They split up and started walking around.

Michelle and PC slipped out of the crowd of dancing people and found themselves in what seemed to be the couples corner. There were lots of lovey dovey people whispering to each other and kissing and all that. Michelle spotted one of the pursuers walking around and quickly pushed PC against the wall and began to madly kiss him.

Their pursuer walked past not even noticing them

"Sorry about that" Michelle whispered pulling away from PC as the guy disappeared.

PC was still leaning against the wall looking a little dazed. "Anytime" He said with a goofy, dreamy smile.

"Come on" Michelle said spotting and exit and starting in that direction "Lets get out of here before he comes back" She stopped walking realizing he wasn't behind her.

"PC!" She said walking back over to him and snapping her fingers in front of his face "LETS GO!"

He finally followed and the two safely reached the park together.


Christa managed to shake her pursuer quiet easily, that is until he suddenly appeared directly in front of her. She only just managed to avoid crashing into him.

"Hey there" He said with an evil grin which revealed a mouth missing many teeth.

Christa quickly turned and sprinted down a side Alley, she could see the Park up ahead all she had to do was keep ahead of this guy.

She ran down the street and passed a clothes store, skidding to a stop she knocked over the clothes rack standing in front of the door. She continued to do things like this as she ran down the street. Thus keeping a good distance between her and her pursuer in black.


The 3 teens ran into the park and soon the guys in black did too.

The kids glanced around and realizing they had nowhere to run froze and pretended to be statues, the guys walked past not even noticing them.

Michelle and Christa stared at each other in shock, then smiled "Don't you just love brainless badguys?" They said in unison.

The three sprinted across the park. Running from one tree to another. All three somehow managed to hide behind a very thin tree without even being noticed and using this technique they were soon able to get to the far end of the park safely. Christa then stepped out into the open and whistled to the guys in black.

"Yo! Bozo! Over here!" Christa yelled at one guy in particular.

Not thinking about why she was giving away their location the 3 guys ran towards them madly.


"Christa are you crazy?" Michelle hissed at her sister.

Christa didn't need to answer as the sound of helicopters approaching answered the question.

Christa glanced up into the sky happily only to be extremely surprised. "Sting Ray" She breathed.

The helicopter landed and their foe lept out. Michelle and Pc raced to Christa's side and the three faced him.

"Well, well we meet again. And you truly thought you could beat me" He asked as he circled around them.

Unnoticed Michelle stuck out her foot which he promptly tripped over.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you!" He tried to regain some dignity as he got to his feet and stormed towards her, he lifted his arms as if to hit her but PC stepped in front of him.

"If you know what's good for you, you will back off right now" He said evenly.

Sting Ray looked like he was about to explode but just then there was the sound of more helicopters.

"Freeze! Lay down your weapons! We have the park surrounded!" A voice called from one of the helicopters.

Christa grinned as the four guys dropped to their stomachs on the ground and Sting Ray stood frozen in place staring at the helicopter "NO! This isn't supposed to happen!" He yelled, stomping his foot like a 5 year old.

Christa ran out from the tree and over to a guy who'd just got off one of the helicopters "What on earth took you so long?" She asked.

"Sting Ray somehow hacked into our computers and totally messed them up. We've also had 5 phone calls from either a Michelle or Christa. Have you any idea how many wild goose chases we've had the last couple of days?"

Christa sighed "At least you have him now"

"Yup" The guy said with a nod, he and Christa watched as some FBI agents dragged the rather upset Sting Ray to the helicopter.

"Great. You'll find his son at Michelle and my house"

The guy nodded then walked away.

Michelle ran over to her sister. "What?!" She asked in amazement.

Christa sighed "It's all a long story" she said with a smile. "Thank God it's all over"

PC walked over and put an arm around each girl. "Lets head over to Pizza hut and talk it over"

"All you can eat?" Michelle asked with a grin.

"But of course" PC smiled.

The three laughed and walk away together.

(Finishing Credits come up as Independent women Pt 2 by Destinys Child starts playing.)

(then 'Sometimes' By M2M )

The rain's pouring down
And you wish you could find
A deep whole in the grown
Aunt red knocks on your door
And it feels like you're crawling all over the floor
And your boyfriend says
"Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?"

Sometimes you just feel like ****
The tight pants that you have don't fit
Sometimes guys just make you sick
And you're looking for something to kick
You feel so lost in this pretty world
That's how it sometimes feels to be a girl

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

A collective cheer went up from everyone as the final scene was shot.

Mary-Kate and Ashley both found themselves being handed flowers and congratulated. They smiled happily. Though Mary-Kate's smile was a little less sincere. She glanced around looking for Will. She hadn't seen him once that day.

"Over there" Ashley whispered into her ear before spotting Chris by the door and running over to hug him.

Mary-Kate glanced in the direction Ashley had pointed to see Will standing by the Studio door. He spotted her and waved.

Mary-Kate smiled and walked over "Hey" She said shyly.

"Hey" he took her hand "Come on"

"What? Where are we going?"

"I planned a surprise"

"But... everyone"

"Don't worry. Ash'll explain"

Mary-Kate decided not to worry and happily went with him.


"Oh wow!" Mary-Kate said in surprise.

Will extended his arm and she took it and they started down onto the beach, where a beautiful celebration dinner was set out.

"This is amazing!.. You're amazing!Thank-you so much" Mary-Kate said happily kissing him on the cheek.

"Anything for you" Will smiled and the two walked over to the beautiful meal together.


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