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~*~The Movie~*~

Christa was up with the sun the following morning. She raced downstairs pausing for a moment to glance into the lounge where Dave was still tied to the sofa.

"Sleep well?" She asked as she ran out the door.

"NO!" He shouted but the door was already shut. He sighed frustratedly and rested his head against the arm rest. The worst thing was he had an itch on his forehead, and his hands were tied behind his back!


Meanwhile, Christa ran to her car and leapt in, she headed straight for the Dock and was soon in a jet boat on her way to Death Island, yet again. But this time she didn't plan on leaving alone.


Michelle blinked her eyes and slowly opened them, outside she could hear a bird singing and there was a little light shining in, but she had no idea where she was. She glanced around and saw PC lieing on the ground next to her, she glanced around the interior of the cave and it finally came back to her. "Quick! PC wake up!" She said shaking him urgently "We HAVE to get off this island!"

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

"Um, Will?" Mary-Kate almost whispered walking over to him, when they finished filming a particular scene.

"Yup?" He said turning to her.

"Um.. A few friends were going to the movies tonight and I was wondering if you'd like to come?" She asked nervously.

"Sure!" Will said with a smile.

Mary-Kate smiled in relief "Great!" She said happily, she turned to walk away and promptly tripped over a cord "I'm ok" She said blushing as she got up.

~*~The Movie~*~

Michelle led PC down to the small cove where she and Christa had arrived at yesterday. She had no idea why she was going there. She was certain Christa would have left the island, but yet she found herself running in that direction. They soon reached the beach and she almost passed out with surprise when she was Christa speeding towards the island.

"Wow! what are the odds?" She whispered to herself as she and PC waved to get her sisters attention.


"THEY'RE GETTING AWAY!!" Sting ray bellowed as he watched Michelle, Christa and PC speed away from the island. "AFTER THEM!" He yelled. Not wanting to go against him in a bad mood, a group of 4 men ran to obey.


"We're safe!" Christa and Michelle said happily hugging each other.

"Um, girls I wouldn't get to excited too quick" PC said pointing behind back out to sea where another speed jet was fast approaching the dock.

Christa glanced at it then.. smiled "Perfect" She said getting out her cellphone. "Yo Tom we need a little help... What do you mean another wild goose chase?.... Sting Ray should still be at Death Island...What do you mean am I the real Christa?... Just get to the Park NOW!" She yelled, then turned to PC and Michelle "Split up" She said "Then meet back outside the park" She sprinted off.

~*~Behind the Scenes~*~

"So... Mary-Kate who's this Will guy?" David asked as Mary-Kate as they rode to the movie theatre.

Mary-Kate fought back the urge to scream, her worst possible nightmare, being trapped in the backseat of a car with David! "He's Will" She said simply.

"Listen Mary-Kate I don't know what your problem with me is, but quite frankly I'm sick of it" David said angrily.

Mary-Kate just stared at him in shock. "Excuse me? I'm not the one who never called?"

"You're mad at me cause I never called you?" David said, realization dawning.

"DUH!" Mary-Kate shouted.

"Shhh, keep it down" Ashley said from the front seat "I'm trying to drive here"

Mary-Kate turned to David "Why didn't you call?" She asked quietly.

"I don't know. I guess I just thought about it and realized it wouldn't work" David said quietly.

"You could have called me" Mary-Kate said quietly. She'd came to the same realization about a week after she and Ashley finished filming 'Gossip' but it still hurt that David hadn't called.

"Cause I hate breakups and was too much of a wimp to call you. I'm sorry" David said quietly.

Mary-Kate realized he was genuinely sorry "I'm sorry for being such a jerk lately" She finally said.

"That's ok" David said with a smile "Friends?" He asked.

Mary-Kate smiled "Friends!"


"Where is he?" Mary-Kate paced in front of the movie theatre.

"Come on MK We gotta go inside it's starting" Ashley said to her.

Mary-Kate sighed and followed her sister, just as she was about to walk into the theatre her cell phone rang "I'll catch up with you" she said to Ashley who nodded and continued inside.


"Mary-Kate it's Will"

"Hey. Where are you?"

"I'm soooo sorry, something came up and I couldn't make it"

"Oh" Mary-Kate said, sadness creeping into her voice.

"I'm really sorry, look I'll see you tomorrow ok? Last day of filming! Aren't you excited?"

"Yeah... sure. Bye"


Chapter 14

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